The Chronicles of the Immortal God

Chapter 491 - Another Conveniently Forgotten Problem

Chapter 491: Another Conveniently Forgotten Problem

“A harem huh.” Fang Lin muttered to himself as he followed Xiao Ya and Xiao Li, who seemed to be leading him towards the daughter of the current leader.

“What is her name anyway?” Fang Lin asked the two as he felt that calling the person as the daughter of the current leader seems to be not right.

“Her name is Xiao Yan.” Xiao Li replied as a worshipping expression appeared in her eyes.

“Xiao Yan?” Fang Lin creased his eyebrows when he heard that name. “Maybe its just me, but the way you said Xiao Yan is very masculine…”

“Oh, it was because the current leader gave Xiao Yan that name.” Xiao Ya wistfully replied. “The current leader wanted his child to be a male, but Xiao Yan is a female. So the current leader just placed his expectations for a male child into Xiao Yan, which was the reason for her masculine name.”

“That really is a weird reason…” Fang Lin thought to himself as he felt that this Xiao Yan must have met some difficulties with that name.

“Oh, do not think that Xiao Yan is suffering from that name. In fact, Xiao Yan seems to have been enjoying it.” Xiao Ya said with a frown on her forehead. “For whatever reason there is, Xiao Yan’s charm with other women is really high, such that many of them here in the prison are throwing themselves at her. I reckon that her name is one of the reasons for her appeal.”

“Yeah, yeah, if that’s what you think it is…” Fang Lin muttered to himself as he asked about the most fundamental question here.

“Is Xiao Yan beautiful?”

“You may not believe it, but Xiao Yan is considered to be one of the 3 most beautiful women here in Planet Arcadia.” Xiao Li said with a dreamy look on her face.

“Not only her face was beautiful, Xiao Yan’s body is also extremely voluptuous, so much so that I could not help but just stare at them for long!” Xiao Li said all these words as she looked like she was not trying to drool.

As for Xiao Ya, she could only do a facepalm as she saw Xiao Li’s state.

“Oh, that words of yours is now making me want to meet her.” Fang Lin said as excitement appeared in his eyes.

After all, even if Fang Lin was in a trial right now, seeing beautiful girls that are pleasing to the eyes is still important to him.


Because Fang Lin did not bother to hide himself, almost everyone in the Female Chamber saw Fang Lin.

They could not believe their eyes as they just saw a male walking alongside Xiao Ya and Xiao Li.

This led to a spectacle where crowds of extremely curious females started to follow Fang Lin and his two guides.

To Fang Lin’s bemusement, none of these women approached him. This is good news, as Fang Lin does not want anything to slow him down right now.

“Let me guess, the residence of Xiao Yan is located at the center of the Female Chamber. Am I right?” Fang Lin commented as he saw his guides starting to slow down.

“Where else could she be located?” Xiao Ya said as she paused in her tracks. Fang Lin followed suit, and what he saw was nothing less than impressive.

He saw a massive house made up of precious stones. Even if Fang Lin could not identify some of the stones, he can ascertain that they all have high quality.

The house was also 5 storeys tall, with each storey laced with countless paintings.

The whole house has a warm vibe in it, which made Fang Lin want to enter this house.

“Wow, the current leader really spared no expense on doting on his daughter.” Fang Lin commented as he slowly approached the house. “Even I would want to live in something like this.”

“Ok, now that I see it, Xiao Yan is available right now.” Xiao Ya commented as she pointed at the window around the 4th floor.

“If that window was closed, then Xiao Yan is busy having fun with her partners. But if that window is open, then that means that Xiao Yan is not doing anything naughty and that she will be available to talk to.”

“Its nice for you to say that to me.” Fang Lin muttered sarcastically as he decided to enter the house.

But before he could do so, he suddenly saw the worried and pitying looks on Xiao Ya’s and Xiao Li’s faces.

“Why… are you giving me those looks? Am I about to die now?”

“Oh, there is nothing of that sort at all.” Xiao Li said as she waved her hands in denial. “Its just that, your talk with Xiao Yan could be extremely awkward.”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?” Fang Lin said as he began to feel an extremely bad premonition. “Did I do something against Xiao Yan in the past?”

“Oh, you did not just do something against Xiao Yan in the past.” Xiao Ya snickered as she gave Fang Lin a smug smile.

“Before Xiao Yan began to pursue girls, she first had been entangled with a male lover. Only after her relationship with that male lover ended badly that Xiao Yan started to like girls.”

“Oh, and how am I related to that?” Fang Lin weakly asked as he braced for the worst.

