The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1542: Fight, Facing Six Gate Masters

Gu Xinshui was also enraged by Chu Mu!

The muscles on his face twitched. That ugliness bore great resemblance to Gu Xisha.

He chanted an incantation and began summoning his soul pets!

Similar to Gu Xisha, Gu Xinshui was a soul poison master as well as a soul pet trainer. Other than using Xuan Item and Immortal Item to train his soul pets, he also knew how to apply the worst poison to his soul pets’ attacks!

A poison vine appeared from the diagram and kept extending its branches. Those vines were enormous. Zeng Long’s Golden Snake Dragon was right next to it. Compared to that snake dragon which occupied a large space, this huge poison vine occupied even more space!

Its roots extended in the air, its vines crossed over in the clouds. If one examined closely, one would notice twelve main vines twisting amongst countless vine branches.

At the tips of those twelve main poison vines, there was a semi-spore opening. Green poisonous fangs were exposed outside, the deep esophagus was also filled with poisonous fangs!

Twelve poison vines with esophagus wriggled around. Their shadow cast down and seemed as if there were twelve monsters looking down on Chu Mu from the clouds!

Twelve Demon Faces!

This was the most infamous and deadly species amongst vine type creatures. The main vines had twelve demon faces, the majority of the demon face was a terrifying mouth. Especially when it opened its mouths, it was just like getting stared at by twelve faces of devils. They opened their mouths and were about to enjoy their meal!

Such a fearsome creature made one’s head go numb at a glance. The toxic stench spat out by Twelve Demon Faces also made one feel suffocated.

Chu Mu stood beneath Twelve Demon Faces and remained calm like a bedrock.


One demon face waved and pounced towards Chu Mu while making a screeching noise!

Along the path that demon face swept past, many similar faces suddenly manifested. That also meant many more mouths trying to devour Chu Mu approached!

It was as if countless faces opened their mouths and bit towards Chu Mu!

Chu Mu’s incantation was completed halfway. He ignored the approaching demon faces and continued chanting.


Purple flame burned around Chu Mu. The flame as vibrant as poppy flowers bundled up was swaying fervently!

The burning flame transformed into a fox and twined around Chu Mu, divided into a total of nine layers!

The intense flame from every layer slid down in an arc and rapidly became long fox tails!

The tails kept on extending and connected into a mountain range!

The nine burning tails became nine layers of stacking mountain ranges. The place they connected to swept up a purple flame tornado!

Within the flame tornado, a pair of silver eyes burned in furious flames sparkled. It stretched out its leg and stepped in the air, leaving an astonishing flame ripple in mid-air.

Purple flame burned all over its body, demon aura rampaged, the Immortal of Hades!

Mo Xie appeared from its soul pet space. Hades Fox Noble’s aura was fully displayed. Nine beautiful burning tails faced off against Twelve Demon Faces twelve main vines. This was a clash between auras!

“Hades!” Gu Xinshui was very knowledgeable and immediately recognized Mo Xie.

Hades, one of the Five Undying Legends. The Hades race dominated the Demon Continent across the vast Eternal Ocean. They were the most tyrannical creatures amongst the demon fox race after Seven Sins Fox!

Although Twelve Demon Faces was infamous, it could not compare to the fame of Hades!

Mo Xie solemnly stared forward. Twelve Demon Faces was higher ranked than it, so Mo Xie was inferior in the clash between auras.

However, Chu Mu still decided to let Mo Xie take on Twelve Demon Faces.

Chu Mu would always arrange enemies difficult to win against for it to fight. This was not harsh treatment towards Mo Xie, but Chu Mu firmly believed that Mo Xie, which inherited the various demon fox races’ bloodline and racial techniques, would far surpass the rank it had reached!

Mo Xie had to fight enemies above its rank to be fair.

Furthermore, the fire property Mo Xie fighting against vine property Twelve Demon Faces would let Mo Xie gain the property advantage. Even if Mo Xie had not reached middle class Immortal rank, Chu Mu still held absolute confidence towards Mo Xie.

“Ga! Ga! Ga!”

Demon faces pounced down. They bit, spat poison and swallowed from all directions, filling any gap possible.

Toxin spread out in the air. The purple flame could not completely purify the toxin. Mo Xie could only create a purple flame domain around it to prevent the toxin from infiltrating.

Meanwhile, the demon faces approaching from all directions were the most troublesome. Mo Xie kept changing its positions to avoid the areas where those demon faces gathered the most!

Mo Xie’s body was difficult to catch. Those demon faces could not bite down, so they tried to bite Mo Xie’s tails off.

A large group of demon faces turned into a bunch of evil spirits fighting for food.

They bit down onto Mo Xie’s long tails.

However, those tails were so soft they felt like thin layers of silk. Other than touching the burning hot flame, there was no sensation of biting a tail.

Mo Xie’s real tails were naturally not as large as mountain ranges. The reason they had such a beautiful effect was due to the semi-realistic and semi-illusory phantom!

However, since it was half real and half illusion, when it wanted them to be real, those nine tails would naturally be filled with power like steel whips!

The nine tails flowed through the attacks of all the demon faces, then suddenly became huge chains after waving up, whipping sharply on the nine faces of Twelve Demon Faces!

