The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 1590 - Everyone Wants to Attack Jiang Chen!

Chapter 1590: Everyone Wants to Attack Jiang Chen!

His provocative behavior quieted the entire city down.

Gazing at Xia Jiang, lying on the ground and unable to get to his feet, all of them were shocked.

“It’s impossible!” Dugu Yifang, still observing the situation, couldn’t help but turn pale.

The three-tier rule didn’t apply to Martial Arts Saints, but they had a strict leveling system too.

Xia Jiang was able to exert a unique theurgy, which meant that he should have been on a high level under this system.

And he was at the peak. It was really hard to believe he’d been knocked down by Jiang Chen with a single punch.

“He’s as strong as last time, but, if that’s the case, why didn’t he show up at the Legend Stele?” Dugu Yue frowned. She couldn’t figure it out.

The reason was actually quite simple. Jiang Chen had been practicing in seclusion back then. Ranking contests were just a way to prove one’s strength.

If he’d stopped his seclusion because of a ranking contest, he would’ve compromised the more important thing.

Back to the scene at hand, Jiang Chen’s enemies were all overcome with anger after his provocation. They were looking at him with angry glares.

“Jiang Chen, I’m going to offer your life up as a sacrifice for my son’s death,” Meng Luohe, a senior general of the Wu State, one of the 36 vassal states of the Xia, walked toward him at a fast pace. He was holding a heavy spear made of dark steel, which was releasing a power which only Immortal Artifacts could have.

“An Overlord’s Spear!”

Just like Xia Jiang, he was also a Martial Arts Saint at the peak. However, he was twice as old as Xia Jiang. He had white hair on his temples. His wrinkled face looked resolute. And, it was easy to know from his attack form that he was outstanding and in fine fettle.

“Jiang Chen, watch out. He is an Extraordinary Martial Arts Saint,” Ye Qiu warned him immediately.

“Extraordinary Martial Arts Saint?” It was a new word for Jiang Chen.

Meng Luohe explained it to him with real action before he could figure it out.

“What a magnificent strength!”

Jiang Chen turned serious. His state was almost the same as Xia Jiang’s, but his strength was many times stronger than the latter’s. Only Venerable Sovereigns were supposed to have this kind of strength.

However, Venerable Sovereigns’ strength was even more than this.

He supposed this was the origin of the Extraordinary Martial Arts Saint.

“Some Martial Arts Saints still have potential after achieving the peak, but there is no way they can become Venerable Sovereigns. So, besides working on laws and Martial Doctrine, they also seek another way. They keep improving their state force, so that their state force exceeds other Martial Arts Saints a lot,” Ye Qiu’s explanation confirmed Jiang Chen’s assumptions.

“Then show me how strong an Extraordinary Martial Arts Saint is.”

“The third movement of Thunder Dragon Fist: Dragon Rises and Clouds Flourish!”

Jiang Chen was going to compete with strength. He showed what he’d gained in fist-practicing in the Realm of Nine Heavens. Thunder Dragon Fist was a combination of his Holy Thunder and Dragon Fist.

However, he couldn’t do it perfectly yet. He had mastered the fifth movement of the Dragon Fist, but he could only exert the first three movements of the combined Thunder Dragon Fist.

But even so, its power was still astonishing.

“How can a human master thunder methods to such an extent?”

There were many good thunder method users sprinkled throughout these races.

They knew the law of thunder was the biggest reason that Jiang Chen could create the Thunder Dragon Fist.

They were afraid he had exceeded the Comprehension State.

They saw that Jiang Chen and Meng Luohe would exchange blows very soon.

However, an incident arose. The two men suddenly disappeared from the city and then appeared in the air.

“If you’re gonna fight, you’re gonna fight in the air. Don’t you know the rules?” In the meantime, an angry voice rang out.

“It’s a Venerable Sovereign!”

People were at first struck dumb. Then they exclaimed in surprise.

