The City of Terror

Chapter 476 - Amnesia?

Chapter 476: Chapter 476 – Amnesia?

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“Oh, just too beautiful! I can’t imagine how pretty this Swan Maiden is. In all honesty, I am kinda regretting having married so early.”

Andre continued to babble away. Of course, his eyes were still opened wide as he stared at the wall beside him.

“Alright, if I manage to see your wife, I will make sure to convey your intentions to her.”

Wei Xiao Bei smiled wickedly at Andre and he immediately felt a cold sweat run down his back. He had no doubt meant what he said, and his wife was no gentlewoman!

“My god! No! You can’t do this! Angela will kill me! You don’t know this, but her father runs a slaughterhouse!”

Andre started to ramble on endlessly after being shocked by Wei Xiao Bei’s words.

Well, he still managed to understand some of what he was saying.

His wife was called Angela, her father was the boss of a slaughterhouse and so Angela knew how to butcher cows as well!

A whole new image of Andre’s wife appeared in Wei Xiao Bei’s mind.

A plump and muscular European lady chasing behind Andre with a cleaver in hand as she shouted: “I’ll kill you! You cheater!”

It was understandable that this was the image he had.

Perhaps because of their physique or the diet of their people, most European women tend to become plumper as they aged.

Can you imagine a golden-haired beauty turning into a plump woman after the age of thirty-five?

Of course, this was all in Wei Xiao Bei’s mind and hardly reflective of the truth.

“If that’s the case, then behave yourself.”

He replied with a smile and threw a piece of roast meat to Andre.

Even though Andre had always been carried around without moving much himself, he was still starving. There was even a possibility he might be kicked out of the Dust World if he fainted.

One had to admit, Andre was a total wimp in his eyes now.

Even though he had a muscular body and an impressive beard, Wei Xiao Bei was certain he was not the dominant one in his relationship.

Kashmir couldn’t help but sigh lightly as she listened to their exchange. She looked at her flat plains and became somewhat dejected.

Well, it was just the emotional outburst of the little fairy.

In the end, Wei Xiao Bei covered the swan maiden with his clothes.

If he didn’t do so, it might be a little too stimulating when he carried her over his shoulder.

The party did not run into many encounters for the journey that came after. Perhaps it was due to the tree branch falling, but the monsters living on the World Tree became especially cautious.

No fights had broken out, even when they ran into a thirty-meter-long worm.

Wei Xiao Bei didn’t want to create more trouble, as the worm appeared to be a herbivore.

Of course, the difference in power was probably the main deterrent.

If he was only 2-Star, the worm would probably not give up on the chance to change up its diet.

Indeed, the creature rank of the worm should be 3-Star Terror and above!

The higher they went, the more 3-Star creatures there was.

Fortunately, they had not run into any 4-Star creatures yet.

Finally, after an entire week, Wei Xiao Bei felt something in his mind and hastened his steps. Kashmir also started shouting in excitement.

Soon, as he opened up a half-obstructed tunnel with his spear, a trace of gray-white light pierced through the entrance of the tunnel.

They had reached the top of the tree!

He let out a breath of air and jumped out of the tunnel.

It was the top of the tree!

Above them was the gray-white sky and below them were the vast and boundless plains.

Of course, the green plains weren’t an actual plain, but a canopy made of countless giant tree leaves.

Here, at the top of the World Tree, the leaves were unimaginably massive.

Every leaf was over three thousand square meters in size and over ten meters in thickness. Even a Giant could run about on top of these leaves with how tough they were.

In truth, if Wei Xiao Bei used all his strength, he could omly pierce a hole onto a leaf with the Divine White Mist Great Spear.

Of course, he wouldn’t do so if it wasn’t necessary.

He had a feeling that inflicting excessive damage to the World Tree would draw unnecessary trouble.

Just as the party was admiring this beautiful scene that could not be found in the real world, a soft moan broke him out of his immersion.

He didn’t need to turn to look to know who the voice had come from.

It was the swan maiden. It seemed like her life force was extremely resilient. Just a single drop of Secondary Spring Water of Youth had dragged her back from the brink of death.

“She’s awake! Awake! She’s awake!”

Andre started shouting excitedly as if he was an idiot.

“I know!”

Wei Xiao Bei wanted nothing more than to stuff a sock into this guy’s mouth.

