The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 370 - My Younger Brother is Nothing Compared to My Sister-in-law (2)

Chapter 370: My Younger Brother is Nothing Compared to My Sister-in-law (2)

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Two weak ladies? Soft Bun could be termed as a weak lady, but you… Are you sure you aren’t a female bandit?

Lin Jiage was well aware that it was all a trap, but as if his feet were glued to the floor, he was unable to move at all.

What was even more annoying was that even though Lin Jiayi was prattling nonstop earlier, all of a sudden, she wasn’t saying a word at all anymore.

Watching as she passed by his side, Lin Jiage knew that it wouldn’t take long for her to leave the dining hall. Knowing that he had already lost this battle, he gritted his teeth tightly and surrendered helplessly, “I’ll carry your bags.”

But Lin Jiayi’s footsteps showed no signs of halting.

Knowing what she was up to, Lin Jiage’s jaws clenched even more tightly together. But for Soft Bun, there was nothing that he could not tolerate.

It was just a moment ago that he said that only a fool and a dimwit would go shopping with Lin Jiayi. Since he was already a fool and a dimwit, he had nothing else he could lose anymore!

With such thoughts in mind, Lin Jiage took in a deep breath to suppress the indignance in his heart before speaking up once more, “I’ll be your chauffeur too!”

But Lin Jiayi simply walked further and further away. In fact, it seemed like she was speeding up even.

That black-hearted woman!

Lin Jiage cursed Lin Jiayi from the inside to the outside eight hundred times, but the words that came out of his lips were instead, “I’ll be your ATM as well!”

As if someone had flicked her switch, Lin Jiayi’s footsteps finally came to a halt. She turned around and revealed a beaming smile on her face, “Great! Since you are so earnest, I guess I’ll reluctantly allow you to serve as the porter, chauffeur, and ATM for me and Yaoyao!”

Looking at Lin Jiayi’s ravishing smile, Lin Jiage sneered disdainfully in his heart.

Who in the world is the one who said that Lin Jiayi’s smile is so exquisite that it is impossible to pick a fault with it?

They must be blind! Impossible to pick a fault with? There’s clearly a dagger hidden right beneath that smile of hers!

If Lin Jiage had a choice, he would really want to reject having a sister like that!

Shi Yao and Lin Jiayi had agreed to meet at the entrance of SKP Mall 1 at three o’clock in the afternoon.

It would usually take roughly twenty minutes to get from the Lin Family Residence to the mall, but before the clock had even struck two, Lin Jiage was already urging Lin Jiayi to leave the house.

As a result, the two of them ended up waiting almost an hour at the entrance of SKP Mall before Shi Yao finally arrived.

Shi Yao thought that she would only be going out with Lin Jiayi, so she was slightly startled to see Lin Jiage around as well. After greeting Lin Jiayi with a sweet “Sister Jiayi”, she hesitated for a moment before greeting Lin Jiage with a smile as well.

In response, Lin Jiage looked at Shi Yao and replied with a very soft “Un”.

Anxious to embark on her shopping spree, a mere second after Lin Jiage responded to Shi Yao’s greeting, Lin Jiayi had already grabbed Shi Yao’s arm and pulled her away to the nearest Gucci store.

As they made their way over to the store, Lin Jiayi began chatting with Shi Yao.

“Yaoyao, you don’t have to bother about Lin Jiage. He’s basically an ATM machine which comes with the functions of a porter and a chauffeur…”

As Lin Jiayi was a SVIP member for all of the stores in SKP Mall, there was no need for them to pick out their clothes personally. As soon as they entered a store, the manager would personally escort them to the VIP room and present them a catalog of the newest designs to pick from.

As a seasoned shopaholic, Lin Jiayi had mastered the art of visioning how the clothes would look when worn. As soon as she took the catalog, she swiftly pointed out the designs that caught her eye. Soon, the store attendants carried a pile of clothes into the VIP room.

Lin Jiayi stood up and swiftly separated the clothes into two halves. After which, she instructed for the store attendants to bring one of the halves to Shi Yao for her to try the clothes out.

Shi Yao and Lin Jiayi took a changing room each.

Lin Jiayi was the first one to be done changing. Stepping out of the changing room, she examined herself closely in the mirror while asking Lin Jiage, who was seated on the sofa by the side, “Does it look good on me?”

Fiddling with his phone, Lin Jiage did not even bother raising his head before replying with a perfunctory “Un”.

At this moment, Shi Yao emerged from the changing room as well.

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