The Atypical Young Lady Has Returned

Chapter 583 (END)

Chapter 583: A Huge Wedding (The End)

The two of them got up, washed up, and changed into the couple attire that Yin Jiujin had prepared. They arrived at the Civil Affairs Office before seven.

It was not the peak of the marriage ceremonies, so they were really the first couple to come.

They had to wait for an hour and a half before the office opened at eight thirty.

Seeing that he was happy, Yan Jinyu let him be. The two of them really waited in line for an hour and a half.

With such a good-looking couple, be it the couples in the line behind them or the staff, they could not help but take a few more glances at them.

It only took them a while to take the photos and sign the marriage certificate.

After getting the marriage certificate and walking out of the Civil Affairs Office, Yin Jiujin didn’t care that others were present. He held Yan Jinyu’s face and lowered his head to kiss her.

“Little Yu’er, from now on, you belong to me completely.”

After saying that, he even buried his head in her neck and rubbed against her.

The corners of Yan Jinyu’s lips curled up slightly. She raised her arms and hugged him back.

Actually, she was very happy too. She could not describe this happiness. The two of them had been together for so long and were destined to spend the rest of their lives together, but the feeling of getting a marriage certificate was completely different.

It was as if her heart, which had been drifting for so many years, suddenly had a sense of belonging at this moment.

From now on, she had her own home. It was not the kind of home that would be casually abandoned. It was a home that really belonged to her and needed her to manage.

“We came here early in the morning. You haven’t had breakfast yet. Shall we go eat something first?”

Yin Jiujin let go of her slightly, but his hand was still wrapped around her waist. He looked at her meaningfully with his beautiful eyes.

“What?” Yan Jinyu blinked and asked.

“Little Yu’er, aren’t you happy to marry me?”

“?” Yan Jinyu was stunned.

Why was she unhappy?

“I’m happy. Brother Nine, what are you thinking about?”

“But why are you so calm?”

“…” Yan Jinyu. Alright, the cold and steady Master Nine was no longer around again.

She snuggled into his arms softly and looked up at him. “Brother Nine, I’m very happy. I’m really very happy. It’s just that our marriage is predetermined. You’re already someone I’ve decided on. You can’t run away. It’s only right for us to get married and register our marriage. I didn’t think too much about it, but I’m happy. This is true.”

“From now on, you’re completely mine. We have our own home and will have children that belong to us in the future. Let’s have a child in the future. We’ll just have one.” This way, there would never be any biases.

Even though it was impossible for her and Yin Jiujin to be biased when it came to their children.

Yin Jiujin looked at her bright smile and paused slightly. He suddenly lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “Whatever you say.”

An 18-year-old girl was as lovable as a 20-year-old girl.

In front of outsiders, she was strong and invincible, but to him, she was always weak, even if she did not show it.

He flicked her forehead. “Silly girl!”

He held her hand. “Didn’t you say you wanted breakfast? Let’s go.”

Yan Jinyu only reacted to his words when he led her forward. She pouted, “Why am I silly? Brother Nine, why do you keep saying that I’m silly? I’m clearly very smart, okay?”

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re very smart. Extremely smart.”

“You’re so perfunctory…”


The two of them argued and headed to the breakfast shop nearby.

Yin Jiujin hadn’t forgotten that they had agreed to go on a trip together, but the trip was delayed for five days.

Because on the day of their marriage, Yin Jiujin told Yan Jinyu that their wedding would be held five days later when he would celebrate her birthday.

Yan Jinyu wasn’t too surprised to hear that.

It was expected.

She didn’t have to consider anything. That was pretty good.

This was the slack life that she yearned for.

However, the day before the wedding, Yan Jinyu received a call unexpectedly.

It was from Huo Xuan.

At that moment, she was lying on the sofa watching television. Yin Jiujin didn’t go to the company and was handling work in the study upstairs. They had already settled in the Mount West Villa, but they would occasionally return to the Yin Family’s mansion to stay.

She was stunned when she saw the caller ID.

Indeed, she didn’t have much interaction with Huo Xuan.

“Young Master Huo, what’s the matter?”

