The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 230–End - Finale (6)–End.

Chapter 230: Finale (6)–End.

“You would always fight for me and beat those who wanted to take advantage of me. Then you would say that whoever dared to touch my sister, I would let them leave horizontally.”

“I will remember how you said I am beautiful this time!”

“I also remember a lot!” Qiao Moyu sucked her nose and said with teary eyes. “You even wetted your bed when you were five before because you dreamed that the pillow was the toilet so you peed there!”

“You stole the Director of Academic Studies’ teacher’s birdcage and freed the bird. He ended up talking about his misfortune to everyone he saw, saying that his parrot disappeared. He talked about this for a good half a year!”

“I accidentally smashed Master’s wine jar and the wine flowed out of the jar and onto the ground. You laughed at me and said that my butt will suffer this time. But when he came back, you said that you had done it and ended up taking a beating. You slept on your stomach after that…”

When Qiao Moyu said this, the man suddenly reached over and hugged her tightly. “Moyu, you’re Moyu!”

There were some things that only they would know. Despite the girl had an unfamiliar face, he still believed that his sister who had vanished for half a year was back!”

“Brother!” Qiao Moyu started crying again. “It’s really me…”

Her bracelet kept on flickering. Qiao Moyu felt a message in her brain. It told her that when she saved the child, she unintentionally triggered the bracelet’s hidden ability. Every month, she could travel to this world once and only for less than ten minutes.

Clearly, time was in countdown now.

She tugged the man’s arms and couldn’t explain that much. She said, “Brother, I will come visit you again next month!”

“Ok.” The man agreed and patted Qiao Moyu’s hair. He could feel her body slowly disappearing.

“I have been living well. Don’t worry about me! Wait until next month for me…” Qiao Moyu’s voice floated in the air.

As she said this, her body sunk into a huge power. Next thing she knew, she was already in another world after waking up.

It was green light now and everyone hastily walked by. No one seemed to notice Qiao Moyu who suddenly appeared.

She crossed the crossroad and looked at the intersection. She smiled.

Her smile grew bigger and bigger. Then she started to laugh.

Next time, she needed to print Luo Luo’s picture and keep it on her, so she could show her brother. Hm. Bring Ye Peicheng’s too! Qiao Moyu thought.

She came home and Ye Peicheng was already back.

She ran over and hugged him, burying her head in his chest. She smiled and said, “Brother Ye, your muscles are so small!”

Ye Peicheng was stunned and looked down at Qiao Moyu. He repeated again, “Moyu, you think my muscles are small?”

Qiao Moyu thought back to her brother who was 6 feet 2 inches and his body was full of muscles. Compared to Ye Peicheng, he was indeed much skinnier.

He nodded.

“Very good.” Ye Peicheng squinted and carried Qiao Moyu on his shoulders, walking straight to the bedroom.

“Daddy, why are you carrying mommy like that?” Luo Luo was playing with his toys but anxiously said this when he saw them.

Ye Peicheng looked at his son and heartlessly rejected him outside the door. “Daddy is going to teach your mommy. Kiddo, play by yourself.”

“Kiddo wants to learn too! Kiddo loves to learn!” Luo Luo said outside.

“Does kiddo want a little brother or sister?” Ye Peicheng asked.

Luo Luo thought about it and hurriedly nodded. “Yes!”

“Then stay outside and play your today. Once daddy teaches mommy a lesson, maybe you will have a little brother or sister!” Ye Peicheng said this while placing Qiao Moyu on the bed.

Outside, Luo Luo propped his chin up and his eyes were full of curiosity. How come mommy could have a baby after a lesson? How does daddy teach mommy to make a baby? He should ask grandfather tomorrow…

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