“Oh, you are that male lover that I am talking about.” Xiao Ya said with a devilish smile as she began to pat Fang Lin’s shoulders.

“Hehehe, Xiao Chen, your relationship with Xiao Yan before can be considered to be a big one. After all, you courted her for 3 years before you got her heart! You then became a couple for 4 years before your relationship abruptly ended. Oh, and that breakup happened 10 years ago, if your amnesia is not allowing you to remember about that.”

“Wait, how old am I now?” Fang Lin asked as he mulled over the number of years that Xiao Yan had told him. “Don’t tell me that I am an old person?”

“Oh, technically speaking, you are still young.” Xiao Ya said as she tilted her head.

“According to your records, technically speaking, you must be around 33 years old right now.”

“33? I look more like a teenager!” Fang Lin exclaimed as he ran his hands all over his face.

After receiving his real age, Fang Lin realized that Xiao Chen must have been extremely talented to use his cultivation to make himself look younger.

Xiao Ya ignored Fang Lin’s weird outburst as she told him,

“Because of your rocky past with Xiao Yan, both me and Xiao LI are thinking that your reunion with her could be a painful one. So, better prepare your body from some beating , ok?”

“Fine.” Fang Lin muttered as he could not help but curse Xiao Chen and all of his mischiefs.

“I just want to know an easier way to get nearer the Azure Dragon Spear. After all, Xiao Yan is the daughter of the current leader…. But it seems like my meeting with her would turn into a cheesy reunion event…”

“Ha! Since I am here already, then why should I back up?” Fang Lin declared as he strode slowly towards the door of Xiao Yan’s house.

Fang Lin rapped his knuckles on the door. Twice, thrice, four times, eight times, and even more than that.

But nothing happened as the house stayed quiet.

Fang Lin let out a disappointed sigh as he realized that Xiao Yan seems to be not in here.

“Oh, I guess Xiao Yan is not interested in letting anyone in her house right now.” Fang Lin thought to himself as he faced Xiao Ya and Xiao Li.

“Girls, I think we should go back for now. Since Xiao Yan in not interested with talking to me, then it will be just better for us to leave.” Fang Lin said as he began to distance himself from the house.

But before Fan Lin could actually leave, he suddenly heard a voice coming from behind the door, which said,

“I do not remember saying that you should leave.” The voice said much to Xiao Ya’s surprise. “Besides, the door is unlocked, so there is no need for you knock on the door. That is just waste of time.”

“Hahaha, since you are saying that, then I would not be shy.” Fang Lin said as he reversed back to the house.

This time Fang Lin did not act hesitant as he strode into the house confidently.

Xiao Ya and Xiao Li were impressed by Fang Lin’s confidence as they knew that the only reason Fang Lin can act this cool is because he does not remember all the things that he did before.

As Fang Lin entered the house, the first thing that he saw was a veiled woman sitting on a chair right in front of him.

The woman had a veil on her face, which hid most of her face. But one can still presume that she’s an extreme beauty.

This woman’s body was also curvaceous, which prompted Fang Lin’s mind to wander on some unknown territories.

This woman is obviously Xiao Yan, and she did not mince her insults at Fang Lin.

“I will not inquire how you appeared here in the Female Chamber, and on why you are in this place. The only thing I can do right now is to welcome you, even though I am not happy to do so.” Xiao Yan said as her veil-covered face seemed to be glaring at Fang Lin. “I still could not forgive you to what you did to me before, Xiao Chen.”

“Ahahaha…” Fang Lin laughed awkwardly as he scratched the back of his head with embarrassment. This is another one of those moments where Fang Lin wished he could just strangle Xiao Chen.

Fang Lin tried to endure the extremely awkward atmosphere as he said,

“Oh, sorry to say this, but I actually have an amnesia right now, so I could not really remember all the things that I did to you. But if you are hurt by what my past self did, then I humbly ask for your apology right now.” Fang Lin said as he started to bow in front of Xiao Yan.

“You… this is the first time that you admitted that you are wrong.” Xiao Yan said as she let out a sigh.

“Well, there is always a first time for anything, right?” Fang Lin said in a small voice as he waited for Xiao Yan’s answer.

“There is, indeed.” Xiao Yan said as she started to remove her veil.

“This is the first time that I have seen someone with an amnesia, and it makes me curious on what to do with you.”

The surroundings suddenly began to turn cold as Xiao Yan said,

“Should I just castrate you, or should I beat you up right now until you are half-dead? I just could not decide!”


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