Huo Xuan stood on the balcony of his room in the Huo Family’s main building. He held his phone in one hand and placed the other on the railing of the balcony as he looked at the courtyard downstairs.

He could not help but recall the scene of the two girls happily building snowmen in this courtyard.

Suddenly, the corners of his lips curled up, and a mysterious smile appeared on his pale but noble face. “Nothing important. I just received an invitation from the Yin Family. After knowing that you and Second Young Master Yin are getting married tomorrow, I specially called in advance to congratulate you.”

“There are some things in the company and I can’t leave. I won’t be attending your wedding tomorrow.”

Yan Jinyu fell silent.

It was fine if he didn’t come. To be honest, he and Yin Jiujin were still rivals in the business world.

There was no need for him to specially call her to tell her, right?

In terms of their relationship, he was only Little Rain’s brother to her.

Even if he wanted to call and say that he couldn’t be present, he should have called Yin Jiujin.

“Eldest Miss Yan, happy marriage in advance.”

Most of the time, Yan Jinyu couldn’t be bothered to use her brain. However, once she used her brain, she could quickly think through many things.

To her, Huo Xuan calling her was already abnormal.

This made her think twice.

Then, she quickly figured out many things that she couldn’t figure out before.

After a long silence, she said, “Thank you.”

Needless to say, she was not the kind of person who would care about others’ lives for no reason.

It was better not to expose some things.

“That’s it then. If you have the chance next time, welcome to South City again, Eldest Miss Yan.”

“Yes. Speaking of which, it felt good when I went skiing with Little Rain last time. I was still thinking that I would go with Brother Nine next time.”

Huo Xuan looked at the rather lush and snowless courtyard and smiled again.

She was indeed a very smart person.

It was no wonder that even he could not help but fall for her.

“I’ve always been clear about public and private matters. I won’t target Second Young Master Yin because of business competition. When the two of you come to South City, I won’t only entertain Eldest Miss Yan but not Second Young Master Yin. Both of you are welcome anytime.”

After hanging up, Yan Jinyu looked at her phone and smiled.

“Who’s calling? Why are you so happy?”

Yin Jiujin came downstairs.

“Young Master Huo. Are you done?”

When Yin Jiujin heard “Young Master Huo”, he stopped in his tracks and quickly walked towards her. He bent down and trapped her on the sofa. Without saying a word, he kissed her first.

“Why did he call you?”

Seeing him like this, Yan Jinyu knew that he must have seen through Huo Xuan’s thoughts long ago.

No wonder. He didn’t have any huge reaction when she accepted others’ birthday presents previously, but he was extremely jealous when she accepted Huo Xuan’s gift.

“Of course, he called to wish us a happy marriage. Young Master Huo said that he had something on and couldn’t attend our wedding, so he called in advance to congratulate us.”

Yin Jiujin sat on the sofa and pulled Yan Jinyu over to sit on his lap.

“That’s it?”

Yan Jinyu hugged his waist and leaned in his arms. She looked at him in amusement, “That’s right. Otherwise, what do you think will happen?”

“At least he’s sensible!”

“Brother Nine, what did you say? Say it again. I didn’t hear it clearly.”

“Nothing.” Another long kiss.


The wedding was unprecedentedly grand.

There were eight bridesmaids and eight groomsmen.

The eight bridesmaids were Yan Jinyu’s three roommates, Tan Shiyun and Feng Qin, Huo Siyu, Xi Fengling, and Yan Jinyun.

Those who were on good terms with Yan Jinyu were all here.

The groomsmen were naturally familiar faces too.

Many of them were familiar to Yan Jinyu.

There were Feng Yun, Qin Hao, Min Ting, Bo Lang, etc. Even Lind Jones joined in the fun.

It had to be said that the bridesmaids and groomsmen were unprecedented.

Speaking of bridesmaids and groomsmen, one also had to mention Min Ting and Feng Qin. Over a year’s time was enough to change many things. Although the two of them were always arguing, they seemed to have gotten together again. However, they still had a lot to overcome during this period of time.

Anyway, they were considered a loving couple who loved to quarrel.

Feng Qin was already famous enough. Xi Fengling had asked her to take over the Feng Family, so she was already slowly getting behind the scenes.

