The Arcane Emperor

Chapter 93 Elemental Awakening

Chapter 93 Elemental Awakening

Rainer sat in thought as he considered her offer. Of course, his first reaction was to instantly accept, which was why he shoved that down. When it came to politics, he had realized that his instinct was probably wrong. No matter how tantalizing her offer of joining his side was, he'd take care and think it over.

"And what exactly do you want working for me?"

"You said it yourself, You are a Mage, a Researcher, and then a Warrior. And it is no secret how much you loathe what you are currently doing. Let me take over for when you need it and advance your interests. Whether it is the clans of Neutral City, the Dragon Isles, or if need be the Mages and Royalty of the Northern Countries, I am experienced in dealing with them all."

"And I can trust you, to represent my interests as my negotiator or an even higher position?" Rainer asked as he put as much focus as he could on [Mana Reading].

"As much as you can trust anyone who fully understands their position and gains power alongside you."

"I don't care how you act with others, but if you are truly earnest in jumping ships to mine, you need to be more blunt with me."

Ele pursued her lips and was silent for a few seconds before speaking again.

"Your interests are my interests. If I am to lead your political side, then placing my interests first, would be doing what's best for you."

"See. Now was that so hard?"


Rainer chuckled, "Well I did tell you to be more clear."

"Your strange comparison about jumping ships was horrible. You should stick to a blunt manner of speaking."

"Just because you need to be blunt, doesn't mean you should say whatever's on your mind."

"I'm afraid you can't have both the cow and the milk," she added, sniffing 'disdainfully'.

"What? That's exactly what you can have."

"See? That's how I felt when you made your comparison."

"But it makes sense! You go from one ship to the other, as in the ship of the Blood Moon Elves to the Ship of the [Archon]."

"You can change ships without changing allegiances. In fact, if one is a negotiator aren't they constantly changing ships? And what of Spies or Assassins? The best of them change ships to their targets. Or Pirates in their raiding jump ships as a matter of course."

"That… whatever," Rainer gave up, having no counter to that. Then again, most popular sayings were lacking in sense. That was precisely why they were hard to translate.

"Speaking of which, what would be my title?" Ele asked.

"You mean, what are my goals?" Rainer countered.

"If you understood what I meant, why did you ask?"

"I'll have you speaking as a blunt as a Dwarf sooner or later."

Elelaria sighed, "Before I am corrupted further, I am going to sleep. I'll let you think over my offer. I assume I can use an empty room of yours?"

Rainer shared his title, [Corruptor] with her, earning himself an undignified eyeroll.

"This early? And, of course," he asked then added, remembering Moon Elves kept a different schedule.

"For the duration of the leadership meeting, all Moon Elf Ambassadors are to keep a day shift."

"If you are to work for me, won't you always have to keep one?"

"That is true. I'll get used to it then." She left, ignoring his last words of 'I haven't agreed yet'.

In the white Void of [Sleep Learning], Rainer stood alone as he had just finished some testing with the rest of his party. Soon after sending them into an Auto-piloted [Sleep Learning]. Their skills had been rising fast over the past month.

Sarah was already at level 9 with [Enchanted Flesh] on top of [Enchanted Blood]. A perfect combination as the former damaged her body when she used too much power while the latter healed her. [Enchantment Manipulation] was a bit a slower to level, stalling at 7. The other portion of her time was spent with Lilia, learning Sensor related skills.

He guessed that, with his Body Enhancements and any enchanted items he'd make or lend to her, It wouldn't be long before she was more than ready for her 2nd Tier Trial. Not having to worry about killing or permanently disabling oneself made improving [Enchanted Flesh] easy compared to her time on Earth. She could accurately figure her absolute current limits and surpass them. Something that would have had her crippled outside of [Sleep Learning] if she rushed it.

Kara managed to reach level 9 with all her [Demonic Werewolf] and [Mystic Dancer] class skills. She only managed to advance one of them to the next point, her [Phantom Self], which turned to [Werewolf Avatar], allowing her to create a more physical representation, and one that didn't have a passive Aura cost. Once she got a better handle on it, her Werewolf half would be joining Gunthar in hunting in the mountain to raise Werewolf related combat skills.

Rainer sank into thought over his current dilemma and Ele's last question before she left. Now that he was right in the center of it, he knew he needed a proper goal. An Academy couldn't be started without any real backing.

