The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Mood Thickens

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Baili Jia Jue met his gaze and slightly narrowed his eyes, his pair of pupils filled with a sense of warning.

Nangong Lie forcibly choked his words back down, his body trembling and covered in goosebumps, as he looked back at him with innocent eyes.

A certain Highness, who had become addicted to acting as a pauper, languidly raised his shapely eyes as his finger brushed over Helian Wei Wei’s lips demonically and recklessly said, “If the compensation is satisfactory, I will naturally provide you with other services.”

Other services!?

After the surrounding young girls from distinguished families heard these words that alluded to unrestrained behaviors, their entire bodies felt as if they were standing on top of a stove and being roasted by fire, both cheeks red and boiling.

The Teacher was so angry that he couldn’t talk properly, huffing as he beat on his own chest, “You, you guys!”

Wei Wei indicated that she was very innocent. She merely wanted the other person to stop acting like an evil ghost, chasing after her to kill, and totally did not have any intention of having him repay her using his body. What was going on with this fluttering atmosphere that blatantly resembled a brothel?

“Separate! Quickly separate!” The Teacher took a ruler and frantically slapped it against the wood table, “What kind of place do you guys think this is? This is a proper place for learning! Not a red light district, yet you publicly defiled the sanctity. You, you, and you, too!” The Teacher’s finger was quivering as he pointed at Nangong Lie, Baili Jia Jue, as well as Helian Wei Wei, and roared in anger, “Get out of here! Face the wall and think about your mistakes in silence!”

Right at this time, the sound of a clear and gentle laughter resonated from outside the room. It was Tusu Feng.

“Principal!” The Teacher immediately straightened his back.

Baili Jia Jue’s eyes lowered and once again resumed his previous detached and cold expression.

Wei Wei creased her slender eyebrows. Was she mistaken? Why did she feel that the gaze the Principal of the academy gave her was especially meaningful?

“It looks like during the time I wasn’t here, you guys have already begun to make some preliminary exchanges.” Tusu Feng looked around in all four directions, then fixed his eyes upon those three people, not only without accusation, but rather in a satisfied manner with his lips curved upwards, “Seeing everyone mutually being so happy and loving, this Master feels very gratified.”

Having heard these words, the ends of everybody’s mouth twitched. Principal, how did they appear in your eyes as being mutually happy and loving, this was clearly mutual resentment to the point of murder!

Tusu Feng laughed as before and discreetly swept his line of vision past Wei Wei.

Interesting, interesting, that ice mountain nephew of his was unexpectedly able to tolerate this little girl and even allowed her to live!

Going by what generally happened previously, this place should’ve been splattered with over three feet of blood. Afterall, that young one’s temper could only be suppressed by the Retired Emperor and everyone else had always been beneath his consideration.

Hmm, not simple. Maybe he should carefully investigate this little girl’s background. Who knows, something interesting could happen.

Appearing as if he’d seen an interesting program, the ends of Tusu Feng’s lips lightly lifted up. After that, he placed his left hand over his right hand and clapped a couple of times, “Alright, everybody line up now.”

“What are we doing?” Ever since Tusu Feng arrived, Nangong Lie acted a bit more serious, except his impish manner of speech still hadn’t been corrected.

Standing next to Tusu Feng, Little Bald Head fiercely glared at him, then kicked him flying with one foot!

“Bai…” cough, “you!” Nangong Lie shouted and made a fuss after he jumped back up. But having thought of something, the name on the tip of his tongue quickly changed to the word ‘you’.

Little Bald Head’s face froze, ate a mouthful of the meat bun in his hand and adorably warned, “Question the Principal, die!”

The more Wei Wei looked, the more she felt that Little Bald Head was too cute. She really wanted to reach out and pinch him.

It’s too bad that Little Bald Head was always on guard. Apparently, apart from the Principal, he would be extremely callous and overbearing towards anyone else who attempted to approach him with a motive.

Why did she think he bore a small resemblance to that person?

Wei Wei turned towards Baili Jia Jue’s direction and took a look. The more she looked, the more the two people seemed to look like each other a little.

After carefully counting the years though, she felt that it was highly improbable.

Even though the guy’s mannerisms were imposing, he was still only a seventeen or eighteen years old youth. Even if he matured early, he still couldn’t have produced a five or six year old brat.

However, what made Wei Wei notice the most was Tusu Feng’s attitude. The Principal appeared gentle and harmless, lightly laughing from the beginning to end, as if no matter what happened anywhere, he could still be composed and at ease.

Someone who could do that to such an extent, was absolutely not a simple school Principal!

Seemingly having noticed Wei Wei’s gaze, Tusu Feng laughed and narrowed his eyes towards her. He continued to say, “It looks like everyone is very curious about what I am planning. This year, White Academy’s rules will be somewhat different from previous years. In a while, all of you, together with the new students from the Superior, Fine, and Good living quarters, will be deciding what your future major will be. You can choose the academic program based on your own preferences. However, take note that once you’ve decided, you must compete in the major you’ve chosen during the new students’ testing event in one month’s time. If you’re not up to standard… … regretfully, you will lose the qualifications to be a student at this academy.”

To the new students from the Inferior Compound, this news was no doubt explosive. Everybody was stunned and looking blankly at each other.

And yet, Tusu Feng apparently felt that this excitement was still not enough. He stroked his chin and added, “Oh, forgot to say, the acceptance rate is only three percent, I wish all of you good luck.”

A mere three percent passing rate. Not to mention the Inferior Compound, even new students from the other compounds would find their hearts filled with fear.

From here on out, choosing their major would be especially important. If chosen correctly, maybe it could help them qualify. If they blindly chose “martial qi” to major in, when testing time came, they would certainly die in a miserable way!

“This year, there seems to be a lot of people who will be difficult to beat. That Murong Chang Feng, and also that Helian Jiao Er, they are just too outstanding, simply geniuses without equal!”

“Looks like those who choose martial qi as their major will be walking on thin ice.”

“Of course, it’s best that people like us don’t choose that road to death.”

“Next, Helian Wei Wei!”

The Teacher called in a deep voice, interrupting the whispers from all around.

Wei Wei sluggishly stretched, placing her hands at the nape of her neck and gracefully turning to the left and right. After that, she turned to face the Teacher and walked over.

The Teacher turned over the yellow-colored, old and ancient scroll in his hand. After seeing that it was a new student from the inferior compound, without raising his head, he pointed his finger to the side, “Pill Refining specialty to this side, you can go directly.”

Wei Wei didn’t even move a single muscle. She lowered her eyes and looked at the teacher in front while emotionlessly said, “I choose Martial Qi, not pill refining.”

“What did you say? You want to choose Martial Qi?” The Teacher seemed like he didn’t dare to believe what he had just heard and unconsciously raised the pitch of his voice by several levels.

All at once!

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Wei Wei.

They laughed out loud uproariously, “Is this good-for-nothing stupid?”

“A person who got zero on her test actually dared to specialize in Martial Qi? What does she want to do? Looking to be ridiculed?”

“Even if she wanted to draw someone’s attention, she still doesn’t need to use this method right? It turns out she’s really love sick, for Lord Murong, she could do anything!’

“You guys are saying that everything she’s doing is for Murong Chang Feng?”

Suddenly, a wicked-sounding, deep sound of laughter approached without warning… …

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