The Brother Who Hates Me

1 I Don’t Want a Sister

"We tried our best to revive them both. I am sorry there's nothing else we can do." The doctor said sympathetically.

Senior Choi looked at the little girl who is sleeping at her nanny's lap.

What a heartrending fate for such a young age to lose both her parents.

His heart ached so much for the little girl who is now suddenly awake. He walked and sits beside her.

The little girl who was about three years old now held his hand and smiled. "Hello." She greeted him lovingly.

"Raven, you see mama and papa went to a beautiful place already and will not be able to return for now. But, they asked me to take good care of you from today onwards. So from now on you call me father. Okay?"

The little girl obediently nodded and said "Father…" She is still yawning. Senior Choi picked up the little girl and cuddled her as tears fell from his eyes.


"No! I don't want a sister!" Jordan was mad as he yelled at his father.

Senior Choi released a deep signed. He thought his boy likes the little girl Raven. She was the daughter of his closest friend who was almost a brother to him. He was also Raven's Godfather.

He even remembered that his son loved to play with the girl whenever his friend David will go to his Ancestral House. David will always bring his little girl with him.

'What's wrong with his kid now?' Jordan was firmed with his rejection to have Raven as her sister.

Raven's parent suddenly met an accident and was declared dead upon their arrival at the hospital.

Senior Choi made all the arrangements for the funeral.

The little girl was totally abandoned. Even the relatives of the girl would just prefer to send her at an orphanage. No one would like to take the burden to raise the child.

After everything was settled, he decided that he will adopt Raven as her daughter.

He would like to raise the little girl as his own and since he does not have any other child than Jordan alone, it would be great to add one more in the family.

Besides, she was the daughter of David and he will not let anything happened to the girl. He will definitely give her a good future.

But of course, he has to bring up the matter first to his only son Jordan who is now thirteen years old.

He was so shocked on the negative reaction of his son when he told him that he wanted to adopt Raven legally as his daughter.

"Son, please understand. Who will take care of little Raven. You also like her don't you? She's an orphan now. She's so pitiful and helpless right now?" Senior Choi begged his son.

Jordan who now seemed to be moved by his father's words answered. "Alright, you can raise her, provide whatever she needs but never officially adopt her. I told you I don't want a sister. If you still insist to adopt her and change her surname to ours then you should forsake me instead."

Jordan's warning was intimidating as he left his father alone.

Senior Choi: "...…"

Raven together with Nanny Rong were picked-up by Senior Choi's driver. They arrived the Choi's Ancestral House almost noontime.

Outside, the maids welcomed and greeted them. Raven saw Senior Choi at the door waiting. She immediately runs to him. The latter picked her up and cuddled her.

"Raven this will be your new home. Do you like it?" The little girl nodded at Senior Choi then smiled.

Jordan just stayed quietly while he observed his father enthusiastically showing the little girl every corner of their house. 'Look at that Old Man, so very happy that his smile almost reached his ears and his laugh almost can be heard outside the mansion!'

Then he looked at the little girl, he also liked Raven. The little girl loves to play with him whenever David will visit his father with her.

He was actually not against for Raven to stay at their house, its okay with him that they will be the one to provide her everything.

It's just that he was not comfortable with the idea of her being his sister at all. He even cannot understand himself why he was so against for legal adoption.



Raven is now six years old and was about to enter primary school.

"Are you excited for school? Let's just wait for your brother." said Senior Choi.

"Okay father." Raven answered excitedly. She will attend the same school as his brother Jordan who was at the secondary level.

She greeted Jordan as soon as he went inside the car. Jordan half smiled at her and sits silently.

"Jordan you should assist Raven. This is her first day at school. Take good care of her. Understand?" instructed by Senior Choi as he gazed at his son.

He is really having a hard time to read the actions of his son. At most of the time he was nonchalant. Jordan just nodded at him.

Senior Choi accompanied Raven up to the gate of the school. "Don't be nervous alright and you should make a lot of friends." Raven kissed the Old Man in the cheeks before leaving.

Senior Choi looked at Jordan as if asking him to do the same.

Jordan brows creased. "We are going now. Bye Dad." He just turned his back and started to walk. Then he suddenly stopped to look at Raven. "Let's go."

Senior Choi: "...…."

Raven followed Jordan as he walked. "Big Brother, wait for me." She ran to catch up with him but bumped at the back of Jordan as he stopped.

He turned around and looked intently at her. "Don't ever call me Big Brother understand? I am not your brother!"

"But you are my brother. What am I suppose to call you with" Raven's lips curled.

Jordan pinched her both cheeks. "Just call me Jordan. If you call me brother once again I will never talk to you again." He said seriously as he stared at the girl.

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