There was also Lind Jones and the eldest daughter of the Yuan Family in South City, Yuan Yuan. They didn’t seem to have a confirmed relationship, but from the looks of it, they shouldn’t be far from getting confirmed with each other.

Besides, Bo Lang and Tan Shiyun were definitely confirmed. She heard that they were about to get engaged.

In the dressing room.

The others went out, leaving Yan Jinyu and Yan Jinyun inside. Yan Jinyun said that she had something to say to Yan Jinyu alone, so the others went out first and left the space for them.

Yan Jinyu was about to ask her what she wanted to say when Yan Jinyun hugged her.

At that moment, Yan Jinyu was standing in the dressing room. Yan Jinyun simply rushed over and hugged her.

Yan Jinyu’s fingers moved, but she didn’t push her away in the end.

“If you have anything to say, just say it. Why are you being so coy?”







“I’m sorry. I couldn’t bring Dad and Mom along.”

Yan Jinyu paused slightly. “Since we’ve cut ties, there’s no need for them to come. There’s no need for you to apologize, nor do you have to be sad about this.”

She really didn’t feel anything. She just didn’t expect Yan Jinyun to care so much about this.

Yan Jinyun let go of her. Seeing that Yan Jinyu’s expression was normal and her smile was still the same, Yan Jinyun was sure that she was really not sad.

She felt even more upset.

Yan Jinyu definitely wouldn’t be able to be so calm if she wasn’t utterly disappointed.

If it were her, she would definitely be very sad if her parents could not be present on the day of her wedding.

She was indeed far inferior to Yan Jinyu.

“You’re the head of a family after all. Why are you crying like this?”

Yan Jinyun then realized that she was crying again.

She was a little embarrassed and quickly turned her face away to wipe her tears. “Who’s crying? You’re wrong!”

She wasn’t usually like this either. She was in charge of the Yan Corporation. In North City, who didn’t say that she was the youngest domineering female CEO?

She had gone from the top socialite in North City to the number one domineering female CEO in North City, but her title of a cold goddess had lasted until now.

She took out a small gift box from her bag. “This is your wedding gift. Take it.”

She handed it to Yan Jinyu and turned to leave, “I’ll go look for Feng Yuan. Come out when you’re almost done.”

Yan Jinyu looked at the gift box in her hand and then at Yan Jinyun, who had run out of the dressing room. She suddenly smiled.

She walked over and sat in front of the dressing table, but she saw that there was also a gift box on the dressing table.

She put down the gift box Yan Jinyun had given her and opened the other gift box.

It was a ruby.

It looked very familiar. She had taken a fancy to it when she went to her first underground auction, but it was bought by someone else because it exceeded her budget.

She even felt regretful for a long time.

It wasn’t because she liked this ruby very much, but because she liked to collect these things. It was inevitable that she would feel regretful if she couldn’t buy them.

Hei Yao accompanied her to the auction that time.

She was only eight years old that year.

There was a greeting card in the gift box. When she opened it, there were only two words: Happy Marriage.

There was no signature, but Yan Jinyu was very familiar with the handwriting.

She closed the gift box.

She accepted the gift.


The reason why the wedding was grand was not because its groomsmen and bridesmaids were all famous, but because this wedding had invited many famous people from all over the world.

The wedding was held at the Yin Family’s mansion.

All the guests were big shots from all over the world.

Everyone knew that Yan Jinyu had cut ties with the Yan Family and were all curious about who would lead her to the groom.

Even Yan Ruyu, Yu Wen, and the Feng Family, who were sitting in the guest seats, were very curious.

They were afraid that Yan Jinyu would be sad if no one was escorting her down the aisle. However, they also knew that since Yan Jinyu didn’t look for them, she must have other plans.

Everyone finally understood when they saw Yan Jinyu walking out with a gentle man.

Min Rufeng, the Second Young Master of the Min Family.

Now, although no one mentioned Yan Jinyu’s identity openly, it was already an open secret in a certain circle.

No one dared to underestimate her.

Not only because she had a lot of backers like the Second Young Master of the Min Family,

it was also because she was not someone to be trifled with either.

