The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 1108 - She Found Bai Xiaolian Absolutely Repulsive

Chapter 1108: She Found Bai Xiaolian Absolutely Repulsive

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Ye Yuwei rolled her eyes in annoyance. She had seen PA Wen was so busy that he didn’t get to have lunch on multiple occasions and she had heard complaints from Xiao Yaojing multiple times.

Hence, Ye Yuwei hadn’t fabricated the accusation—it was truthfully the fact.

PA Wen heaved a sigh of great relief. The CEO and the mistress were outsiders, so both parents would show their basic respect for them. Besides, their excellent and persuasive duet acting had successfully swayed the parents’ decision and given their progress a boost.

It all depended on what he would do next

Since he had brought the mahjong set, they were definitely going to play a round or two. Seeing that both mothers had no intention of leaving, PA Wen coaxed in a convincing tone, “I was planning to get the staff to play mahjong with me. Since Uncle and Auntie are here, why don’t we play together?”

This was exactly Mrs. Xiao’s thought just a short moment ago. When she heard his suggestion, she instantly glared at her daughter conspicuously.

Xiao Yaojing blinked and displayed an innocent look.

Gu Juexi followed Ye Yuwei to their room with his daughter in tow. Ye Yuwei couldn’t help but sigh. “You’ve helped in some other guy’s proposal, but what about mine? I don’t even know if I’m going to have any.”

Gu Juexi shot a cold stare at her and gestured her to open their room door. Once the door was opened, he said, “Just wait for it.” Otherwise, he was absolutely certain Ye Yuwei would nag him forever if he didn’t.

He would propose for the sake of his peaceful and serene life in his later life.

Ye Yuwei chuckled upon his reaction. When they entered the room, Ye Xicheng was still sitting on the floor, watching the movie. His frozen posture indicated that he wanted to finish the movies in one go.

“What are you going to do with that Bai Xiaolian?” Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi who slowly put Xixi down on the bed and asked. She was disgusted by Bai Xiaolian. Even though she knew the girl would not pose any threat to her, she still found her repulsive.

Perhaps it was because of what happened in the university that made her resentful toward Bai Xiaolian.

There were many people who admired Gu Juexi. If it was from the social and business circles, Ye Yuwei could regard the action as envy toward her status, but bringing this social conduct into the academic scene would only make her feel disgusted and outraged.

“Do you think that the rumors circulating in your college would vanish after expelling her?” Gu Juexi sat his daughter on the bed and removed her shoes.

“I know, but since the rumors would remain whether she is expelled or otherwise, why should I let her appear in front of me?” Ye Yuwei followed Gu Juexi and groaned.

Gu Juexi watched his daughter crawl inside the blanket and turned around to look at Ye Yuwei, who was glaring at him in dismay. “Since when did you become so smart? Did you do something to your brain?”

“Gu Juexi, don’t tell me you are evasive about firing her?” Ye Yuwei’s grin turned into a vile laugh and was instantly knocked on her head by Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi would not fire Bai Xiaolian just yet because he had another important business to tend to. After the proposal, he would not let her linger around them any longer.

Ye Yuwei was partially joking about it, but it was also fact that she found Bai Xiaolian absolutely loathsome.

She was an economics student at that. What kind of company would recruit a person with her characteristics as their employee?

Gu Juexi already had his own plan while Ye Yuwei was still pondering over the problem. A woman like Bai Xiaolian might not be useful after obtaining her economics degree, but the worst thing she had done was to provoke Gu Juexi’s wife. The aftermath? She would not have a place in B City anymore.

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