The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 1208 - Human Clan’s Pride

Chapter 1208: Human Clan’s Pride

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In earlier battles, Jiang Chen had always been at a disadvantage because of his Realm Level. But now, he was a seven-stars expert and could be considered among the upper level. His divine body had grown considerably while he’d cultivated all four Qi in his Constellation Palaces.

Someone like Shi Xu was obviously no match for Jiang Chen. The unexpected winner had forced his way through an encirclement in the first round. He cared more about this fight more than the others and was a member of the Golden Dragon Clan. A moment ago, when Jiang Chen had attacked, his sharp senses had detected something.

“The Immortal Divine Bird! That is the Martial Soul of the Immortal Divine Bird.”

The surprised cry all of a sudden made the audience impassioned. Many people had only heard about Jiang Chen from the rumors. When they finally witnessed the power of his divine body with their own eyes, they were amazed. Lin Tian was also stunned. He still remembered clearly that, when they’d met in Qingtian City, Jiang Chen had been vastly inferior to him. Only a short time had elapsed since then, and Jiang Chen had already managed to overtake him.

“A divine body,” Lin Tian muttered, his eyes lighting up.

This day would be his last chance to defeat Jiang Chen. If several more months passed, Jiang Chen would probably surpass him considerably. For now, he still believed that he was able to fight him.

“That guy is among the top three on the Heaven List, yet he was still killed instantly by a single strike. It’s really outrageous.”

“Does that mean that his power is already on a par with a Junior Heavenly King?”

“It seems to me like that’s the case.”

Those present had a good understanding of the Human, Earth, and Heaven Lists, which was why they’d managed to clearly judge Jiang Chen’s power. However, the other clans, who weren’t a part of this list system, were gloomy. They were quite skeptical, wondering whether Shi Xu was too weak. Jiang Chen didn’t care about what other people thought. After he took Shi Xu’s golden ring, he went back to his seat.

“Lin Jian, let’s fight!” Jiang Chen rarely challenged someone on his own accord. It was only because this guy had dared to covet his woman.

Lin Tian stood up slowly. He was the former chief of the Heaven List and was now the most eye-catching Junior Heavenly King.

“Let’s fight.”

The ambiance became quite tense. But, in the end, Jiang Chen and Lin Tian didn’t fight.

“Hey, this day isn’t reserved for your Human Clan. So don’t assume that this is the case.”

“That’s right. It’s like how you all believe that your Human Clan is lord of the Nine Realms. It’s really laughable!”

“It should be our turn.”

The members of the other clans spoke one after the other, and they didn’t allow Jiang Chen and Lin Tian to fight. In the end, a fight took place between two ancient clans, both of whom were epic-grade and ancient. Sheng Tian from the Ancient Ape Clan was one of the contestants.

Once, Jiang Chen had arranged a battle with Sheng Tian in a city near the Forbidden Land. But their power was now vastly greater than in the past. Sheng Tian had shining golden fur that burned with raging flames and an ardent gaze. He held a rod, which possessed a shocking might. Sheng Tian’s opponent wasn’t weak; he was from the Rain God Clan.

All of the epic-grade members of the ancient clans had a humanoid appearance. They looked similar to humans, but the reason for this was unknown. This member of the Rain God Clan was no exception; only the color of his skin was different. Even his skin shone brightly, and he had a half-moon birthmark between his eyebrows. The humans were forced to calm down and try to get over their shock. They all averted their attention from Jiang Chen and followed the battle.

The battle soon began, and it didn’t disappoint. This was an intense contest, and both sides revealed all their magical abilities, competing for both power and speed. Every time they exchanged blows, shock waves shook the entire area. Moreover, from the beginning until the end, Sheng Tian maintained the upper hand. He was using countless moves with the iron rod in his hand. Every time, it seemed like he was about to tear the sky apart.

In the end, the Rain God Clan couldn’t contend against him any longer and was eliminated. He then handed over his golden ring.

“It’s immensely enjoyable to watch a fight between the Ancient Races.”

“Their original methods seem capable of using main worldly forces. Both their power and speed aren’t limited by martial techniques or doctrine methods, and they just fight head-on. It’s really spectacular and outstanding.”