The disturbance here had alerted a Venerable Sovereign. He didn’t want to see the Holy Martial Arts City destroyed, so he’d forced the two to move into the air.

Compared to others’ surprise, many other feelings arose in Jiang Chen and Meng Luohe.

Regardless of their wills, they’d been forced to move into the air. It was inevitable that they would feel helpless.

But soon, Meng Luohe left this thought behind. He attacked with the heavy spear.

Jiang Chen threw his punch over. A thunder dragon flew out.

The two met. The energy erupted from their attacks could have destroyed the entire city indeed.

In the flash of numerous electric energies, Jiang Chen was absolutely at an advantage. Even an Extraordinary Martial Arts Saint would be sent flying.


Numerous people gasped.

Especially many who’d known Jiang Chen from a long time ago. They were startled. They didn’t know that Jiang Chen had grown to such an extent.

If it were not for the Sovereign Spirits, they were afraid that Jiang Chen was one of the best on the continents.


Meng Luohe didn’t want to believe it at all. This time, without Lin Yu’er standing in the way, he still couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen.

Not even one year had passed since the trial on the Sovereign Path in the ancient relic of the West Wildness.

But Jiang Chen’s gains had equaled his gains by decades.

With resentment, reluctance, and helplessness, his face looked terrible.

“Let’s do it together! Kill him now! Otherwise we won’t have another chance in the future.”

“All members of the Day Breakers, attack regardless of anything!”


All of Jiang Chen’s enemies decided to attack together, and they were all members of the Day Breaker clan.

The Day Breakers had grown rapidly in a very short time. They’d gathered together because of the same goal: to kill Jiang Chen.

Whoever joined the Day Breakers should try their best to contribute his or her effort to kill Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen stopped using the Dragon Fist facing the group attack. Because he knew no Martial Doctrine or theurgy would work in this case.

“You are courting death!”

Jiang Chen opened his left palm upward. A tiny green cauldron flew out. The cauldron enlarged rapidly. In the end, it was big enough for Jiang Chen to jump in.

Then the bronze cauldron flew toward all of the members of the Day Breakers.


The members of the Day Breakers were like flies. They were sent flying cruelly as soon as they made contact with the bronze cauldron.

The more violently one attacked, the stronger recoil he or she would get.

It only took a while for the members of the Day Breakers to be sent flying.

“This…this is way too astonishing!”

The people on the scene found they’d made a mistake. They were still looking at Jiang Chen in a common way.

They’d thought he was only a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage. But so far it seemed he could almost defeat most Martial Arts Saints.

“It’s not that he didn’t dare compete with talented strong people. He just didn’t want to waste his time,” Dugu Yifang and Dugu Yue exchanged a look.

The brother and sister suddenly realized the real reason that Jiang Chen hadn’t shown up at the Legend Stele.

Dugu Yifang involuntarily stopped despising Jiang Chen. He looked serious and reluctant to accept the reality. It turned out Jiang Chen had never regarded him as an opponent who deserved his serious treatment.

“Stop!” A Venerable Sovereign finally couldn’t put up with the situation anymore when the members of the Day Breakers had steadied themselves and were going to launch a second attack.

“You are really good at making trouble at such a crucial moment.”

Judging from the voice, this Venerable Sovereign was exactly the one who had moved Jiang Chen into the air.

“I’m not the one who provoked it.”

Jiang Chen didn’t hold the Venerable Sovereign in awe at all.

In his defense, if it had not been for his Sovereign Spirit Project, Venerable Sovereigns wouldn’t have existed in this world at all.

“Huh, you are so arrogant. You provoke others. You think I don’t see that?”

The Venerable Sovereign was standing in a higher position. Looking down at Jiang Chen, he said, “You are just relying on this Holy Artifact. A person like you will only stain such a Holy Artifact. Give it to me. I’ll keep it for you.”

It seemed what this Venerable Sovereign wanted was the bronze cauldron!

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