He needed an organization like a Guild as a start. Something those around him would gladly welcome in their kingdoms: an Enchanter's Guild. Using Nalmar's model as a foundation, he could simultaneously offer a place for enchanters and anyone seeking their goods. All the while, just as Nalmar did, not revealing the actual existence that was the source of Mana. For all they knew, it would be a substantial Mana Crystal source.

Borrowing from the Mage Guild model in which they gave a full set of enchanted armor and weapons prior to someone's second tier Trial in exchange for service was a possibility as well. The Mage Guilds had to be far more choosing in this, given that their supply was far less and, if said choice failed, they'd be out of an extraordinarily expensive set of enchanted items.

But, no matter what he did, no matter what premise his organization or guild was founded on, he'd be making himself a target. Which was precisely why he needed the Neutral City amongst the leadership of the Dragon Isles on his side. As well as having a location itself in the Dragon Isles to defend against most teleporters. A natural barrier in the form of an ocean never hurt. Given that he knew the true nature of the 'Ship-Killers', perhaps there was a spell of necromancy that could help him use those as guard dogs… dragons?

As to why any would allow such an organization to rise in their territory? A source of numerous enhancements and eventually a place to train their own mages. An Enchanter's Guild, on top of a possible Mage Guild that was on their side rather than the North's.

The Taranien Empire, the Northern Countries, and the Demons became useful enemies in this case. How could any of the Dragon Isles deny an Enchanter's Guild that gave them first priority when they were between enemies on both sides?

And his own, now well-known, ability in teleportation would be an excellent smokescreen for the Mana-Well. Yes, he'd use Nalmar's system to channel the Mana into different workstations, a surprisingly simple work of enchantment, but people would still wonder where that came from. But with both his teleportation and Spatial Ring, the conclusion would be obvious. He was taking Mana Crystals from his homeland and the workstation system was just a form of security.

The Avatar Ritual presented an easy way of guarding the Mana-Well and also working on his Attunement skills or anything else. And Kara' recent [Werewolf Avatar] could prove a useful case study.

At the end of it all, he needed a place that was undoubtedly his. Where only his word mattered. Where Gunthar could freely be an Undead, where a Fairy could safely walk, and where a Half-Demon was nothing more than a passing curiosity.

Part of him thought of just going back home to Earth, leaving behind the Demons after Kara and the people who knew of Fairy Dust. But he knew that was even less of a possibility. From Sarah, he knew any experienced mage with one look could tell the applications Kara and Luna would have as magical 'creatures', as they'd be defined. They would love nothing more than to pick them apart and see how they worked, after of course ensuring they'd have plenty of future test subjects.

And Rainer wasn't arrogant enough to think he could take on all of Earth's Mages when his grandfather couldn't.

At least not yet.

The Abyssal Planes were another possibility, but he knew far too little, and the Miasma in the air made it unsafe for everyone with the exception of Tiamat. He briefly considered going back to get some time-altered training and some growth for Tiamat. Something to consider later.

Having stalled in both the progress of [Arcane-Spatial Domain] and [Arcane Presence], Rainer went to enchanting. It wouldn't be the first time over the past month he took let his frustration with other magic take him here.

If he was to be the Guildmaster of an Enchanter's Guild, he had little choice other than to master the skill himself. Or, use Sarah's ability at simplifying enchanted items to act like he had mastered it. Her recent gains in [Enchantment Manipulation] simplified the Spatial Ring even further. After all, no one was making Spatial Rings anymore. Even making a crappy one that held a single item and held a higher cost of Mana or Aura to operate, would make him the first among enchanters.

That, and his Body Enchanting. He knew almost for certain there was no other enchanter doing that on this world.

'What, you can't even enchant a person? Can't even make the simplest of spatial rings? And you call yourself a master enchanter…'

Rainer thought and then laughed. He could just imagine an old master enchanter's face crumpling up at that accusation, as they truly would have no way to refute it.

Recreating the easier-to-enchant swords, he went to work. Briefly remembering he should deliver a finished product to that blacksmith sooner or later. Such a relationship would be even more important with his new goal in mind.

He stared at the sword as if annoyed. As of now, he was trying to get the weakened Constitution enchantment to work. A 'measly' 0.8 improvement in the attribute and yet he struggled to such a degree. Strengthening an item proved to be the basic technique for a reason, even if his unique advantages made it a strong enchant.

