The Boss Behind The Game

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The New Game’s Player Killer List

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After deciding on quitting Atlantis, the gang chose to submit their resignations to the master of the team.

They then settled on a time to gather at a restaurant outside.

“Do you regret making this decision?” Chen Ziyu, as the team leader, asked while he looked at the rest.

Wang Damang spoke, “Captain, we’ve been gaming together for so many years. We are sensitive to the changes in the gaming market. We just felt that the game Battle Online had a huge potential, and that’s why we quit Atlantis firmly without turning back. I don’t think there’s any need to regret that. Moreover, as the first batch of players, we have a significant advantage. Why should we worry about our earnings in the future?”

Xue Li who was secretly eating raised her head, “That’s right, and you won’t believe it, I can’t find the top-up channel. That’s really sad…”

Xue Li said what was on everyone’s mind.

Not only Xue Li, in fact, everyone who was present had thought of topping-up cash to purchase epic equipment.

Who knew that the game really did not have a top-up option, just as stated in the description. They were absolutely speechless.

To them anyhow, as the game developed, the gaming company would also want to make cash. It was only a matter of time until the function was made available.

Moreover, soul coins in the game were extremely rare, so they totally could hoard the coins for sale. Making money was not something to be worried about.

“Then, is everyone thinking of building a guild in this new game, so we can continue to play together?” a smile appeared on Chen Ziyu’s face.

“Of course! We have our own system of dividing the loot after killing a creature anyway. It’s not a problem. Though, there is something I find strange. I’ve searched many gaming platforms without coming across any advertisements of this game at all. What is the company even thinking?”

“Exactly. If I hadn’t accidentally clicked on it, I wouldn’t believe an epic game like this would appear on the homepage of a small gaming site,” Wang Damang spoke immediately after Wang Chao.

Probably the boss who created the game is too rich. They could only draw such an inference.

At the same time, Lu Wu and Bei Li were in the house having a bowl of instant noodles, wolfing down their food.

“Lu Wu, you really are broke!” Bei Li scrunched her face as she took another bite of the noodles.

Lu Wu’s face reddened and he laughed awkwardly, “When the number of players increases, there will be numerous ways to earn money. At that time, I’ll bring you to lavish feasts and raise you into a sturdy and fair woman.”

Bei Li nodded her head, looking adorable. She stirred her noodles with her chopsticks and slurped them loudly.

“By the way, why do you need to eat, too?” as he ate noodles, Lu Wu asked out of curiosity.

“There are physical and spiritual bodies in the underworld. Since I’m a physical being, of course I need to eat,” Bei Li answered as a matter-of-fact.

Lu Wu suddenly realized that Bei Li was always a physical being, and that he could touch her.

After finishing their noodles, they discussed how to promote the game again.

Normally, promotion need enormous sum of capital to support

Battle Online currently had no options for microtransactions. The expense was humongous while they had no income.

Therefore, the duo had to seek other methods to find a way without any cost. Lu Wu was surfing through several gaming platforms in hopes of finding some sort of special marketing event.

After going through ten or more sites, Lu Wu actually did find a free promotion event held by a large gaming platform.

“The Best New Game’s Player Killer List”

In hopes of seeking the best new game of the year, Platform173 is starting a voting event to promote new games. All certified and registered gaming websites are welcomed to pick a self-made game to compete in the Platform173 Player Killer List Contest. All contesting games will be evaluated by our game evaluators by a total score of 10 during the event period.

As long as the 173 game evaluators voted that achieve a score of eight and above will be given a homepage promotion on the platform.

Lu Wu and Bei Li saw the announcement and exchanged glances, both exuberant.

To be recommended on the homepage of a huge gaming site like Platform173 would definitely direct a considerable traffic flow to the game.

Most importantly, the event was unbelievably free of charge.

Of course, it would only happen provided their game could achieve a score of eight, the minimum score to be recommended.

Nonetheless, Lu Wu was not worried about that.

A game that felt a hundred percent realistic did not exist in the current market. He was absolutely confident in winning the top three prizes, or even the championship!

As he saw that the registration deadline was only three days away, Lu Wu clicked on the participate button at once. He sent the details and certification of his small gaming site and waited for a reply.

The customer service department of Platform173 was efficient. Lu Wu’s message was soon replied to, and he received a link for his game to be reviewed.

Clicking on the link, Lu Wu entered the details of his website and registered an account. At the same time, he uploaded Battle Online to the review page.

A prompt then popped up:

The content is under review. You will receive a reply in three to five days. Thank you for your patience.

After completing everything, Lu Wu and Bei Li discussed the optimization of the game.

Their discussion lasted for three hours. Lu Wu and Bei Li had a piece of draft paper as they planned the main quest of the game.

A main quest would of course be based on the battle theme and developed accordingly.

Recalling his old ancestor’s great ambition, boldness grew in Lu Wu. As long as the game was popular enough, he would own a countless, inexhaustible source of undead players that served him. While the players would have become more powerful, he would not just go for the mere Land of Beiqi, but the entire underworld!

Bei Li who was familiar with the landform of Beiqi was his army adviser. She reminded Lu Wu of the several powers he had to be cautious of.

According to Bei Li, the King of Beiqi owned an army that consisted of three Ghost Kings and ten Ghost Generals. The demise of the king was followed by the segregation of the entire Beiqi into thirteen regions by the said powers.

The Mansion of the Dead was located in the East region, occupied by a Ghost General named Cha Na.

Therefore, how to snatch the land back from Cha Na was the main starter quest Lu Wu was considering.

Lu Wu set the main quest to start at Level 15. After all, if the player’s level was too low, they would not be able to kill even a ghost soldier, which in turn causes them to be unable to even form a large scale combat power.

At the same time, both of them contemplated the design of the non-player characters, or NPCs.

To produce the NPCs who would improve the playability of the game was easy. Converging a body using battle artifacts was all that was needed. The important part was how to endow the NPCs with intelligence.

NPCs played a crucial role in making the game outstanding, and the key was to bestow them with autonomy.

Lu Wu was not able to tackle the problem, so he could only throw it to the game developer, Bei Li.

Much to Lu Wu’s surprise, Bei Li patted her chest confidently.

“Just leave it to me. It isn’t that difficult. You know, the underworld is the abode of creatures. We can find those who are newly born in the underworld, who haven’t attained intelligence. Then, we can modify them by using the artifacts to recombine their souls. With this, we can bestow them with a new memory and mission.”

“Where can we find souls like these?” Lu Wu was astonished.

“The creatures that have died will be randomly born in the underworld, so anywhere will be a possibility. We can totally release a quest so that the players can find newborn ghosts for our NPCs!”


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