The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1449 - Still Dared To Have Designs On Her

Chapter 1449 Still Dared To Have Designs On Her

“Ah, You…” Ceng Kai’s mother got mad and her face turned red. “What are you saying?”

Lu Beichen asked, “Why don’t you ask your own son what he has done? Hmph.”

“Ha, my son…” No matter how silly she was, she understood what he meant. Her eyes moved, then she said, “What’s wrong? Can’t young people date? Who has he taken a liking to? Which little vixen has already started seducing my son at such a young age? Seriously. It’s her honor for my son to fancy her. She should take a good look in the mirror. It was only a confession and he got hit. Does she really think that she’s some deity?”

Just then, Gu Jingyan could only reveal herself.

She stood out and said, “It’s me, but I really did not seduce your son. He was the one who hit on me first. He confessed to me. Ask and you will know that I never did anything. I even advised him to focus on his studies every day. I told him that we’re all students and we should focus on learning. Dating and relationships should be secondary, right?”

As soon as Gu Jingyan stepped out, Ceng Kai’s mother’s face turned dark. This girl was undoubtedly pretty. Anyone who saw her would like her. Who would care about her son?

Ceng Kai’s mother thought that her son was really not firm enough. But now that she was creating a ruckus here, she definitely would still stand on her son’s side.

“You shouldn’t have hit him either. It’s wrong to hit others,” she said. “Hmph. When someone confesses to you, it means that they hold you in high regard. To think that you hit him. What kind of ideas do you have?”

Confessing to her meant that he held her in high regards?

It was Gu Jingyan’s first time hearing this.

Shouldn’t it be about mutual feelings between two people? Did it mean that when someone confessed to her, she’d have to be grateful and thank the gods?

She said, “I didn’t say anything about the confession, but I already rejected him. He still held onto me and did not let me go. He even threatened me to be with him. My friend could not tolerate this and that is why he hit Ceng Kai. We apologize for that, but I hope you are aware that everyone is at fault here. We should apologize to each other.”


Gu Jingyan was not just a pretty face. Her tongue was also so sharp that she did not know how to refute.

After all, Gu Jingyan’s sharp tongue did not rely on insulting others and calling them vixens. Instead, she relied on her strong aura and confidence. She stood there and talked about legitimate truths. Thus, it made people feel a sense of oppression.

She was also very puzzled. Why did she feel this kind of oppression because of one girl?

She composed herself and asked, “Ah, my child was hit and we still have to apologize to you?”

“It goes both ways,” Gu Jingyan said.

Just then, Lu Qinyu walked over from behind. “Oh? What’s going on? Your son confessed to Jingyan and even pestered her? Hmph, that makes things different then. We won’t be apologizing. Seriously.”

Upon hearing that Lu Beichen got into a fight, Lu Qinyu quickly rushed over. Who would have thought that such a thing happened?

Lu Qinyu said, “Jingyan is such a good child. Your child made such a big impact, and you still have the cheek to demand an apology from us? Hmph.”

Lu Beichen saw that his own father actually sided with him for the first time.

He looked back at Gu Jingyan.

She really had great power.

He even wondered if he was his own father.

He believed everything she said.

Lu Beichen said, “Exactly, that’s what I said. Jingyan just wants to study. He went down to her class and confessed to her in front of so many people. What a bad impact on Jingyan! Everyone is going to be reminded of this when they look at her in the future. How is she going to concentrate in school? It’s going to affect her studies.”

Lu Qinyu turned around. “What’s going on with your school? How could you let this happen in school? Have you never considered how it will affect the children?”

The school principal was so frightened that he wanted to kneel.

“You’re right, Mr. Lu, you’re right. We did not think about these.”

Lu Qinyu scoffed. “Then do it now.”

“Yes yes yes….”

The principal quickly said, “Students will undergo ideological education from now on. Nothing like this is allowed to happen ever again.”

Ceng Kai’s mother still wanted to argue, but seeing Lu Beichen already walking away and saying, “You can go ahead and sue me. You can also come at me. Remember, my name is Lu Beichen. Don’t implicate anyone else. In the future, Gu Jingyan is under my protection. If Ceng Kai still dares to trouble Gu Jingyan, he must get through me first. Hmph. So wishy-washy. Not a man at all.”

“You… You… Ah, this child is too arrogant. Is this how you talk to your elders? You… Just because your family has money, all the kids produced are little bullies.”

Ceng Kai’s mother could also tell that this family was rich. Why were children from rich families so arrogant and fearless? Wasn’t this complete tyranny?

Later, Lu Qinyu looked at Lu Beichen, then at Gu Jingyan and smiled. “Beichen, you actually fought for Jingyan.”

Lu Beichen said, “Of course. She’s my friend and I absolutely won’t allow my friends to get bullied.” He nudged Gu Jingyan’s shoulder. “If they get bullied, I should be the one bullying them, right?”

“Idiot.” Gu Jingyan returned the nudge.

This kind of interaction was extremely comfortable in Lu Qinyu’s eyes.

He beamed as he stared at them for a while longer. The more he looked at them, the more he liked it.

However, when his eyes accidentally glanced over at Fu Chenxi, who was dull at the side, he immediately stopped smiling.

What a pity, what a pity.

Was Lu Beichen’s brain damaged? He had such a good lady like Gu Jingyan at his side but he took a fancy to Fu Chenxi.

Fu Chenxi also caught Lu Qinyu’s gaze.

That torch-like glance made her heart stop and she instantly grew more fearful.

As they went home together, they continued talking.

Lu Beichen said to Gu Jingyan, “You’re lucky that we were nearby this time. We heard about it and immediately rushed over. If we had been further away, you might have died.”Gu Jingyan looked at him deeply. “Yes yes yes, I know. Thank you.”

Fu Chenxi said from behind, “Yeah, Jingyan. You didn’t see how worried he was. The moment he heard that you were in trouble, he took off without finishing his food.”

Hearing Fu Chenxi say that, Gu Jingyan clapped her hands together and remembered something. “Oh no!”

Everyone jumped.

Gu Jingyan said, “Today is Chenxi’s birthday. You guys… You guys should have been enjoying yourselves.”

But now, they had rushed back to school to be reprimanded.

Fu Chenxi lowered her head and smiled. She tightened her lips and said, “It’s fine. You were in trouble and that is more important. Birthdays are an annual occurrence. It’s really nothing.”

But Gu Jingyan still felt bad. “Never mind. The next time you got to Lu Beichen’s place for a banquet, come to my place. I’ll turn you into a princess. When that time comes, Lu Beichen can make up for your birthday at the banquet.”

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