Either he'd enchant it too quickly, and the end result was often a destructive conclusion, or he'd enchant it too slowly and it came apart before he finished, ruining the item in question for future enhancements. Not that it mattered here. Finding a middle ground seemed almost impossible.

Or was it?

He started enchanting slowly, another copy of the sword in hand. Just as he set himself up, a power of Time descended on the sword. And the sword alone.

They had already done some testing through the use of naps, that increasing the time spent in [Sleep Learning] was impossible unless he focused a bubble of time on a target. And not himself in any way. But in order for it to even be useful at that point, he'd have to devote his entire time in [Sleep Learning] to doing as such.

But now he watched as he essentially had 25% more time before the enchantment failed, the maximum of his current manipulation ability being 42% based on a comparison between a created watch and their own system-counted time.

Slowly but surely, he filled in the sword with the enchantment. Eventually, the enchantment failed. It had been too slow. But with every attempt, after he got used to the time difference and maintaining it, and he progressed towards the finished product. He had more time to enchant the item before it fell apart, and even just a single second made all the difference.

Rainer couldn't help a laugh from bubbling up as he appraised the sword. He had used more Mana during that last enchantment than most Enchanters probably used in a lifetime. It would be a long time before [Time Manipulation] would be anywhere near manageable enough to use in reality.

The sword undoubtedly had +0.8 Constitution.

[General Enchantment has reached level 4]

[Skill Gained: Attribute Enchantment lvl 1/10]

But, this wasn't anywhere near a success. His attempts continued as he slowly lowered the time difference. Until in just an hour later, with his [Time Manipulation] acting as a spotter and his newly gained skill, he managed the enchantment sans help. Help from Time, that was. The [Archon] class showed its usual prowess.

[Attribute Enchantment has reached level 2]

He went onwards to Enchantments that seemed easy enough, using the same technique. It wasn't long before he had several 'finished' swords laid out in front of him. Various Attributes were attached to each.

Having at least a basic success in this, he turned to his next goal: a replacement for [Soul Trace]s. Kara's Trial ring, when dumbed down to only include the barest of bonds, would be a perfect thing to replicate and then place wherever he pleased. Especially since he was reaching his limit on how many [Soul Trace]s he could attach.

Sarah had successfully simplified the ring in question, even if the final result was still a bit ahead of his skills. He went on working, leaving an armed [Arcane Presence] turned on in the background.

Rainer waited for Elelaria to awaken, wanting to test something on her after they finished talking. Standing out on a balcony, he could see the entire city. A sprawling metropolis of dark stone, some buildings as many as 12 floors high, floors not necessarily included, quite impressive given the time period and material.

Ele walked into the room shortly after. Her attire didn't match the sleepy look on her face, being as immaculately dressed and groomed as always. Briefly passing by an Undead, she headed over to Rainer.

"Well then Sorcerer, can you take me to the Mountain?"

The Elf jumped, as she spun around and stared at the Undead. Had 'it', or she supposed 'he', really just talked?

"Let's go then," Rainer said, wrapping Gunthar in a Void-walk and vanishing.

"So I assume you've decided?" Ele asked him when he returned, briefly noting the snow that covered his shoulders. It wasn't hard to tell that the secret of his Undead would not have been revealed otherwise, no matter how he liked to shock and awe people. She hoped that was the case at least. Or she may have more work than planned.

"Yes, you're hired," Rainer didn't even bother asking how she was going to deal with any fallout from him essentially poaching someone from the Blood Moon Elves. It was nice not to have to worry about something like that. And [Mana Reading] was an easy way to test loyalty, even if he felt bad about doing so to her.

But this was too important for morals to get in the way of.

"So my title- I mean your goals?"

"The establishment of an Enchanter's Guild."

Rainer watched as Ele sat in thought after his explanation. The general point had been simple; his homeland's supply of Mana Crystals far outstripped the rest of the world and his use of teleporting protected the source. From this, giving enchanters a place where they could actually enchant whenever they wanted as part of their membership would gather them easily enough.

Assuming he had the backing for it not to appear too good to be true.

From there, it wouldn't even be a high handed demand to take 95% of their profits, let alone the 50% he planned. The ability to practice and raise one's skills as an enchanter was priceless after all. But he was more interested in developing a Guild rather than a business, so 50% sounded just about right. Some of which would be going to Sarah if any of her simplified enchantments were used, he briefly recalled.

