The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 10 - So This is the Type of Woman He Likes

Chapter 10: So This is the Type of Woman He Likes

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Lin Che said, “But whether or not you have money is none of my business since we’ll be getting a divorce anyway.”

Gu Jingze laughed. “It’s good that you are aware of that.”

Lin Che got into his car. She looked at his perfect side profile and admired the attractive angle of his jaw. From the side, he looked like a flawless sculpture. The more she looked, the more she began to fall into a daze.

Gu Jingze stole a glance and happened to see her legs spreading wide open, slightly exposing her white safety pants. Its outline was obvious to the eye.

His brows furrowed. “Can you sit more properly like a woman?”

Lin Che stiffened. She lowered her head and looked at her dress before quickly closing her legs.

Seriously. How could she have forgotten that she was wearing a dress?

Lifting her head, her eyes met Gu Jingze’s disapproving ones. She said in a nonplussed manner, “As if you’ve never seen it before.”

“…” Gu Jingze’s face darkened. “Can you bear some semblance of a woman?”

“Will you not divorce me if I bear some semblance of a woman?” She retorted fiercely, rendering Gu Jingze speechless.

This was the first time a woman dared to yell at him; he was momentarily unable to adapt.

“Miss Lin, I just hope that our marriage will be more comfortable for the both of us. Shouldn’t you take some responsibility for this too? After all, this entire incident arose because of you.”

“Ha, you’re speaking as if I forced you to pull my clothes off that night. The only thing I did was make you hard. I didn’t make you strip the clothes off me.”

“…” Gu Jingze’s face appeared even more serene. “But I remember that you enjoyed it greatly. You also hugged me and wouldn’t let go until the end. I even remember that you loved biting your fingers when you got aroused. Your face also got so red that it looked like blood could drip out of it.”

Lin Che’s face immediately reddened. Under his unwavering gaze, the heat in her face made her feel like she was burning.

“I-I-I-I don’t remember at all. It must be your imagination. I clearly recall it being very painful. Because it was your first time, you knew nothing and you weren’t gentle at all.”

“Heh.” All of a sudden, his face came close and appeared right before her. As he looked at her reddened face, he felt that she was tender like this, her feminine charm radiating off her gently. There was a hint of mischief in his deep and dark eyes.

Lin Che quickly leaned back as she watched his gaze that was so deep it was like an abyss.

The narrowed distance caused the air in the entire car to suddenly heat up. It was as if something suspicious was fermenting. The warmth of his body spread towards her and made her her bones resonate at the appearance of a true man…

“See, just like this.” He smiled as he looked at the color of her face. “Do you want me to take a picture and show you?”

Lin Che slapped his hand away and sat back in her seat. They each looked out the window like nothing happened.

However, the heat in the car was still palpable and continued to increase slowly in intensity.

Lin Che’s face was burning to the extent that she did not dare turn to look at the man beside her.

How could she forget? That was her first time, but she had given it away so carelessly and had been tormented so terribly.

With her hand on her face, she thought despondently, Was her face really that red?

Then, the chauffeur broke the awkward air between the two people.

“Sir, Madam, we have arrived.”

Lin Che opened the car door in a hurry.

However, her arm was suddenly pulled back by the man behind her.

She looked back and said, “What are you doing?”

Gu Jingze said, amused, “Why are you running away? Could it be that you’re shy?”

“Leave me alone!” Lin Che pushed his hand away and walked quickly into the house.

“…” As he looked at her retreating figure, Gu Jingze shook his head.

Gu Jingze got out from the car slowly and leisurely. He was in a pleasant mood as he watched Lin Che flee for her life.

Lin Che had merely walked a few steps when she saw an unfamiliar woman standing by the door. She was an elegant beauty and instantly brought to mind the four words “well-bred young lady”.

Lin Che froze.

Behind her, Gu Jingze stopped in his tracks and looked at the woman. He called out in a slightly hoarse voice, “Huiling…”

Mo Huiling was his girlfriend.

Once she saw the woman, Lin Che seemed to understand what type of woman Gu Jingze truly liked.

With her long hair swaying in the wind, her bright and beautiful face made her look exactly like a well-bred young lady from afar. She was clothed in a white, suited jacket. Underneath that was a grey dress. She looked bright, intelligent, graceful, and generous. It was obvious with one look that she was a “fair and wealthy beauty” through and through.

Lin Che halted momentarily, uncertain of what she should do. She could only look at them in a daze, aware that she definitely looked very silly herself.

With Gu Jingze standing beside her, they looked like a perfect match.

She was obviously a stylish and fashionable woman. Naturally, she was not as clueless as Lin Che.

If Gu Jingze stood together with her, they would definitely be the golden couple in everyone’s eyes. They would be the subject of everyone’s envy.

When she turned around and saw Lin Che, her delicate chin raised slightly and she looked at Lin Che with an arrogant expression. After staring at Lin Che for some time, she then turned her gaze to rest on Gu Jingze.

Upon seeing the loaded situation, Lin Che could only glance at Gu Jingze briefly and say sensibly, “Oh, my clothes haven’t been washed. I’ll go wash them now.”

She then ran into the house hurriedly.

Gu Jingze’s brow furrowed as he watched her run away flustered. He turned his head to look at Mo Huiling.

Mo Huiling snorted. She pointed at Lin Che as she said, “What kind of woman did you bring home?!”

Gu Jingze said, “Did you read the email that I sent you? I can’t help that things have already progressed to this stage. I know that you’ll be angry and sad, but all of this has become a reality. I didn’t have a choice; this was a marriage that I had to accept.

“Because my family thinks that she can make my illness better, they wanted me to marry her. I could only agree to it. I know that it might be very difficult for you to accept it now since I just informed you, but this is the reality. If you leave me because of this, I will accept it. Hate me, scold me, ask me for compensation… I will accept all of it. I betrayed our promise, so I’ll accept anything you want me to do.”

Mo Huiling’s shoulders were trembling. “I don’t want to hit you. How could I bear to? But I just want to ask you. What am I going to do? I…”

“In actual fact, we’re just strangers who’ve only known each other for a few days. Before the marriage, I didn’t even know her name. My family forced me to marry her; I really had no choice. When there’s an opportunity in the future, I’ll divorce her.”

At this, Mo Huiling lifted her head and looked at him, her eyes glistening with tears. “Really?”

Gu Jingze nodded. “Both of us agreed upon this from the start.”

Gu Jingze and Mo Huiling were childhood sweethearts. It was only because he suddenly fell ill and could no longer touch women that they could not be together. The Gu family wanted him to find a woman who could bear him children, but whenever Mo Huiling was around him, he would develop rashes and his illness would worsen. Mo Huiling had tried all methods from not using cosmetics to taking medicine. However, terrible rashes would still develop across his body.

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