The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1304 - It“s Not That Easy To Be A Star

1304 It“s Not That Easy To Be A Star

Hearing that, Wu Liulian, who had felt embarrassed earlier, exploded.

She recalled that she was a well-known beauty in her village and town. There were many people who liked her. When she entered middle school at the age of twelve, many people had given her love letters. She was the top beauty in the school and had never been despised like this before.

She turned and shouted at that woman, “It’s a dream for me to become a star, but is that not the case for you? Why don’t you take a good look at your own appearance? Your nose has been lifted up so high with all that stuffing that it’s going to fly away, yet you still dare to speak that way to someone else.

“Ha, country bumpkin. What do you know? This is called investing in myself. At least, there are people who are willing to invest in me and let me fill up my nose. Look at your big garlic-like nose. There isn’t even anyone who’s willing to pay the money for you to do your nose, yet you’re talking about me like that.”

Su Fen noticed immediately when the commotion broke out. She ran over and after seeing someone dare to bully her daughter, was overwhelmed with rage, and rolled up her sleeves.

She went up and pulled the woman, giving her a slap in the face.

The woman’s nose started bleeding from the strike. She looked at this shrew and backed off as she shouted, “Aiyah, there’s someone beating me up, there’s someone beating me up. Who are you? Where did you come from? How dare you beat people up?”

“Daughter, my good daughter, are you alright?” Su Fen quickly rushed over to protect her daughter.

Wu Liulian held onto her mother. “Hmph, she said that it’s wishful thinking for me to want to become a star. She’s really… Why won’t she take a look at herself? To say that I’m dreaming… Moreover, it’s the same for that director inside. He says that the role of this audition doesn’t even have any lines. He even said that it’s useless no matter who was the one who gave the referral. Mom!”

“What? It’s useless no matter who gave the referral? Not even if the referral is from Lin Che?”

“That’s right, it doesn’t work!”

“Hmph, I’m going to talk to them and ask him why it won’t work.”

Therefore, Su Fen, who was unwilling to accept this, once again ran over and kicked up a big fuss.

“Hey, why is it that our referral won’t work? We were referred by Lin Che. Do you know Lin Che? That great celebrity. She said that she’s going to give us an important role. We’re Lin Che’s actual kin. It isn’t an act.”

When the assistant director saw that they were so troublesome, he immediately went to call for the security guards.

She was so angry that she called Lin Che.

Therefore, Lin Che was made aware of this matter.

Gu Jingze was in no hurry. He finished his food slowly before bringing Lin Che over.

They were still bickering, and Su Fen stood there, giving the assistant director a thorough scolding.

The assistant director was scolded until he no longer had any temper in him. He just looked at her. This was the first time he saw such a pushy woman.

She was no joke. He could only think helplessly how unreasonable this woman was, not allowing others to speak up while she kept on scolding away.

She kept throwing out endless streams of curses.

When everyone saw that Lin Che had come, they felt as if they had been saved from a life or death situation, and quickly called her, “Sister Che.”

“Sister Che, you’re here. This…”

The moment Su Fen saw that Lin Che had come, she rushed over, crying.

She had wanted to pounce over, but before she got close, she was pressed down by Dong Zi

Su Fen was stunned. When she met Dong Zi’s eyes that were filled with killing intent, she was so frightened that she immediately let go and said, “Little Che, look. We came over for the audition as you suggested earlier. They aren’t showing you any face at all and they tried to chase us away immediately. Those small actors and actresses over there even looked down on us and humiliated us. I really feel sorry for you.”

Lin Che threw a glance at the actors and actresses watching the show.

Everyone saw Lin Che looking toward them and then thought of how Su Fen had acted earlier.

It seemed that these people were really Lin Che’s relatives.

At the thought of how they had looked down on the two of them, they wondered if they had really offended Lin Che.

They couldn’t afford to offend Lin Che given the current status she had today.

The entire corridor became so quiet that it felt as if they would be able to hear even the sound of a needle dropping.

Everyone kept their gaze on Lin Che as if waiting for her to take care of the situation.

Lin Che looked at everyone and said calmly, “Alright, everyone, go back to your work. Director Chen, you go back to your work too.”

The assistant director quickly said, “Yes, yes, Sister Che.”

Little Che looked at the other actors and actresses and also smiled. “Everyone, continue to queue up. It’s been hard on you.”

Everyone seemed to be stunned for a moment.

The matter was over?

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and they watched as Lin Che took Su Fen’s hand. “Let’s go out and talk.”

Su Fen didn’t really understand what Lin Che meant. She looked at the others. What was this? Shouldn’t Lin Che scold all these people?

After bringing Wu Liulian out together with them, Lin Che said, “Second Aunt, this is a place for work. Let’s go out first and don’t hinder their work.”

Su Fen didn’t understand. Hearing Lin Che said this, she quickly followed her.

After going outside, Su Fen said, “They aren’t giving you any face at all.”

Lin Che said, “There are so many people watching inside. With you creating a racket inside, everyone now knows that you’re trying to get into the circle through your ties with me. In the future, are there going to be rumors that everyone from my production team has entered based on their connections?”

Hearing that, Su Fen’s face flushed up.

She hadn’t given so much thought into it.

Lin Che said calmly, “Just by looking at those actors and actresses, you think that they are to be trifled with?”

“Why? They look so mediocre but yet still say that our Liulian isn’t good.” Su Fen said, feeling unhappy.

Lin Che said, “I already said before that it isn’t easy to become a celebrity or a star. It isn’t something that can be done from just having connections.”

“Why not?”

“Look, you aren’t the only ones with connections. The girl you hit just now comes from a family that runs a supermarket. Dongcheng Supermarket belongs to their family. The big shot who financed her for her nose job is the boss of a Korean entertainment company.”


“She only came back to the country to give it a shot, wanting to develop here. That’s why she came for the audition.”

Lin Che looked at Su Fen. “And the person who stood next to you. Her boyfriend is the president of Gucheng International.”


“There are many people with connections in B City. If I say that you can enter immediately, then how am I going to refuse these people? Won’t I have to offend everyone? Isn’t it too unfair that my relatives can enter but they can’t?”

Su Fen was dumbfounded. “We didn’t think so much into it. If we had known, we would have kept a low profile… Then, don’t tell them. We’ll directly…”

“It could have been done. But with the racket you created earlier, how can I not tell them? They already know about it.”


Su Fen suddenly felt a little regretful. “I… I couldn’t hold back my temper then…”

Lin Che said, “Moreover, it really isn’t that easy to become an artist. You can go to my company to take a look later. It takes a lot of time to nurture an artist. You’ll know after you see it.”

Lin Che walked out and saw that Gu Jingze had already gotten out of the car.

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