The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 915 - Bo Jue Heavy Industry

Chapter 915: Bo Jue Heavy Industry

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One of the reporters raised his hand.

“If CEO Gu is in recovery now, why has there been no news about him for a long time?”

“Why does he need to work while resting? I don’t think the CEO needs money to that extent,” PA Wen responded to the reporter’s question calmly.

“In the past six years, CEO Gu never stopped working even when he was sick. These reports are still available in the past, aren’t they?” Another reporter interrupted.

The smile never left PA Wen’s face. Nobody could predict what he felt in his heart.

“Six years ago and now are different. I don’t think I need to explain what the difference is to all of you.” PA Wen maintained his usual broad smile.

“So it is true that Mrs. Gu has returned?” It caused a stir among the reporters again. It was a more sensational rumour compared to Gu Juexi being critically ill and it sparked their interest.

‘I believe all of you will get the answer soon. In fact, regarding CEO Gu’s health issue, Gu Enterprise has received an invitation to Mr. Qian’s banquet next week, so CEO Gu will attend it personally. If anyone is still spreading the rumour of CEO Gu’s bad health, legal action will be taken against that person. I won’t be able to rescue you when the time comes.” PA Wen finished cryptically, got up from his seat and left the place.

The secretary quickly approached him once he returned backstage, “We found the source of the rumour. It was started by a Mr. Qiao from Bo Jue Heavy Industry.”

“Bo Jue Heavy Industry?” PA Wen stopped walking and quickly took the newspaper from the secretary. He stared at the man in the news article.

“Yes, it is a petroleum processing company brought in by the investment bureau this time. This article reported that this chairman mentioned the possibility of CEO Gu being critically ill when he was talking to other people.” The secretary pointed to another man who was in the same picture.

PA Wen squinted his eyes and stared at the man. He was around forty years old but PA Wen was sure that he had never seen him before.

PA Wen dismissed the secretary. He was looking for Xiao Yaojing while making a call to Gu Juexi.

At the moment, Gu Juexi was at the corridor outside staring at the man on the news.

“CEO, we found it—”

“Investigate a person called Qiao Yi for me.” Gu Juexi ordered before PA Wen could finish.

PA Wen obeyed as he grumbled silently about his boss in his heart. ‘Why did you ask me to investigate it in the first place?”

“Since you are in the spotlight now, what about the dinner banquet next week?”

“I am aware of it. It depends on the situation.” Gu Juexi replied, still staring at the man.

The man was not Ye Shu but he resembled the person who had rescued Ye Yuwei earlier.

Gu Juexi was actually waiting for that person to provide him with more information about Ye Shu, but he had targeted Gu Enterprise instead.

‘The game has become more interesting now.’ Gu Juexi sat on the rocking chair and leaned back slowly.

“Daddy, Daddy…”

Gu Juexi heard his little girl calling for him. He quickly closed his notebook and ended his call with PA Wen. He got up and entered the room.

When Gu Juexi entered the room, he saw Xixi jumping on the bed happily.

She immediately ran into Gu Juexi’s embrace when he approached her. She whined, “Mommy is brewing the herbal medicine again. Daddy, I don’t want to drink it.” Xixi wrapped her arms around Gu Juexi’s neck and continued to pout. Her little lips pursed and she looked so pitiful.

Gu Juexi carried her and kissed her forehead affectionately a few times, then said, “Taking the medicine helps you recover faster. Daddy will take the medicine with you.”

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