The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting

Chapter 533 - Aren’t You Overthinking?

Chapter 533: Aren’t You Overthinking?

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Qiao Yaruan could not break free. However, when she remembered her decision and the fact that it was his birthday, she gave in and followed him.

As for why she decided to go along with him simply because of those two reasons, Qiao Yaruan did not think too deeply about it.

Feng Feng took her to the gate of an amusement park. That was right, the gate.

Qiao Yaruan stared at the man who was wearing sunglasses. “Aren’t we going in?”

“Let’s sit here for a while,” Feng Feng said and sat down on a bench at the bus stop. He stared at the amusement park.

Qiao Yaruan did not object and sat next to him. She lifted her head and looked at the Ferris wheel inside the park. Back then, she had ridden it with Shui Anluo.

“Little Soft Tooth, why are you so nice to Shui Anluo?” Feng Feng suddenly asked.

Qiao Yaruan rolled her eyes after he had called her by her nickname again.

“It’s none of your business,” Qiao Yaruan calmly retorted.

Feng Feng did not say anything more and simply leaned on Qiao Yaruan’s shoulder. The buses were no longer running at such a late hour so they were the only ones at the bus stop.

Qiao Yaruan wanted to push him away but Feng Feng grabbed her hand instead.

The night was chilly and her hand was slightly cold.

“Don’t move, Little Soft Tooth, let me lie here for a moment,” Feng Feng suddenly said.

Qiao Yaruan was shaken by the sadness and helplessness in his voice.

Would the proud and arrogant Silver Screen King have moments of helplessness too?

However, Qiao Yaruan’s Virgin Mary’s heart began to activate. She did not move and became his human-shaped back cushion. Perhaps there was something that saddens him that he could not talk about.

As for what it was, she believes that she did not want to know.

Qiao Yaruan did not tell Shui Anluo about what had happened during Feng Feng’s birthday. However, Feng Feng had reverted into a thick-faced man after his birthday, Feng Feng and Qiao Yaruan continued to feel irritated with him.

Shui Anluo, who had fun during the past few days, seemed to have forgotten her objective in coming to Provence until the day before her mother’s wedding.

Hence, they had to rush over to wherever her mother was.

As usual, Luo Xuan had arrived to pick them up. Shui Anluo, who had enjoyed herself the entire way, was now leaning against the window as she stared outside after getting into the car.

The little darling played excitedly for a while before he fell asleep as his father held him in his arms and soothed him. The little darling had babbled and gurgled before he fell asleep. However, no one could tell what he was trying to say.

The vehicle was driven by Luo Xuan’s chauffeur. The stretch limousine was very spacious even with the three of them and the little one seated inside.

Shui Anluo picked at the car’s door and turned around to look at them.


“I had personally sent someone to get a DNA report on you and your father. There’s no mistake.” Chu Ningyi intercepted her.

Alright, this was what she had wanted to ask so she had got her answer.


“Here’s a DNA report on you and Auntie. You’re her biological daughter and this is a fact that can’t be changed,” said Luo Xuan as he placed a report in his hand on the table.

Shui Anluo blinked and once again continued to pick at the car’s door. These two abnormalities had left no room for her to say anything else.

Luo Xuan crossed his arms on his chest as he sat. He watched the woman as she picked on the car door and asked, “Luoluo, aren’t you overthinking?”

“If she’s really my biological mother, why did she have to hide from me? Does she really plan to tell me on her wedding day or after she got married?”

Her good mood instantly crumbled.

All that was left in its place was a sense of insecurity. The closer they were to their destination, the more insecure she felt.

Luo Xuan frowned as Chu Ningyi reached out and interlocked his fingers with her hand which was placed on the car door. He drew her hand close and gently placed it on his lap.

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