The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 655 - The Pitiful PA Wen

Chapter 655: The Pitiful PA Wen

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Xiao Yaojing looked at PA Wen leaving the office. She couldn’t tell what the look PA Wen gave her meant but one thing she was sure of was that she would quit this company after the project was completed.

PA Wen exited the building and sat in his car. He whipped out his phone and fidgeted with it then decided to dial the number. The call was quickly picked up. “It’s me, Mr. Lu,” PA Wen said, inhaling deeply.

“PA Wen?” Lu Qichuan was sitting in the backseat of a car with documents on his lap. He glanced at Lu Sichen who was leaning against him, sulking, and pulled his coat over her. “Yes?”

“You probably had no idea, Mr. Lu, but the woman you sued today was the cousin of Xiao Yaojing’s bank manager,” said PA Wen.

Lu Qianchuan picked up the documents on his lap after hearing what PA Wen said. “Yaojing was involved?”

“She picked a fight with that woman to protect Sichen and almost got framed by the bank because of that today,” PA Wen continued monotonously.

“How is she now?” Lu Qichuan frowned. It was his mistake for not having thought about that.

“She is okay for now, but she has a bad temper and will probably quit sometime soon. Do you think your law firm or Lu Enterprise has any vacancies?” PA Wen tapped his steering wheel as he spoke, then ended the call after Lu Qichuan replied.

‘I have opened the doors to Lu Qichuan for you, Xiao Yaojing. You are on your own now,’ PA Wen thought and drove off.

Meanwhile at Xi Wei Resort, Ye Yuwei looked at Juanzi after signing some documents and asked, “Is the renovation almost ready?”

“It is almost ready. We can make it on time to launch the resort next Monday,” said Juanzi with a smile on her face. “I don’t think there is much work left here, Director. Feel free to go if you have something on.”

Ye Yuwei nodded slightly and massaged her shoulders after putting her pen on the desk. “You may leave, I will go back in a bit.”

Ye Yuwei grabbed her phone that had been vibrating after Juanzi left. She was receiving message after message from Xiao Yaojing.

[Yaojing: In conclusion, I am quitting this place for sure.

Yezi: I am done with my work. Are you still at the bank? Let me pick you up.

Yaojing: No, no, it’s okay.

Yezi: …

Yaojing: Lu Qichuan said he is coming to pick me up.

Yezi: Mr. Lu? Didn’t you say you are done going after him?

Yaojing: Wen Tao said something which I think makes a lot of sense.

Yaojing: He said Gu Juexi couldn’t see how much you loved him when you were with him, and had to learn it the hard way after you left. Do you think I was too clingy back then?]

Ye Yuwei was speechless at how generous PA Wen was.

[Yezi: What do you suggest?

Yaojing: I shouldn’t say no when Lu Qichuan asks me out, maybe I should try for a little bit more.

Yezi: …

Yaojing: I will talk to you later, Lu Qichuan and Sichen are here.]

Xiao Yaojing’s status became ‘offline’ before Ye Yuwei could send another message.

Feeling pity for PA Wen, Ye Yuwei looked at her phone and let out a sigh.

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