He wondered if his little sister had predicted that it would likely make her the richest woman in the world someday, especially since he'd be stuck constantly spending his money on various things.

Not that he cared about money beyond what it could do for him. What was gold in the face of true power?

"You would have to build up with patience. Don't reveal the full breadth of your supply too early, lest you become too large a target. Start slow with just recruiting Enchanters under the promise of having some of their resource needs taken care of and freedom to do some of the enchanting work they wish. On top of your own knowledge of enchanting."

"And why not try and set up here? Especially given the target you would be painting on your back in this effort. You alone would be the lynchpin of your Guild. While an advantage in a way given your strength, it is just as much a possible failing point without the proper back up. The Lamia, given their own learnings with enchanted arrows, may be welcoming to the point of offering land. Do as the Mage Guilds in the North have done."

Rainer shrugged, "It's possible for a start, especially given the traffic of the city, but I am uncomfortable being under the rule of another." He realized that discomfort only grew larger and larger as his strength did. The idea of someone commanding him around was just impossible to even consider now.

"You are always free to move or expand later, so long as you take care when doing so. And we need only take steps to ensure you place yourself on equal footing at the start, rather than as a subordinate of the other Clans. But you cannot rush forward with this and you need support from the start."

Ele started speaking more, about plans, how to spread the news of what he wished, various smaller details.

As Rainer answered each question he found himself liking this course of action more and more. An Enchanter's Guild with him as the Guildmaster. By definition such a place would be a place of learning, and enchanting itself only required one to have Mana, not necessarily any talent. It was only because of the lack and the large expense of Mana Crystals that enchanters often needed to have a high talent for Mana to make up for the lack of resources and to recover their own Mana quicker.

The money would no longer be an issue for the demand of enchanted goods would never end, nor could anyone ever usurp his monopoly so long as he controlled the flow of Mana from the Well. That was power in a way completely different from his own Arcane and Void.

And then there was another benefit, not just for his current companions but perhaps future ones and even children; the best of the best enchanted items for their Trials. And Rainer had no plans to die anytime soon, if ever, so even with a Mage's fertility he expected many descendants sooner or later. The possibilities of [Sleep Learning] had a way of transforming his view of the world. What was playing around with Life energy when he had an infinite amount of it and himself at the disposal? And while not ideal, the [Arch-Lich] had achieved something that approached perfect immortality as a worst case scenario for him.

An entire Guild at his beck and call to make the greatest possible tools for those he loved. He could even let in the more trusted ones into the White Void. It was hard to imagine what a true enchanter could create with limitless Mana and life at their disposal.

There was no question as to whether other enchanters would join him. The promised rewards were too great. It was the equivalent of giving a truly passionate scientist unlimited funding to pursue that which interested them. How could anyone in such a place resist the temptation?

Now it was just a matter of finding a place that could be his and his alone. And so long as he kept up the image that he was transporting in Mana Crystals, there was little fear of thieves, and his [Soul-Trace]s kept his companions under his protection. Though, he'd have to learn from Amer a better version of that spell just be safe. It was a basic one after all. And he would dearly like to have something similar on the Mana-Well itself. Asking Theodore what other protection methods they had or had considered for the Mana-Well would be wise.

Given their current stuck nature, an Enchanter's Guild could even be perfect for helping Talvara and her Void Lords create another gate. Void Lords alone would be more than enough as protectors of his Guild, even if the nature of their abilities limited them in wide-scale War.

And his own [Void-walking] meant he could protect the future Mana Crystal Mines in the Far North in Furtak's territory. Not for the Mana crystals but the Magicite that came from the same sources. Perhaps another thing to ask of the Void Lords in exchange for a gate or he could offer help against the Taranien Empire. Since fighting with one of their descended divinities, and consuming part of it, he doubted they considered him anything less than a mortal enemy.

And now that he officially revealed himself as an [Archon], he had little doubt the magic-hating empire would see him as an even larger threat.

Though what interested him about that gate was creating a more permanent one for any to use. At that point, the Far North and Dragon Isles may as well be next-door neighbors.

Rainer sat up straighter in his chair as he finally felt his goal coming together. It was no longer a thing of the distant future. Now, he just had to make sure to take it slow and properly build up his foundation.