Nine main vines were severely bent. The vine skin burned in purple flame, spreading along the long vine bodies!

“Take him on together, Monument Tear will be evenly shared!” shouted Zeng Long, making a promise which nobody would believe in.

Every one of them were desperately trying to obtain the Monument Tears Chu Mu owned, because there were too many Monument Tears Chu Mu held. They would never have the patience or morality to fight one by one.

The six Gate Elders joined hands. Even a leader rank would have a hard time facing them.

The Golden Snake Dragon swept up countless snake shadows and charged towards Chu Mu first.

Chu Mu took a glance at that Golden Snake Dragon and slid back some distance bizarrely to dodge Golden Snake Dragon’s snake shadow attack.

Golden Snake Dragon wanted to pursue, but it did not notice a pitch-black armored tiger standing on the original spot Chu Mu was at!

Zhan Ye, low class Immortal rank, almost reaching middle class Immortal rank.

Mo Xie took on Twelve Demon Faces, then Zhan Ye’s warming up opponent would be that clumsy Golden Snake Dragon!

The reason he treated Golden Snake Dragon as Zhan Ye’s warming up opponent was because it would not be long before a middle class Immortal rank enemy would no longer satisfy Zhan Ye’s increasing fighting spirit!

“What trash dares to block my path? Die!” Zeng Long saw Zhan Ye and felt frustrated.

Does he only have these low class Immortal rank soul pets?

Using these low class Immortal ranks to take on middle class Immortal rank, what a joke!

If that Thunder Dark Phoenix was still here, they might remain wary. After all, that was a creature close to high class Immortal rank.

Unfortunately, it perished. These two low class Immortal rank creatures would never be able to stop them!

Madam Huo flew to the front of Chu Mu and arrogantly declared, “Hmph, you should have handed over the Monument Tear back in Imprint Valley. It’s too late to regret now. What I want is no longer just the Monument Tear, I also want your entire New Moon Land!”

Chu Mu took a glance at Madam Huo.

Yu Suo already told him about the mockery and humiliation Madam Huo used against Liu Binglan. Chu Mu should complain that Dark King did not just kill this woman when she and Mu Tuan were shamelessly lusting after each other, making everyone see her dirty corpse.

However, it was fine if Dark King did not kill her. Chu Mu would let her know the taste of something worse than death for humiliating Liu Binglan!

A huge fire shadow slammed down. Shadow Flame Beast abruptly appeared in front of Chu Mu, as if a volcano suddenly shot out at the side!

Madam Huo stood on top of Shadow Flame Beast’s head and looked down on Chu Mu arrogantly.

Chu Mu witnessed her most shameless appearance. He wondered just how this woman had the pride and face to continue being a Sect Master after receiving such a heavy injury and shame.

She was just a bitch, Chu Mu would gladly grant her wish to die!

The incantation completed and a reversed space appeared next to Chu Mu.

A green Hidden Dragon creepily floated out from the space, its body gradually enlarging!

“Little Hidden Dragon, do you know how to treat it and its master?” Chu Mu plainly ordered Little Hidden Dragon.

Little Hidden Dragon casually flapped its wings. The roaring volcano attack falling down from above was instantly dispersed, as casual as taking a stretch.

It enthusiastically nodded towards Chu Mu, then nonchalantly turned around and focused on that Shadow Flame Beast.

Back in Imprint Valley, Little Hidden Dragon was naturally not a match against this Shadow Flame Beast.

Unfortunately, after such a long time passed, Shadow Flame Beast did not seem to get any stronger. On the other hand, the souls Little Hidden Dragon had devoured could create a soul ocean!

Back then, Shadow Flame Beast could not even match Martial Cloud Dragon. Now, Little Hidden Dragon was already stronger than Martial Cloud Dragon. It really did not need to treat Madam Huo’s Shadow Flame Beast seriously!

Madam Huo saw Little Hidden Dragon’s human-like gaze and expression as she stood above Shadow Flame Beast’s head. Her mouth twitched a little, is this belittling??

So what if Little Hidden Dragon was belittling them?

Lord of Nine Oceans Seven-headed Hydra King was already defeated by it. In its eyes, those lower than high class Immortal rank were already insignificant. Furthermore, this Shadow Flame Beast did not seem strong at all.

Chu Mu drifted towards another direction to leave enough space for Little Hidden Dragon to perform.

Actually, making Little Hidden Dragon take on Madam Huo was already overdoing it. After all, Little Hidden Dragon’s current strength would not be much inferior than Dead Dream.

“Chu Mu, I will take on Wind Sect’s Sect Master Tian Huan. There’s one more, if you don’t have soul pets left, I will try to take it on as well,” Yu Fengdi told Chu Mu.

“I told Chao Lengchuan that I will take special care of Departed Spirit Palace,” Chu Mu swept his gaze and sharply focused on Ghost Sect’s Sect Master Dan Xie.

Dan Xie was startled. Chu Mu’s gaze made her feel uncomfortable.

“Hopefully, you won’t disappoint my soul pet,” said Chu Mu slowly as he stared at Dan Xie.

“Arrogance!” snorted Dan Xie.

“It was once a departed spirit,” Chu Mu cracked a smile. This evil smile made Dan Xie feel a chilling danger!

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