“You’re awake? Let’s talk.”

He smiled as he sat beside the swan maiden. Of course, it might be because the swan maiden smelled really good.

Zhu Xin Yi had the refreshing fragrance of a young woman, while the swan maiden had a deep, perfume-like fragrance that was not overpowering in the slightest. On the contrary, it was heartwarming to be around her.

“Who are you? Who am I?”

An unimaginable thing happened.

The swan maiden had lost her memory!

Though Wei Xiao Bei had seen plenty of examples of amnesia in the real world, people tend to have had to knock their heads for that to happen, right?

You just had your blood sucked? Do you want to pretend like you lost your memory in front of me?

Good joke!

However, after a series of tests, he was shocked to find that the swan maiden was not pretending. She had lost her memory!


Wei Xiao Bei had intended to obtain some information on the Valkyrie through theswan maiden, then use [Deductive Reasoning] to obtain the full information.

However, now that the swan maiden had lost her memory, [Deductive Reasoning] was not quite as useful.

After all, the Valkyrie was no ordinary person! She was tremendously powerful!

Judging from the information he currently had, the Valkyrie could be considered a true bloodline descendant of the Norse God Odin.

Simply put, the Valkyrie was a god of the Nordic pantheon, just one of lower standing.

Of course, the Nordic pantheon was not particularly mighty in Wei Xiao Bei’s mind.

To think that they, as gods of a world, would die! That was simply too unbelievable!

Indeed, judging from the fact that even the swan maiden was a demi-god, the gods of the Nordic pantheon weren’t exactly very powerful. They felt like a group of powerful humans. More accurately, they were just more intelligent Giants.

Odin’s father seemed to be some sort of Giant. Odin and his siblings killed their father, whose blood turned into the sea and whose back turned into the mountains, very much the myth of a Creator.

At any rate, compared to the mythology of other pantheons, Norse mythology was a lot closer to reality.

“Mm, your name is Babe. I’m your brother, he’s my servant, Andre, and she’s my friend Kashmir.”

Since this swan maiden had lost her memory, Wei Xiao Bei found the courage to just name the swan maiden.

Of course, if this incident was posted on the web, he would probably get flamed to no ends. What a cute girl and you give her a name as lame as Babe?

Meanwhile, Andre and Kashmir had no idea of Chinese naming conventions. They simply interpreted it as it was- babe, baby, as people tended to call the youngest child of the family. It wasn’t a bad name as far as they knew.

“Brother, where is this?”

“Brother, look! There are so many birds there, why are they all flying away ”

Compared to the surface world that was covered by the World Tree, the canopy of the World Tree was filled with life. Some of the wider tree leaves were even coated with a layer of dirt, allowing other plants to grow healthily on them. This created an ecosystem full of other ordinary creatures.

There were all sorts of critters such as birds, rabbits, and deers. Water had even accumulated on a leave with curved edges, making it appear like a lake. He even found fish in the water there.

The troublesome thing was how curious the swan maiden Babe was. She was like a child that just learned how to speak, curious about everything she saw and having to ask about it. Wei Xiao Bei felt his head hurt.

That said, this was solid evidence that the swan maiden had indeed lost all her memory.

Of course, his favorite thing was Babe grabbing his arm tightly. The feeling of that softness pressing against his arm was so good that Wei Xiao Bei was embarrassed to even talk about it.

After arriving at the top of the World Tree’s canopy, the party walked toward the direction of the Bifrost according to the direction that Kashmir had chosen. It was a sightseeing trip for every one of them.

With the pretty sights, a subordinate like Andre to spice things up and a beauty like Babe, it was a truly enjoyable experience. He almost didn’t want the trip to end.

Still, even the longest of journeys would conclude.

After a twelve-day long journey, Wei Xiao Bei saw the seven-colored radiance in front of him.

Is that the Bifrost?

He couldn’t help but be excited.

One of the most famous structures of Norse mythology, the Bifrost.

It was the only path that connected to the residence of the Norse gods, crushed to pieces by the Giants during Ragnarok.

Wei Xiao Bei was not counting on the Bifrost still existing. He wasn’t here to sightsee but to see what treasures he could find.

It would be good if the Bifrost was still in good condition. He could sneak into the residence of the Norse gods to see if there were any treasures. If the Bifrost had truly collapsed, then he would have no choice but to turn around.

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