The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1409: Devil Girl Lin Mengling

Mo Xie convinced the Light King finally. The Light King spoke to the little demon foxes to tell them to leave with Chu Mu.

The little demon fox were all reluctant. However, when the Light King told them that the outside world was even more interesting and fun, the little demon foxes all believed it and jumped into Chu Mu’s soul capture space willingly.

Chu Mu wanted to tell Mo Xie to convince Light King to leave as well. Though the resources were plentiful here, it wasn’t suited for a fallen species to survive. Also, no matter how many resources there were, it couldn’t disperse loneliness.

The Light King didn’t mean to leave at all. It stayed in its simple cave as its eyes returned to its previous indifference.

Seven Sin Fox Light King’s gaze made it seem like an old man slowly waiting for death by itself. Chu Mu didn’t understand why it so adamantly wanted to remain here. Was there something worth protecting?

Chu Mu respected the powerful organism but was also sad about Seven Sin Fox Light King’s negativity.

After bringing away the little demon fox, the three no longer stayed at the top of the hill. Seven Sin Fox Light King may have gotten used to the life up there, or maybe it still adamantly believed that the Imprint Valley was his territory. But, if it didn’t want to leave, Chu Mu couldn’t force it to.

Chu Mu especially looked around for the flower soul formation that Yu Suo supposedly set up. In reality, rather than letting the Seven Sin Fox Light King live in its own sorry world, Chu Mu instead wished for it to become Yu Suo’s soul pet. At least Yu Suo had a wild ambition that would push the Seven Sin Fox Light King to pursue greater things.

Sadly, Chu Mu couldn’t find the formation at all.

The phoenix ruins was still inaccessible because of the abundance of Light Sparrows. Adding on the Light Phoenix within it, Chu Mu didn’t dare try to enter without half devil form.

And with the type disadvantage, Dead Dream may not even be able to complete a nirvana within. If Dead Dream accidentally underwent a devolving, Chu Mu would have nothing but tears for his efforts.

With Ning Maner on their side, Chu Mu didn’t worry too much about Dead Dream’s rank. Once they were back in New Moon Land, Ning Maner’s immortal aura should be enough to give Dead Dream a similar opportunity to a nirvana.

Afterward, the three of them walked around in the rest of Imprint Valley. Xia Yin luckily found the devil stones he needed. Lin Mengling seemingly did nothing, but also seemed to have completed what she wanted to do. She left by herself once, but Chu Mu had no idea what she came into Imprint Valley for.

“This woman, where did she set the Flower Soul formation up?” Chu Mu muttered.

The imprint valley was almost closed, yet Chu Mu still never found the flower soul formation.

Chu Mu truly wanted the Seven Sin Fox Light King to leave the Imprint Valley. However, other than the flower soul formation, what else could he use to change its mind? It’s not like he could beat it.

Yet, Chu Mu went to the place Yu Suo pointed out multiple times but couldn’t find the diagram. This couldn’t be his fault.

“Let’s leave, there are many treasures in here, but I always feel strangely repressed when staying in here for too long.” Xia Yin said.

“I have the same feeling.” Lin Mengling nodded.

“I’ve been uncomfortable all over.” Chu Mu added.

The light element in Imprint Valley was too thick. For dark organisms like Chu Mu, this was like torture. When they were on the other side of the formation, he didn’t feel it much. However, once he entered further into Imprint Valley, it felt as if he were being scorched under a blazing sun in a desert.

Because there weren’t many plants in Imprint Valley, the air indeed wasn’t good for humans to stay around for long. After they stepped out of the valley, the repressed feeling was immediately blown away by the fresh air and beautiful foggy forest.

Breathing in the fresh air greedily, their bodies seemed washed over anew, losing the last bit of stale air.

Chu Mu often entered independent spaces. He could clearly feel the major difference between the air in independent spaces and the normal world. In total, the normal world was simply much better suited for all life.

The Imprint Valley was in the back mountain of Divine Sect. At such a close range, Lin Mengling decided to fly right back.

“You two, come with me to Divine Sect for a while. Our divine sect’s Goddess Pool is very good for expelling bad substances and is good for one’s body.” Lin Mengling smiled and said to Xia Yin and Chu Mu.

“Great, I’ve long heard that the Goddess Pool can strengthen one’s lifespan. There’s no reason for me to refuse.” Xia Yin immediately nodded.

“And you?” Lin Mengling asked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu originally wanted to go right back to the palaces. New Moon Land’s palace in Zhengming Main Continent must have finished by now.

Seeing Chu Mu hesitate, Lin Mengling gave him a glare, “What, you’re afraid I’ll capture you, sentence, and torture you?”

“Alright, I’ll go.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly.

Lin Mengling was basically sure that Chu Mu killed Han Erixng now. However, the three of them got closer in their time in Imprint Valley. Chu Mu was curious. If Lin Mengling truly found evidence, would she still capture him? He always had a feeling that the woman wasn’t very bothered by Han Erxing’s death.

