The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 12 - Mo Huiling Makes a Visit

Chapter 12: Mo Huiling Makes a Visit

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Lin Che stopped walking before looking back at him. “We see each other so often. You don’t have to keep calling me Miss Lin. It’s quite uncomfortable.”

Gu Jingze paused and finally nodded. “Okay, Lin Che.”

He looked at her meaningfully. “What happened today won’t happen again in the future… she really doesn’t come here often. It’s probably because she hasn’t fully adjusted her emotions.”

“Oh, it’s fine. In any case, it’s understandable for her to be angry. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it either. I would definitely come over to investigate my enemy, so I completely understand. Just focus on your relationship with her.”

Gu Jingze raised his eyebrows. As he watched her clarify herself in a flustered manner, his gaze deepened before he lowered his head again.

The next day.

Lin Che followed Yu Minmin to the venue for her audition.

Yu Minmin said coolly to her, “This television series is a mythological drama based on a novel, so it has a hefty background. The male lead is Gu Jingyu and the female lead is Mu Feiran. The role you’re trying out for is a supporting role as a ghost hunter. It’s one of the important roles, so it’ll definitely be good for you to get the role.”

Lin Che nodded her head in understanding. Although she felt that such an important role would not usually be given to her, she seldom got opportunities to audition for such roles. Naturally, she looked forward to the audition.

“I’m grateful to the company for giving me this opportunity,” she said.

Yu Minmin gave her a meaningful look. “There’s no need to say that. You fought hard for it yourself. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for you, but since you’re already here, I hope you’ll do well.”

Lin Che nodded. “Okay, I’ll work hard, Sister Yu.”

Lin Che was already accustomed to these types of auditions. She had specially put on a short blue dress and primped herself. Looking fresh and clean, she stood and waited at the venue.

“Next, Lin Che.”

The director and staff heard the name from inside and started looking through her portfolio. As an unknown actress, she was definitely refreshing. However, such an important role was not typically given to new actresses. It appeared as though she was just another actress that some investor had squeezed into the lineup.

The director thought this to himself despondently as he casually took a cigarette.

However, when he raised his head, he instantly saw a girl who looked honest and sincere. She lowered her head and bowed respectfully. When she looked up, there was a slight blush to her face. Her eyes were like lakes that rippled slightly and when the light shone on her white ceramic-like face, her fluttering eyelashes left faint shadows on her lower lids. Her lips were like the petals of cherry blossoms. They could make one drool with desire and create disturbances within hearts.

In this industry where plastic surgery had become a custom, it was truly rare to see a young actress who was naturally beautiful in appearance.

He quickly looked down and flipped through her portfolio.

Lin Che, 23, female. She was a true-blue rookie actress. Some of the roles she had taken up did not even have names.

However, her ethereal appearance as she stood there was truly unforgettable.

The entire room quietened. It was as if one could have heard a pin drop in the silence. Everyone’s attention was on the ethereal-looking girl on stage. Decked out in blue, she made one feel as if they had fallen deep into a lake where they kept drifting without any chance of escape.

Lin Li was also here for an audition. When she pulled open the curtain and saw Lin Che in the front, her brow furrowed. Looking at everyone’s reactions, she could not help but think bitterly that Lin Che looked flashy today.

Since when had this lass grown to look so exquisite?

Lin Che drew in a long breath and recited a passage that she was holding in her hands. When she finished, she felt that she had not done particularly well and was a little unconfident. She looked up to meet everyone’s gaze and felt even more embarrassed. In her heart, she thought apprehensively that she had messed up again this time. But then again, she had not expected anything from this. During the few years after graduating from the drama academy, she had gone for countless auditions like these. She had gotten used to failure a long time ago.

“Director, I’ve finished my performance.”

“Okay.” The director was looking through her portfolio and seemed to not see her.

Lin Che walked out quietly.

Unexpectedly, Yu Minmin walked over to her before she left. She sounded pleasantly surprised yet shocked at the same time as if she could not believe it, “Lin Che, you’ve been chosen for the role of the ghost hunter, Chen Yihan. Go back and prepare for it. The company will make the contractual arrangement on your behalf.”

Lin Che thought that she had heard wrong and did not respond for a long time.

She had been chosen? It was too shocking.

She initially didn’t have a lot of hope, but she now felt as if she had won the lottery.

“Thank you Sister Minmin. I’ll definitely go back and prepare well.”

Yu Minmin looked at her meaningfully again before smiling. “Okay, go back and prepare.”

She really had not expected to be chosen this time. The role was a critical one and there were many candidates trying for the role while she was just a rookie.

Lin Che was in a fantastic mood when she went home; however, the moment she stepped into the house, she immediately saw a woman inside seated on the couch that Gu Jingze usually sat on.

Mo Huiling’s actually here.

Lin Che thought to herself. Although she was in a fake marriage with Gu Jingze, it was still felt awkward meeting Mo Huiling.

She hoped that he would choose some other place for their dates in the future. This was too awkward.

However, since Mo Huiling was seated there, she still smiled and greeted her. “Hi, you’re here. I’ll go in first. You guys go ahead.”

Mo Huiling stood up and snorted. She looked at Lin Che and said, “Why are you running away and avoiding me? We’ll have to meet sooner or later.”


Lin Che was dumbfounded. But very quickly, she detected a slight chill in Mo Huiling’s gaze. It was obvious.

Mo Huiling looked at Lin Che and said, “Although Jingze told me yesterday that he was merely forced into this marriage by his family, I don’t know what method you used to gain the Gu family’s approval. However, I still want to make things clear to you. I’ve been together with Jingze from a young age. We’re childhood sweethearts and have always been in a loving relationship. Your little tricks won’t be able to separate us. I hope you’ll understand your position. I know that Jingze is nice, but he has reputation and status. It’d be best for you to understand that he’s out of your reach!”

Instantly, Lin Che’s favorable impression of her vanished without a trace.

As she looked at the elegant and gracious woman before her, Lin Che laughed sarcastically and said, “Since Miss Mo has already said that you trust him completely, then there’s no need for you to tell me any of this. You can rest assured, Miss Mo. I didn’t want to marry him either. It was a complete accident. I won’t interfere with your relationship. As you said, you trust one another. Please continue trusting him.”

Upon seeing Lin Che’s nonchalance, Mo Huiling’s face darkened. “Yes, I trust him but I can’t neglect the fact that he’s so outstanding. So many women have been interested in him. You are not the first or the last. Miss Lin, I am warning you to be careful. Jingze loves me and only me. He won’t be moved by any other woman. If I find out that you’ve done something to him, I won’t spare you.”

Lin Che snorted.

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