Today, Yin Jiujin was wearing a very formal suit as he stood there waiting for Yan Jinyu.

The moment Yan Jinyu appeared, he could only see her.

The long wedding gown dragged on the floor. Even though he had personally accompanied her to try on the wedding gown, Yin Jiujin still couldn’t hide his surprise when he saw Yan Jinyu now.

He had always treated her like a young girl. In reality, be it her figure or looks, she no longer looked like a child.

She had the curves to charm him.

Min Rufeng walked over and stood still. He didn’t hand Yan Jinyu to Yin Jiujin immediately. Instead, he looked at her. “Our Little Yu is about to get married. Just live your life in peace in the future.” They had always hoped that she wouldn’t live in a daze. This was what they always wanted for her.

Min Rufeng was actually very happy to see Yan Jinyu like this.

Yan Jinyu smiled faintly, “Yes, I know.”

He handed Yan Jinyu’s hand to Yin Jiujin. It was rare that Yin Jiujin wasn’t jealous because someone was holding Yan Jinyu’s hand.

“Second Young Master Yin, I’ll leave Little Yu to you in the future. Don’t let her suffer. You know what kind of people we are. She doesn’t lack a backer.”

Taking Yan Jinyu’s hand, Yin Jiujin looked at Min Rufeng. “I’ll take good care of her.”

“Also, thank you for the past.”

Without saying anything, Min Rufeng could understand what he meant.

He was thanking them for taking care of Yan Jinyu in the past.

Min Rufeng smiled. He didn’t deny or admit it and give them the space.

After Min Rufeng left, Yin Jiujin looked at Yan Jinyu, and his expression softened. “Little Yu’er is really beautiful today.”

Yan Jinyu glanced at him. “When was I ever not beautiful?”

“Yes, you’re always beautiful. You’re especially beautiful today.”

He was glib-tongued.

However, Yan Jinyu was very happy.

The smile on her lips widened.

Then, they exchanged their wedding vows and rings.

The ceremony was complete.

When the emcee announced that the groom was kissing the bride, Yin Jiujin planted an extremely sincere kiss on Yan Jinyu’s lips.

The audience erupted in applause.

Half an hour later.

“Jianjia, where are they? Didn’t they say that they would toast the guests after changing their clothes?” Yin Shuguo, who was wearing a Chinese tunic suit, smiled until his face was full of wrinkles.

It was obvious that he was really happy.

Qin Jianjia shook her head. “I don’t know. I’ll get someone to rush them.”

“There’s no need for that.” Xi Fengling and Huo Siyu walked over with wine glasses.

“Those two are going to have some alone time. You have to greet the guests yourself.”

As soon as Xi Fengling finished speaking, there was a loud sound.

It was the sound of a helicopter.

Yin Shuguo and Qin Jianjia finally realized what Xi Fengling meant.

Qin Jianjia chuckled.

Yin Shuguo scolded jokingly, “They’re already so old, but they’re still so playful. Why don’t they take a look at the guests who came today? Jianjia, tell Han’er and your father to properly greet the guests. Seriously!”

At the same time, in the helicopter.

Yan Jinyu and Yin Jiujin didn’t change their clothes at all. Yan Jinyu was still wearing her wedding dress.

As for this half an hour, Yin Jiujin naturally pulled her away to make out with her.

After Yan Jinyu was kissed until she was dizzy, she was carried to the helicopter.

“Brother Nine, isn’t it bad for us to leave the guests like this?” In the helicopter, Yan Jinyu leaned in Yin Jiujin’s arms and looked at the dark crowd from the window.

“There’s no need to care. No one will have any objections.”

He was indeed a big shot.

Yin Jiujin hugged her. “The trip we agreed on previously can be used as a honeymoon trip.”

“Then, how long did Brother Nine plan for this trip?”

“About two months.”

How willful.

He lowered his head and pecked the tip of her nose. “Don’t worry. I’ve already made arrangements for all my work. We can play in peace for two months.”

Who was worried about that? She was worried…

Forget it. It was good to spend two months alone.

Yan Jinyu leaned in Yin Jiujin’s arms and looked at the clear blue sky outside.

Their future would be even better.

(End of story)

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