"I am officially yours," Ele said, walking in the room Rainer currently occupied. She had just left a few hours ago, so it seemed this was something she planned for ahead of time.

"And there were no issues?"

"There were. But given my relationship with my grandfather, no one voiced a complaint. They had long since been wary of that and figured he was grooming me to run the clan with him as the fist behind me. Even if that was far from the truth. And this will work for your relationship with the city as a whole, as everyone assumes they have an 'in' with you now. That it also speaks to your lack of human supremacy is a benefit."

"Is that a usual problem?" Rainer asked. He figured that was just a Taranien Empire thing, but he supposed that had been a naive thought. Even if he hadn't witnessed outright racism from anyone but the Crown Prince of Mier, that didn't mean it wasn't there in more subtle ways.

"Most of the Northern Countries and Guilds follow such a thing, though in varying degrees. Given that every country west of Mier has legalized slavery is also a point against them. In that most slaves are non-human despite human populations far outnumbering everyone else. I'm sure you can imagine why Elves and Lamia do not take well to such a practice."

"I can. Does it help I'm currently taken by a Wolfkin?" Rainer asked, and momentarily wondered if revealing her golden eyes would be of benefit. He'd have to speak with the Wolf King, Ele now, and Kara of course on whether they should do that.

"It does, if a little strange that you have no Magus at your side. Though for now, let's keep that you consider yourself unavailable a secret."

"My younger sister is traveling with me. She's a powerful Magus in her own right," Rainer added, even if Sarah's large Mana Pool had nothing to do with her actual ability in magic. Sarah herself could now overpower Kara's Wolfkin side, given her recent advancements in [Enchanted Flesh] and all her class skills. She still lost every so often in their spars, or he wasn't sure if he could call duels to the death as spars, but that was lessening. It wouldn't be long before Kara had to use her Half-Demon's aura and then her actual transformation.

Though, he guessed it could be years, if ever, before Sarah put up a challenge to Kara's transformed state. Kara's own ability at clearing dungeons proved just how much in a 1-1 comparison Demons had the advantage. Were it not for their low birthrate and in-fighting, there was little doubt to who would rule this world. Transforming into their Demon state was a bonus equivalent to having another primary class. In that regarded, Kara had three.

"Is she open to a political marriage?" Ele asked.

"No," Rainer said in a way that made it clear it wasn't up for negotiation.

"Then I suppose it is not particularly helpful. Though…"


"It would be far better if she claimed herself as the Necromancer to your Undead, rather than yourself. If you are to be in the public eye, being a dark mage isn't a good idea. While Neutral City would not care, others in the Dragon Isles might. I know anyone other than the Serpent King, and I suppose given your relationship the Wolf King, would take offense to you being a dark mage."

"Can't they tell he's connected to me?" Rainer could with [Arcane Sight].

"Generally no, even then they'd have to prove it, and likewise be skilled in necromancy themselves. In fact even without this, I doubt any of the Dragon Isles would actually care if you were a dark mage so long as you weren't killing and raising common populaces to fill your armies. The promise of enchanted items is far too strong of a benefit. Though, we should be prepared to deal with any fallout should someone use the knowledge against you."

"On that subject, I have a bit of magic I'd like to test out on you."

"On that subject? Given that we were just speaking about your necromancy, I'll have to refrain."

"No, no. Nothing like that. Just some harmless magic."

Rainer remembered a question he had soon after and put a pause to his [Arcane Presence] experimentation.

"Why did your grandfather let the Lamia house me? It seemed to be something important." He didn't know why that would be important, but he was at least observant enough to know that it had been.

"Implicit support from him followed by allowance to get the support of the Lamia. I imagine it is as close as you'll get to an apology from him for threatening you."

"He told you about that?"

"No. Though you just did. Please be more careful with your words."

Rainer rolled his eyes; like he could ever manage that. "So, how'd you know?"

"I cannot say to know enough about your temperament, but you do not seem like a man to fight without someone having crossed your bottom line. Your non-reaction or enjoyment of my own barbs against you is an excellent example. Anyone of your strength may very well have had my head, and no one would hold it against you. Someone as weak as myself is replaceable after all."

"You aren't very replaceable to me."

Ele smiled for a brief moment and continued on, "It wasn't hard to guess he angered you in some way to use that unpleasant magic of yours. My grandfather has had quite the trouble sleeping you know."

"From the assassins?"

"From your magic."

