The CEO’s Daring Wife

Chapter 43 - Agent Dorei

Chapter 43 - Agent Dorei

(Flashback to chapter 35: uneasy)

"Sir, it appears that they are going out to eat. Would you like me to prepare a car to follow them..?" A male voice said and he kneeled and looked down

"Yes, but make sure you are inconspicuous.. don't forget to bring backup, as these two people can be extremely dangerous." Another deeper, male voice said

(End of flashback to chapter 35)

"Yes.. inform me right away if anything happens. No matter how small it may be, report it back to me immediately."

The man who was kneeling looked up at his master.

'Master Sami seems to be in a good mood today. Hopefully.. nothing ruins his mood..' The kneeling man shivered

No matter how well trained anyone was, when faced with his master, they would be afraid

His master had pale skin, dark blue eyes, navy blue hair, and a thin scar going horizontally on his eye.

He had an air of nobility surrounding him, but also of that of a General in the army.

The look in his eyes always seemed to say 'see what happens if you mess with me.'

All these things together made Master stand out amongst a crowd.

You could easily say his master was attractive, though no own had really ever told him that. His aura was far too scary for ordinary citizens to handle. People might notice him because of his looks, but the those same people would quickly avoid his masters path, afraid of him.

"Please pardon me while I take my leave.. Master Sami" the man said

"You're free to go. But be warned that if you screw up your assignment in any way.." The man, now identified as Sami, chuckled "Just be warned.. Agent Dorei"

The kneeling man, now known as 'Agent Dorei' quickly stood up and bowed as he fled the room

'Man.. that was scary..' Dorei thought 'Master Sami never uses our names unless he's absolutely serious..' he gulped 'and ready to kill..'

Dorei quickly prepared a normal looking car and hopped into it.

He didn't need much of a disguise, as the people he was tailing wouldn't know him.

Besides, with his looks, he could naturally fit into a crowd and not be noticed.

Dorei was average looking, with pale-ish skin, light brown hair, dark green eyes, and no scars or any sign of trouble

He sort of looked like a flirt..

He was wearing a baggy t-shirt which he had quickly changed into after talking to Master Sami

He naturally had an easygoing or lighthearted personality, and he was a natural comedian

His job was to infiltrate and follow enemies.

Though that was his main job, he dabbled in a little of everything.

Another one of his main talents was hacking, though Master Sami was the best hacker he'd ever met.

Right now, he had to tail two people and observe their actions

Dorei sighed as he turned the cars engine on

'Hopefully I won't have to do anything to them..'

Agent Dorei disliked harming civilians or at least causing any unnecessary harm to anyone. He especially disliked harming innocent women and children

Agent Dorei was really only doing his job for the money, as Master Sami paid well.

'Besides that,' Dorei thought 'I have spotted the targets..'

He pressed the button on his earpiece and said 'targets located'

'it appears that they are having dinner..' Dorei thought 'maybe I should go inside to listen to what they are saying..'

Following his thoughts, he looked in his rear view mirror and straightened his shirt 'that's better..' he thought

Dorei casually walked inside the restaurant, taking note of all the backup agents hiding outside

The receptionist lady glanced up at Dorei and said "How many people are in your party?"

"One.. including myself." As he said that, agent Dorei winked at the receptionist lady, waiting for her to laugh or at least look up at him. She did neither, instead calmly replying "Okay, sir. Follow me please."

As Dorei sat down, he sighed as he watched the two girls mindlessly chatter.

'They seem so peaceful.. It's hard to believe that I'm assigned to watch these two top hackers in the world, as a top secret mission. I—' his thoughts were interrupted when he saw a man approach them. 'Is that a collage of theirs?'

He continued watching them. The three of the laughed, and the male sat down. Dorei could have sworn he saw the male glance at him, causing him to shiver.

Suddenly, the three got up and left. 'Where could they be going?' Dorei wondered.

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