After not too long, a group of Divine Sect disciples on Snow Cloud Cranes came over.

The snow cloud cranes were snow white. The disciples were also dressed in complete white. This team of escorts all lined up in one row. They noticed that most of them were female disciples filled with purity, elegance, and beauty, dazzling all onlookers.

These female disciples all came to Lin Mengling and saluted. Seeing that all of them were highly beautiful, both Chu Mu and Xia Yin’s eyes lit up.

Watching these fifty female disciples escort Lin Mengling through Zhengming Main City must be a real sight to see!

“Should I build myself a beauty escort like this one?” Xia Yin rubbed his chin and started wondering.

His Beiming City was filled with talent and beauty too. As the king, he probably wouldn’t have any trouble creating a team like that. The only problem was, where would he go to look for women as powerful and beautiful as this group from Divine Sect?

“Though I’m a woman, I don’t like ugly girls either. Are you two more willing to be my guest at my dwelling now?” Lin Mengling laughed and said straightforwardly.

“Of course, of course.” Xia Yin immediately nodded.

Chu Mu couldn’t say much either. The group of beauties was truly good scenery. Even as a proper man, there as no reason to be upset about being surrounded by beauties.

This was Chu Mu’s third time at Divine Sect now. The Divine Sect was like a wonderland, its magnificence and grandeur still shocking Chu Mu.

Lin Mengling’s residence was a white jade building. It was intricate and elegant with many ponds and pavilions to adorn it. Compared to the cold walls and tiles of a palace structure, it indeed seemed much greater. Those that lived here for a long time may feel themselves turning to become like immortal goddesses.

“Yi Yun, Nan Lan, find a few beautiful sisters and bring these two guests to the Goddess Pool. Tell the chefs to prepare a feast, and also go to the old immortal teacher to get some good alcohol.” Lin Mengling said to her close servants when she arrived.

In Imprint Valley, Chu Mu and Xia Yin felt that Lin Mengling wasn’t much different from the average woman. Though she was slightly bossy, she never was unreasonable. Though prideful, she wasn’t hard to get close to.

However, the moment she returned to Divine Sect, this pearl of the Divine Sect showed her other side, generous and noble. It almost felt like they were two people.

Chu Mu wasn’t sure whether Lin Mengling was always like this or did the snow-white female disciples play a role too. However, he felt like this woman was suddenly different now, separate from the “princess” that sometimes swore in Imprint Valley.

“Lady, Master Official, Gate Master, and the Magistrates are all waiting…” The woman called Yi Yun said.

“Tell them to come tomorrow, just say I’m tired.” Lin Mengling said.

“Yes.” Yi Yun saluted and went to dismiss those people.

“Lady usually takes a long time to bath. Please wait here, and someone will bring you to the Goddess Pool. If you have any requests, tell them and they will satisfy you.” Nan Lan saluted and said gently.

“Any request at all?” Xia Yin lifted an eyebrow, his intentions evident.

Lin Mengling’s residence was almost filled with women all in snow white clothing. They were all beautiful and had great figures. This caused the normally calm Xia Yin to become restless.

Speaking of which, whoever married Lin Menglin would likely get this entire house full of women along with her too.

Nan Lan blushed slightly and lowered her head, “Yes.”

Getting a confirmation, Xia Yin immediately winked at Chu Mu.

After not too long, they were brought to the Goddess Pool.

The showering process was complicated and Chu Mu didn’t understand, so he simply followed what the women said.

Luckily, there wasn’t any light element in the pool. Instead, it was a pure water medication bath. This healing caused Chu Mu’s skin to slowly heal from the burning of Imprint Valley’s light.


Lin Mengling indeed too a long time to shower. Chu Mu and Xia Yin waited at the feast table for a long time before they finally saw Lin Mengling come in a new outfit.

Like an angel with pure skin, the showered Lin Mengling looked breathtaking.

“You two, are you satisfied with the service of the sisters at Goddess Pool?” Lin Mengling sat down and asked with a smile.

Chu Mu and Xia Yin both smiled very difficulty, “Of course, of course.”

Seeing Chu Mu and Xia Yin’s stiff expressions, Lin Mengling suddenly started laughing even harder.

This laughter broke through all of her previous impressions of being noble and generous. Chu Mu wouldn’t even be surprised if two horns sprouted from her head and she revealed herself to be a devil!

The reason Lin Mengling laughed was because she guessed what the two men were thinking. So, when she asked for servants, she especially emphasized “beautiful sisters”.

Having served her for many years, Yi Yun and Nan Lan naturally understood this and instead arranged for a few obese and average middle-aged women to help their bathing process.

Xia Yin was originally excited but after seeing the faces and figures, he had lost all interest and started cursing Lin Mengling in his heart.

Chu Mu was better off since he didn’t have much thoughts to begin with. However, the prank still left him feeling uncomfortable!

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