Later that night, Rainer went to the Wolf-King's capital. Now that they had a place to go, it was coming up on their time to leave Fenrar City.

"Time to leave," Kara said wistfully as the party gathered in her room. They would be making a public showing of leaving so there would be no question about it. Her father had specifically allowed a Demon Scout to remain undiscovered for this purpose at her request.

"Sooner or later, we'll be able to visit again Kara. Not to mention we'll, at the very least, meet with him at the Dungeon Meet."

Kara nodded, she had been away from her Mother for so long, she was already used to it. Even if it didn't truly make it any easier.

"We still have to visit your mother too, don't we?"

"Yes, yes we do," Kara agreed with a smile. Rainer had always been adept at cheering her up.

"Besides, your father asked for Body Enchantments. It'll be easy enough to take you with me when I do them." Rainer also needed to discuss a target or two for his [Soul-Trace] with him, lest he finds a normal way back here gone.

"Let's go meet with him and leave then."

Demon Prince Fang watched in confusion as two Humans, A Fairy, Wolfkin, Magical...Human, Undead of surprising strength, and an infant Dragon hidden within a coat left the Wolf King's palace alongside the man himself.

It took all his willpower not to switch to his Fairy Soul to appraise this group. After all, it would be a poor choice to drop his disguise now. He briefly found himself desiring a Full Dragon's Soul above the rest of them but remembered his goal. All the strength in the world was pointless if he couldn't reach level 25 with both of his classes before his life came to an end.

A sharp pain erupted in his mind moments later. Fang barely kept from writhing on the ground as he stared at the Mage at the cause of this. Every look with Foresight brought about an endless number of possibilities. All people of power had a similar effect to where they were harder to predict. But even the strongest only numbered in the dozens of possibilities, not millions.

This Mage was never a possibility when he used Foresight to see how his attack on the Half-Demon would go. It could mean that he simply wasn't close enough, or it could be far worse. That Fang couldn't predict him coming.

Was this man the cause of tracking magic failing as well? Fang thought as he reassessed the danger of capturing the Half-Demon. Oh, such a thing would not stray him from his path. But it seemed he'd have to wait for the perfect moment.

He watched the group talk for a while longer as he rethought other individuals he might need to control with his Incubus Soul. A surge of power distracted him as he saw the Mage performing some sort of magic. His own experience in teleportation told Fang he was loosening the space for some purpose. Though Fang couldn't imagine why. Looser Space could be fatal for teleporters and was often a method used to stunt all but the most capable of Spatial Mages, ones that would have legends named after them.

The Human-looking Demon's eyes bulged as the entire group vanished. What manner of teleportation was this?! He hurried to the Inn with his tracking mage. Reassessed threat level, indeed.

Deep within a long-abandoned mountain and yet not so long forgotten city, elemental power stirred. A frost of uncontrollable strength ate away at the miasma around it and the tens of thousands of souls that lay frozen by it had since congregated into a cocoon.

The strongest of them, drawn from [Devil King]s of unimaginable might, served as the base. The Frost swirled unceasingly. An all-consuming never-ending Frost that resulted from a mage who had not yet learned to control its power. A result that was as much as accidental as the spell that allowed said mage to reach across the planes and worlds in the first place.

Beings from around the Abyssal Planes felt the shift. A new power would be borne. To join the ranks of the highest elementals, those of the Arcane.

But one that would be unique among them. An Elemental borne of Arcane, Frost, and the power of Miasma. A being not borne of nature, but of Magic with intent and the strength of corrupted Souls.

The cocoon shattered.

Rainer woke up in haste, feeling something off. He had awoken Kara, though Luna merely grabbed tighter onto him and adjusted herself, still as calm and asleep as ever. Nothing short of an actual fight would wake the Fairy up when she did not want to be. As odd as ever for a Fairy that did not even strictly need to sleep.

"What's wrong?" Kara asked, already moving her Aura in a way as to instantly transform.

"Looks like I'm a father."

[Title Gained: Elemental Creator]

[Experience Gained: Deferred, Deferred]

[Title Gained: Arcane Elemental Creator]

[Experience Gained: Deferred, Deferred]

"Explain," Kara said tersely but found herself not caring as his hand massaged her scalp and then her wolven ears. Whatever this was could wait till tomorrow, she 'logically' reasoned. That her 'logic' was affected by having her ears scratched went unnoticed. Rainer had always been an expert in such efforts.

