The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 1530 - It’s Not Impossible

Chapter 1530: It’s Not Impossible

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Wen Shan snorted. She knew that Le Tian was jealous, so she just decided to ignore her.

Nalan Chunbo took a taxi to the apartment after he had deleted the clip from the surveillance records. He called Ding Junqi on the way back.

“If Mr. Ding has time, how about we meet up now?” Nalan Chunbo suggested bluntly.

Ding Junqi looked at his sleeping son and covered him with a blanket before getting up and walking away.

“Mr. Nalan seems to be very persistent about my past. May I know why?” Ding Junqi closed the door. He was not angry but his tone did not sound pleasant.

This was not the first time Nalan Chunbo had gotten involved in his private affairs.

Nalan Chunbo could naturally understand the meaning of his words. He also felt that he was being too radical this time since he had limited clues now. His urgency was mainly because of Wen Shan.

“I’m sorry. My girlfriend is very concerned about her friend Le Tian. Therefore, I hope Mr. Ding will not deliberately embarrass Le Tian in the future. Otherwise, my girlfriend will be unhappy.” Nalan Chunbo was very precise this time. His tone was firm and not as polite as usual.

The man on the other end of the line paused. “Mr. Nalan, you truly care about your girlfriend.”

Nalan Chunbo did not deny it. He initially did not want to get involved in this matter, but he could not ignore it because it had something to do with Wen Shan.

“Mr. Ding might need my help in the future,” Nalan Chunbo said cryptically, then ended the call.

Ding Junqi looked at the phone, his lips curving slightly. Him needing to find Nalan Chunbo? What a ridiculous thought.

Wen Shan and Le Tian arrived at Nalan Chunbo’s apartment. Wen Shan opened the door to let Le Tian in. “The security here is a hundred times better than your building’s, so the reporters can’t get in here.”

This was the first time Le Tian was entering Nalan Chunbo’s apartment. She clicked her tongue twice after entering. “I suddenly thought of something.”

Wen Shan turned to close the door and took out slippers for her. “What?”

“Why should I hide? What does that child have to do with me? Does he look like me? Is he my child?”

Wen Shan hesitated, then put down the slippers and looked at Le Tian. “Well, unfortunately, he looks like me and even has the same birthmark but I don’t know him.”

Le Tian remained silent.

After Wen Shan entered the apartment, she did not act like the owner since it was not her house. She sat down with Le Tian in the living room and waited for Nalan Chunbo to return.

“Something supernatural?” Le Tian mused, walking around the living room.

Wen Shan also felt the entire situation was strange, but she could not find any connection to that child. Why did the child look so similar to her?

Ding Junqi was spreading the news to the media that the child’s mother was Le Tian, but Ding Junqi did not know her.

The most important thing was that the child looked like her.

“Le Tian, do any of your relatives have the surname Wen?” Wen Shan suddenly asked.

Le Tian stopped and looked at Wen Shan who was being cautious. “Why? Do you want to say that you are my relative? Do you also want to say that he is my child and he looks like his aunt?”

Le Tian’s words were sharp, and Wen Shan averted her gaze guiltily and whispered, “It’s not impossible.”

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