The Conquerors Path

Chapter 550-The New And Improved.....?

Chapter 550-The New And Improved.....?

Destruction energy...

It's something I have worked very hard on, it is among the most powerful energy within my arsenal, the ability to make anything into nothing with a touch being more than just overpowered. It was then, in the past, that a question hit me: can I specifically only erase a certain intangible quantity?

For instance, witches make use of lesser destruction energy to break down and mix certain components to create potions, but that's their limit. They can't erase certain quantities they can't touch or feel, for example, memories...

The question had stuck in my mind for a long time. What if I can erase a certain memory? What if I can erase certain parts of a person's consciousness? The parts that make up a person, those being their 'own' self, what if I can erase that and only keep the life-like skills of the person?

It's said that when a person has amnesia and forgets their sense of self, they only forget who they are. The skills, motor senses, abilities, and the basic question of how to live still stay within their mind, and this fascinated me. What if I can artificially create this situation using destruction energy?

To have within my hands a person of full loyalty and skill but with no connections to their past? And I did act upon that idea. It took an extreme effort and the deaths of several prisoners on death row and an extreme level of criminals I caught. Their sacrifice was not in vain as I had finally created that spell.

It's not easy to use and is very taxing. A small mishap from my side, and the person's brain would turn to mush, basically, a brain-dead situation would arise. Plus, it tires me out, so I rarely use it on people that I want to work for me without any questions about their pasts...


With that, I swept away the sweat from my head while I massaged my forehead a bit. Taking a deep breath, I sat myself on the ground to gain some control back, lying down. Shira looked healthy and unhurt, with the help of the life energy, she looked as good as new, but her traits of corruption still stayed.

'Time to finish this.'

Thinking such, I quickly connected myself to Lala.


Connection establishing...

Target: Lala....

Strength Difference: Huge...

Time: 1 minute


And thus, the power level within me rose to the level of a God. With such backup energy within me, I quickly channeled my special energy, this time its power being beyond the norm. As I put my hand on Shira's head, the potent energy of corruption within Shira burst forth to take me down, fighting against the change I wanted to make.

Yet with the pitiful backing of Origin level 10, the energy had to give up as I slowly started to cleanse Shira. Her body went back to normal, her skin turning bright, while the cracks on her started to turn into human skin. Thus, within seconds, she turned back to her normal human form, the symbol leaving her head.

'Now, that's good.'

It just took a few seconds for me to get this done. After this, I removed the connection, returning my power to the normal range. However, what is fascinating is the fact that Shira is still at Origin level 10 even after I took away the corruption energy.

'A point to note.'

And now, seeing that Shira has no adverse reaction, I thus pulled on my last plan.


At my call, the stunning woman appeared in front of me, her eyes turning towards Shira as I gave her a nod. She knew what she had to do. Getting my approval, Farah pricked her skin, a drop of golden blood coming from her hand as I gave her a blood drop of mine.

Soon, under Farah's great control, the golden blood of hers joined with Shira's body. A bright red light burst from within Shira as a red cocoon started to wrap around her body. Seeing this, I sat back on the ground, Farah not missing the chance as she sat on my lap, voluntarily moving forward and kissing my lips, taking a sip after which she lovingly placed her head on my shoulder.

'Looks like someone's growing up...'

I mused as I kept patting Farah's back, thus 5 minutes passed after which cracks started to appear on the cocoon until it burst apart, bringing forth the new Shira.

As Shira's transformation unfolded, the world seemed to hold its breath, captivated by the ethereal spectacle before it. From the cocoon of red energy, she emerged, reborn as a blood-elven angel, her alabaster skin radiant in the soft, otherworldly glow that surrounded her. Her transformation had not only changed her essence but had also granted her an exquisite form that defied mortal comprehension.

Her fiery red hair cascaded down her back like a molten waterfall, shimmering in the surreal light. It framed her delicate face, adorned with high cheekbones, a pert nose, and full, inviting lips. Her emerald green eyes, brimming with ancient wisdom, held a magnetic allure that drew all gazes toward her.

Shira stood there, naked and unabashed, her body a symphony of curves and graceful lines. Her breasts, adorned with pert, rose-hued nipples, seemed to defy gravity, the embodiment of youthful vitality. A slender waist tapered to the swell of her hips, inviting wandering hands to explore the depths of her sensuality.

Her long, sculpted legs were a testament to her angelic grace, extending into toned thighs that begged to be caressed. Every step she took was a sensual dance, a graceful ballet of seduction that left those who beheld her utterly captivated.

The intricate tattoo-like patterns on her skin seemed to shimmer, their meaning known only to her and the celestial forces that had granted her this new existence. Each mark told a story of power, sensuality, and forbidden desires, while the blood-colored wings of her widened behind her.

As Shira's presence enveloped the world, a potent aura of desire and longing radiated from her, a siren's call that ignited passion and lust in those who beheld her. She was a vision of unearthly beauty, an intoxicating blend of angelic purity and sinful temptation. At that moment, the world was enraptured, and the fires of desire burned hotter than ever before.

'Nice transformation....'

I remarked, gazing at the transformed Shira, and before her body could even land on the ground, the drop of my blood that Farah was holding in her hand quickly left her control and entered inside Shira's head, a red glow filling her once more as Shira's body landed on the ground. Her green eyes, in a daze, quickly formed information as she kneeled down on the ground.

"This slave meets her master,"

She spoke, her breasts shaking as she kneeled, her red nipples looking inviting as a gust rose from her wings closing, the raw power within her now at Origin level 10, but right now, she was capable of an unseen level of strength and power, matching that of the blood elven angel.

Her green eyes looked at the two of us with an extreme level of respect and love, her entire existence and desire being toward only me and Farah.

For you see, as Farah is the primogenitor of her race, she is capable of creating her kind or converting others into her kind, an ability like her father's, and now I used that on Shira, making her a valuable prize. By adding my blood to her command mind, she will never be able to betray me, and her mind and body shall only exist to serve my needs.

Even when Farah started converting her, she had programmed to make Shira's mind hold an extreme level of love, lust, desire, and respect towards the blood that would join with Shira.

'Guess she is picking up my tastes,'

I chuckled. After spending all this time within my body and seeing me with all those girls, it would seem Farah has taken it upon herself to make sure her creations will only have love and desire for me. Though then again, this is the first time she has used this ability of hers, for she refuses to take any trash into her species.

And so I chose Shira as the past capture target. Her talent is very high, so she became the perfect subject for my experiment.

'Though having hot and sexy angel-looking blood girls only devoted and in love with me seems a bit too much, not that I am complaining...'

Right now, there is already a list of church-based women waiting to devour me, and now it would seem Farah is hell-bent on only taking women into her species, and she is sure to make it such that all her creations will only hold desire for me.

'I guess I brainwashed her too much,'

Musing at my thoughts, I looked at the now new and improved Shira as I commanded.

"From now onwards, your name shall be Zoe, and you shall live for me."

"It will be my honor,"

Zoe replied as she looked at me with love.

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