"We have plenty of time tomorrow," Rainer answered, unable to control his own curiosity over the titles' descriptions.

Rainer thought over his new additions. The two titles were self-explanatory enough. Somehow or another he had given 'birth' to an Elemental. One Arcane in nature. As there was no familiar bond nor any hint as to how he accomplished such a thing, he didn't have any more thoughts on that matter other than to speak with Talvara.

[Elemental Creator: One who has defied the natural order. A creator who has impossibly caused the natural conditions necessary to produce a being of the very elements. 25% Bonus Experience. 10% General Improvement to all Magic Skills and Spells.]

[Arcane Elemental Creator: One who has defied the natural order beyond all scopes. A creator who has impossibly caused the natural conditions necessary to produce a being of the very Arcanium. 30% Bonus Experience. 20% General Improvement to all Magic Skills and Spells.]

He briefly glanced over to Kara who had fallen asleep easily enough. Her wanting an explanation for how he was suddenly a father lost out to her desire to sleep without entering the White Void. Though, now that he woke up he would need to drag everyone else back into [Sleep Learning] to set them on Auto-pilot again.

Shortly after sending everyone else into Auto-pilot again, Rainer called for Talvara and questioned her.

"[Elemental Creator]?" Talvara clarified as if tasting the words.

"An Arcane one was as well. It was two titles."

Talvara stared quietly before finally speaking.

"And you haven't a clue as to when you did this?"

"No. I know nothing about Elementals."

"Elementals are born from raw elements of the world, often in places where these elements are in their most extreme. I… I have never heard of one being made by someone as opposed to something. Mind you, that doesn't mean it never happens or is particularly rare, though you can be assured it is at least a rare event in the Abyssal Planes for me to never have heard of it."

"I see…" Rainer said, instantly understanding where he had created a place of extreme elements. His first [Absolute Frost] hadn't been particularly skillful, and he had been in a rush and under the threat of death. Knowing what he knew about how emotions affect magic, it was perfectly possible on top of the miasma component, that his unique state of mind of being chased restlessly for days and backed into a corner by ten-thousand Devils that something unexpected might happen.

That the spell itself had a magic voice component only furthered that belief. Such a spell would be particularly susceptible to his emotional state. That Jor couldn't consume their Soul afterward, spoke even more to the fact that something happened.

But he had fully expected the Frost to be long gone by now. Even more so when you took into account the four or more years that passed in the Abyssal Planes since he left.

"If you wouldn't mind, could you get me a connection to the Abyssal Plane, like you did when I rescued Aurora?" He could use the time to prepare the Enchanting skills he'd need to set up the Mana-Well, as well as some practice for the Avatar Ritual. Some extra miasma aided growth for Tiamat, or Devil given Souls for Jor, wouldn't be declined. And given his strength and now friendly relationship with Talvara, the danger was next to none. At least compared to before. The time difference as well meant he could react to his companions being in danger even quicker than normal. Of course, he would be checking with Kara and Luna before he made any more trips to the Abyssal Planes.

The most recent title bonuses made the trip a bit easier. In fact, Rainer felt if he used all his attribute points, he might almost be able to reach his grandfather and mother. Though, he doubted it would help him all the way to them. They were truly far away. He trusted in his grandfather's strength to keep himself alive.

Talvara raised an eyebrow at that. She wasn't sure how he accomplished it, but it seemed he was more than capable of traveling from here to the Abyssal planes with no other help. And that it was easy enough he could do it whenever he desired. [Void-walking] brought about as much envy as usual from her. She doubted she'd ever get over the fact that while he walked through the Void as if a strolling King, she had to travel like a peasant.

"It can be arranged. If possible, I'd like you to take one of my followers there and then back with you," Talvara spoke, hoping for him to say the latter was impossible.

"No problem," Rainer responded, feeling a bit confused when that answer seemed to displease her, "I have a general idea where the Elemental might have formed, could I trouble you for a guide?"

"Yes, yes, whatever you need," She agreed with a pout that wasn't fitting for an ancient Void-being.

Now it was Rainer's turn to raise an eyebrow. What had soured her mood so much? She left a few moments later, a with promise in a few days time to get him the connection he needed. He went back to an Auto-piloted sleep. Tomorrow would certainly be a long day.

"I'll contact you again when I'm ready to leave."

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