“I wonder when will get to watch a fight between the geniuses from the Human Clan and the Ancient Race.”

Many people still weren’t satisfied, and they looked forward to the upcoming battles. However, it wasn’t like every confrontation would be so spectacular. After Sheng Tian had given such an excellent performance, the next battles seemed boring in comparison.

“I choose to enter the first ten layers of the Fortune Land.”

After a short while, a battle’s winner managed to gather ten golden rings, and he wanted to obtain a Supreme Treasure from the Fortune Land. Some people were surprised by this, but they quickly understood his reason for it. The Wizard Clan’s members also nodded and agreed readily. Then, a tree branch promptly stretched out, grabbed that guy by his legs, and transported him upward. The dense vines and branches separated and made way for him. That man gradually disappeared in front of many envious eyes.

“Let’s continue!”

They focused once again on the battles. The next person to ascend the stage was Lin Tianjian. He was the Sword Tower’s head disciple, and his performance didn’t disappoint. His opponent was a mighty warrior from an epic-grade ancient clan—the Bloody War Clan! A bloodlust for war flowed in his veins, allowing him to possess a biological kind of armor. He could summon or collect this armor as he wished, and his whole body was now covered with it. His fighting spirit soared.

This war armor was black with six scarlet stripes on it. The stripes demonstrated the reach of his power in the Bloody War Clan. Nine was the highest number of stripes possible.

“The rod is the ancestor of all of the world’s weapons, and it has evolved ceaselessly since then, turning into many kinds of weapons, some long, some short.”

“The long ones are the true kings among weapons.”

The name of this Bloody War Clan warrior was Zhan Wushuang. From the moment he ascended the stage, he started blabbering to himself. It was apparent that he was mocking Lin Tianjian’s status as a swordsman. In his hands, Zhan Wushuang gripped a battle spear as tall as him.

“The sword’s power depends on one’s heart, not the sword,” Lin Tianjian sneered coldly and went on stage, clutching his sword.

Since he was capable of saying such words, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but admit that this chief disciple from the Sword Pavilion was genuinely skilled.

“Humans like you are all ignorant. Yet, they still try to sound mysterious.” Zhan Wushuang shook his head, and his apathetic attitude clearly expressed his disdain.

Lin Tianjian, however, quieted down and concentrated entirely on his sword. The moment the fight commenced, a Sword Energy surged like a tide and attacked Lin Tianjian’s opponent.

“Eternal Instant!”

Lin Tianjian’s gaze was as scorching as a torch, while his sword technique was superb. Many people felt like their vision of the battle area suddenly distorted. But, in the end, their view returned to normal; it was just an illusion. However, the battle’s outcome had already been determined. The spear in Zhan Wushuang’s hand was shattered while a sword streaked across all six stripes on his armor, slicing it open.

Hiss! The sound of many people taking a collective breath echoed, clearly demonstrating their shock.

At first, Zhan Wushuang hadn’t noticed anything. It was only when he felt a tingling pain that he furrowed his brow. He realized then that he was defeated, and his expression turned ugly. He quickly handed over his golden ring because he did not want to stay here for long, and he just swaggered off. This outcome was beyond everyone’s expectations. No one could imagine how he must be feeling now. After boasting and talking big, Lin Tianjian had ended up defeating him with a single sword move.

“Lin Tianjian is the pride of the Human Clan.”

“He defeated such a powerful opponent with a single sword strike, and he isn’t any weaker than the possessor of the divine body.”

“He’s obviously stronger, okay?”

After Lin Tianjian sheathed his sword, he looked at Jiang Chen. It was obviously a provocation. Jiang Chen could instantly kill his opponent. Likewise, so could Lin Tianjian.

“Great master, let’s fight.”

After Li Tianjun had waited for so long, he rechallenged Master Luo Cheng. He’d already challenged him twice in a row, and there was obviously a hidden story behind this. After the crowd learned that Li Tianjun’s little brother had been killed by the great master, they’d realized how grave the matter was.

“The great master mustn’t suffer a mishap.”

“He’s a great master in all fields and the Human Clan’s Supreme Treasure. He’s more precious than a divine body.”

“But the rules don’t forbid murder.”

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