The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 1678: Demon Transformation, Yu Tian

The grassy land became sand.

This was a piece of land clear of plants. Dust danced in the wind.

Xia Zhixian rode on Sky Butterfly Queen and descended from the sky. Then, she helped Yu Suo who appeared to be a little plump at the abdomen area down.

They stood under the Heaven Boundary Monument and could see an obvious crack on it.

This Heaven Boundary Monument was located between human territory and flower territory.

There was no clear boundary between human territory and flower territory. Some rural human citizens even lived in flower territory. However, most people did not know Flower Demons actually had their own civilization.

“Heaven Boundary Monument seems to be cracking,” said Xia Zhixian in astonishment.

Yu Suo did not answer and seemed to be deep in thought.

Could it be what her sister Yu Qie said was real? Totem Divine Maiden managed time. Once Totem Divine Maiden did not manage time properly, the lifespan of the world would come to an end.

“Never mind, let’s leave this place,” Yu Suo took a last glance and turned around.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?” asked Xia Zhixian worriedly.

“A little,” said Yu Suo.

Yu Suo did not return to the direction they came from. She abandoned that little wooden house and continued walking towards flower territory.

After traveling some distance away from Heaven Boundary Monument, the soil was covered by green grass again. Some wild flowers swayed in the wind.

Some little creatures ran around the grass plains. They seemed to have adapted to the darkness and did not seem so afraid.

Suddenly, a little demonic rabbit stepped into a thorny area on the flower. It rolled out with its fur stained in blood and stopped next to Yu Suo.

Yu Suo slowly bent down and hugged this little demonic rabbit. She slid her finger over its body and the wound on that little demonic rabbit immediately healed.

Little demonic rabbit licked Yu Suo’s finger and seemed to like her aura. It did not leave immediately.

Xia Zhixian stood at the side and watched the gentle Yu Suo.

When she first met Yu Suo, she felt that Yu Suo was scary and unpredictable.

However, no matter how scary she was, her temper should have turned gentle now.

“Have you thought of the name?” asked Xia Zhixian.

“Name?” Yu Suo was startled.

“Are you still not mentally prepared?” asked Xia Zhixian.

“She should stay safely in my womb, outside is dangerous.”


Heaven Palace.

A cluster of crimson energy slowly appeared from the horizon like the rising sun.

Accurately speaking, it should be breaking out from the ground. This cluster of crimson energy rose up from underground.

The burning ball rose higher and higher and had completely left the ground.

Meanwhile, around this crimson ball, there was a large group of bat-like creatures screeching furiously. However, they were soon wiped out by a cluster of black flame.

Human Mother saw the cluster of burning energy and Chu Mu who was below that energy. She immediately smiled in surprise. It seemed that Chu Mu really found the stolen Crimson Sol energy.

As long as this energy could be returned to Heaven City’s Solar Eclipse formation, there was still hope.

Above the piece of blackened land, Chu Mu held up the cluster of Crimson Sol energy and looked at the chaotic Heaven City.

What he could do now was to deliver this energy back to Heaven City and let Human Mother personally inject the energy into Heaven Boundary Monument.

Heaven Boundary Monuments were starting to shatter. Once Heaven Boundary Monuments could no longer support, the collapse in Imprint Valley would happen in the human territory.

While carrying the huge fire ball, Chu Mu began flying towards Heaven City.

From Chu Mu’s position, he could see Ancient Flood Dragon Person which was imprisoned outside Heaven City.

Chu Mu was shocked to see an existence powerful enough to imprison Ancient Flood Dragon Person like that.

Taking a glance towards the city, there was a large cluster of light hovering high above Heaven City. The majestic silhouette of a phoenix could be vaguely seen within the light. That aura actually suppressed the other Undying rank and prevented them from wrecking a havoc.

“Is that guy the previous wheel’s strongest?” muttered Chu Mu.

Yellow Spring Emperor had told him that the wheel’s strongest chosen from the era’s strongest would stay in Heaven Palace. It was clear that the Light Phoenix was the strongest in the previous wheel and stayed in Heaven Palace for ten thousand years.

Chu Mu had no concept how long ten thousand years would be. Someone like him who had not even lived for a hundred years felt that a few decades of experience was already plenty.

Of course, strength could not be measured by age most of the time. The era was changing, more powerful creatures would be born from the nature eventually, then lead its race towards glory.


The burning energy released similar light as Crimson Sol. For a moment, people in Heaven City felt as if there was sun hanging high in the sky and another sun rising up from the ground.

The intense heat spread all the way to Heaven City, heating up the soil until it turned red.

Solar Eclipse formation began to shake under the chaotic impacts. The totems seemed to be almost shattering.

Human Mother saw the twelve chain pillars starting to dim and hurriedly flew back to the formation.

“You can still make it in time if you change the formation now. He will deliver that energy here!” Human Mother told Totem Divine Maiden Dai Qing.

Dai Qing’s gaze was already a little hollow. She looked at Chu Mu who was holding up the Crimson Sol energy and spoke, “He cannot reach Heaven City.”

“Why?” Human Mother was confused.

“He won’t let anyone ruin his plan,” said Dai Qing.

Saying so, Dai Qing turned her gaze towards Guardian Palace.

Human Mother followed her gaze and saw a person standing at the highest point of Guardian Palace. He was showered in light, yet exuded an eerie chill. That pair of demonic eyes stared hard at Chu Mu!

Human Mother was shocked, that person was Yu Tian!

However, it did not seem to be so simple. Yu Tian did not reach Undying rank, how did he possess such a terrifying aura?

Furthermore, his eyes were filled with pure rage and greed!

Those dark yellow eyeballs almost popped out from his eye sockets. A trace of sharp light flashed past his eyes and he unleashed his killing intent!


The fabric on Yu Tian’s back suddenly tore apart. Blood-stained bones grew out from his back and slowly became a pair of bloody membrane wings!

The wings flapped and this half human half demon monster flew towards Chu Mu’s location with a terrifying speed. Even Phoenix Ancestor was unable to intercept!

Chu Mu was also shocked.

A pair of wings was actually grown from the body! That shape looked like Heaven Demon’s membrane wings!

Shouldn’t that guy be a human? Why did he have Heaven Demon’s wings?

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