The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 408 - To Cooperate With Your Play, I Shall Feign Ignorance (2)

Chapter 408: To Cooperate With Your Play, I Shall Feign Ignorance (2)

It was because the person in the video was extremely familiar to Shi Yao, so she couldn’t help but play it.

It was only after she finished watching the video did she realize that the person who sent the video was a person whom she wanted absolutely nothing to do with.

What did Liang Mumu intend to do by sending her this video? To prove that the secret she told her the other day during Grandpa Lin’s birthday was true?

But Liang Mumu forgot one thing. Until she verified the matter with her own eyes, she wouldn’t believe anything that she said.

While Shi Yao was deep in thoughts, her phone suddenly vibrated.

Snapping back to reality, she noticed that it was a notification from WeChat. <111111> had sent her a message: [You disconnected?]

Shi Yao quickly replied: [I received a message and accidentally tabbed out.]

Mister Numbers didn’t respond to her anymore, and she didn’t say anything either. She quickly tabbed back into the game.

Due to the sudden interjection from Liang Mumu, Shi Yao didn’t continue bragging to Mister Numbers anymore.

While she was tabbed out, the Blue Zone had further narrowed, causing her to lose half of her health bar due to the poison.

It was normal for her to be in such a plight, but what was weird was that even though Mister Numbers could have run away on his own, he still remained by her side and took damage, losing a lot of health for nothing.

Shi Yao quickly healed up as she asked, “Why didn’t you run away?”

Hearing Shi Yao’s words, Lin Jiage’s eyebrows shot up a little.

Do you even need to ask that question? Of course I’m here to stay with you…

However, Lin Jiage didn’t say those words out loud. Instead, he began to guide his avatar with a series of smooth movements to maneuver into the Safe Zone.

He crouched along the bushes and took out a Bandage to recover his health points. After that, he turned to Shi Yao and said, “It has been too long since I tasted poison. I missed it.”

Shi Yao was in the midst of drinking her yogurt when she heard <111111>’s response and nearly spurted it out.

That answer… What a Mister Numbers-ish response! 82 marks, no more and no less! Otherwise, his inflated ego might really just float him up to the moon!

With such thoughts in her mind, Shi Yao asked, “I didn’t know you’re a poison junkie. Are you what they call a doper?”

“What about you?” Mister Numbers replied as he rose from the bushes after healing up. He leaped onto a boulder with a 98K in hand, and as he scanned the surroundings with his scope, he asked, “Is a beautiful lady like you a doper too?”


Hearing that word, it was as if flowers had suddenly bloomed in Shi Yao’s heart. She completely forgot that she was mocking Mister Numbers a moment ago, and she said, “Yes, you’re exactly right! Oh my, handsome doper, I have long heard about your good looks. What a pleasure to meet you…”

<111111>: “You’re too courteous. I have also long heard that you’re as beautiful as a fairy, beautiful doper…”

Mister Numbers sure knows how to speak…

Shi Yao gobbled up her jelly as she replied joyfully, “You’re flattering me, handsome doper. I have always been perplexed as to what the word ‘handsome’ entails until I finally met you. As it turns out, you’re the very definition of the word itself!”

<111111>: “You’re too courteous, beautiful doper. If you go on the streets and someone compliments you for your look, you mustn’t say that they’re flattering you. They’ll accuse you of being hypocritical and beat you up. You don’t know how your existence dazzles people so.”

Shi Yao was complimented to the point where she was feeling a little high, such that her words weren’t even passing through her brain anymore, “Say, you’re so handsome that it enrages the gods, and I’m so beautiful that all are jealous of me. Aren’t we a match made in heaven?”

Match made in heaven?

A moment after those words slipped out of Shi Yao’s mouth, she realized that she might have used the wrong words.

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