The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 1094 - She Lost to Gu Juexi Again

Chapter 1094: She Lost to Gu Juexi Again

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Xiao Yaojing disclosed everything her mother had said to Wen Tao. Though Wen Tao felt quite uncomfortable when he first heard it, he was more rational and understood Xiao Yaojing’s mother’s concerns toward his mother.

When he and Wen Shan were younger, his father had often said that he was fortunate his children inherited their mother’s trait of high intelligence and not his, as he did not even finish primary school.

“It’s alright, my dad will understand,” Wen Tao consoled in a gentle voice, “I think my dad will be so happy knowing Auntie still cares about my mom.”

“But what she said was really awful. Aren’t you mad?” Even as an outsider, Xiao Yaojing thought it was very harsh, let alone the person involved.

“What can I do even if I’m angry? She’s your mom, my future mother-in-law,” Wen Tao remarked delightedly.

Xiao Yaojing laid on her bed as she listened to Wen Tao, her mood instantly improved. Despite his cowardice on certain occasions, his random whispers of love warmed her heart and soothed her affectionate soul.

“Hey, when will we get married?” Xiao Yaojing blurted suddenly.

PA Wen was caught by surprise and coughed. “Jingjing, could you leave this job to me, please?”

“Hmph! If I were to wait for you to initiate the first move, I would already have kids running around, calling someone daddy.”

“Nonsense! Your kids will only call ME daddy,” PA Wen interjected abruptly to cut short her imagination. He had waited for so many years and flirted endlessly, how could he give up now?

PA Wen’s agitated tone improved her mood even further.

Some people said that a man’s love for you depended on whether he was nervous about your jokes. If he was envious despite knowing full well that you were obviously joking, then this man must love you very dearly.

For example, her PA Wen.

Wen Tao laughed following the mischievous laughter echoing from the other end of the line.

“Jingjing, don’t worry. I promise this time, I will solve this problem once and for all,” PA Wen announced his determination in a serious tone.

Of course, Xiao Yaojing believed in Wen Tao. Although he was often a wuss when he was with her, Wen Tao could do the unthinkable with his skillsets as described by Ye Yuwei.

When they were still chatting, a sudden thought struck Wen Tao. He said hastily, “The item that the CEO has asked me to get is supposed to be delivered today. I’ll go and check if it has arrived.”

Xiao Yaojing was agitated at the remark. She growled, “Do you know you are on leave?”

“I’ll do it very quickly, just a phone call.”

Just as Xiao Yaojing wanted to interject, the call was ended abruptly.

Xiao Yaojing was speechless and stared at the phone.

Great! She lost to Gu Juexi again! That bastard!

The point was, she lost to a man!

The item that PA Wen helped Gu Juexi customize was a life-size Black Panther statue.

When the package was delivered to Gu Mansion, Gu Juexi scanned through the big box for any damage.

When Ye Yuwei brought the children downstairs, she saw the big package that he was looking at and asked curiously, “What is it?”

“Doll, doll—” Xixi shrieked in a shrill and excited voice. She dashed toward the box the moment Ye Yuwei put her down.

Gu Juexi hurriedly carried her up and said, “Let your brother unbox it.”

Ye Xicheng glanced at Gu Juexi skeptically. Was this for him?

What gift could the old meatball give him?

Besides, it was not his birthday yet.

Ye Yuwei was equally clueless. She passed the scissors to her son and asked him to be careful.

The package was almost as big as three of Ye Xicheng stacked together.

Ye Xicheng climbed on the box and cautiously cut off the string with uncontainable excitement.

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