The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

Volume 1 Chapter 24

Chapter 24: What You Are Isn’t Gentle, It’s Stupid

“Ting Yue, Wan er is really bored ah. Can you buy a kitty for Wan er to play with?” Yao Mo Wan tugged at Ting Yue with both hands like a spoiled child. Ting Yue couldn’t help but freeze at her naive appearance.

“Niang niang……” Ting Yue looked puzzled towards Yao Mo Wan. The current Yao Mo Wan was bit innocently dumb like the way she was in the past.

“Go ah! Go buy a kitty for Wan er. If you can’t find one you can call Liu Xing to go with you. Second Sister is here with me, nothing will happen!” Yao Mo Wan smiled as she pushed Ting Yue out of Guan Osprey Palace. Even though Ting Yue didn’t understand, but she know that her master was purposefully sending her away.

“Yao Mo Wan, get over here!” The moment Ting Yue left Yao Su Luan dragged Yao Mo Wan over as if she was picking up a small chick. She glared at Yao Mo Wan fiendishly and angrily growled: Lowly whoreson, talk. What did you do to seduce His Majesty last night? Why would His Majesty name you imperial concubine?” Yao Su Luan had never looked directly at this foolish little sister ever since she was little. Furthermore, she never thought that there would be a day they would serve the same husband.

“Second Sister, you look scary!” Yao Mo Wan blinked her clear eyes, her hands pinched the hem of her jacket as she flinched while looking towards Yao Su Luan.

“Address me as imperial gui fei! Do you think this place is Yao Xiang fu!? Hurry and talk, what exactly happened yesterday?” Looking at the Yao Mo Wan in front of her that only had the IQ of seven or eight year-olds, Yao Su Luan could not figure out how she could possibly have any heavens penetrating ability.

“Last night…… Let Mo Wan think…… Oh, Mo Wan remembered. Father said Second Sister was busy, so he had Mo Wan go play with His Majesty. Second Sister, does His Majesty usually play that way with you?” On Yao Mo Wan’s simple face those pair of eyes glistened pure and clear, just like a fairy incapable of being tainted by the mundane world; just a casual look would attract people’s souls. That face, is the image all men rush like ducks towards, and also incurs the jealous eyes of all women.

“Play…… how?” Yao Su Luan’s willow brows tightly knitted as she looked suspiciously at Yao Mo Wan.

“By taking off clothes then kiss ah! His Majesty has a lot of strength ah. He kissed Mo Wan an entire night, making it so Mo Wan is still tired even now. And…… That place still hurts a lot……” Yao Mo Wan bashfully approached Yao Su Luan’s ear and softly murmured.

“Preposterous! Get away!” The flame of envy shot up to her head and Yao Su Luan disgustedly pushed Yao Mo Wan aside, blue veins bulging forth on her forehead. At the side, Cai Ying couldn’t help but blush hearing this and snuck a peek at Yao Mo Wan. Other than the fact that she was stupid, the woman before her did have capital that surpassed her master and the late Empress, Cai Ying thus thought.

“Second Sister, you’re so fierce ah! His Majesty doesn’t like fierce women! His Majesty said he liked people that are gentle like Mo Wan!” Yao Mo Wan staggered and almost fell. After she steadied herself, she looked towards Yao Su Luan, huffed up.

“Pei! What you are isn’t gentle, it’s stupid! You’re a fool!” Yao Su Luan abused.

“But His Majesty said he likes fools!” Yao Mo Wan talked back, looking at Yao Su Luan, the rims of her eyes slightly reddening.

“You! Cough cough…… Just then you said last night it was Father that had you go find His Majesty?” Yao Su Luan suddenly released that she was actually quarreling with a fool. It truly lowered her status as the imperial gui fei so she gave a cough, then coolly looked at Yao Mo Wan.

“Uhhuh. Before His Majesty arrived Father told Mo Wan Second sister didn’t have time to accompany His Majesty. Maybe Father thinks Second Sister had to keep watch beside the coffin for Eldest Sister, that’s why you didn’t have time to accompany His Majesty?” Yao Mo Wan acted as if such a thing had happened and responded to Yao Su Luan’s suspicions.

“Humph! To want ben gong to watch the coffin for that lowly wretch, as if she’s fit for ben gong to do so! Father really deserves to be called a prime minister…… ” Yao Su Luan grinded her teeth as she muttered, a faint cold light bursting forth from her eyes. No wonder Mother didn’t discover it earlier or later, and just had to discover Su Mu Zi and Yao Yu’s existence right when His Majesty got to Yao Xiang fu. So it turns out all of this was Father’s plan. My honorable Father ah, you wouldn’t be thinking that this fool would be able to turn the tables for the Yao family, would you? Su Luan will prove to you, only Su Luan will be able to shoulder the reputation of the Yao family!

Just as Yao Su Luan sank deep into thought, her body suddenly stumbled backwards. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was Cai Ying there to support her, she definitely would have fallen to the ground.

“Yao Mo Wan, have you gone crazy!? What’d you push me for?” Yao Su Luan looked at Yao Mo Wan whose expression was puffed up with anger and fiercely shouted.

“What is Second Sister saying bad things about Eldest Sister for? Although Mo Wan doesn’t understand stuff, but Mo Wan also knows that sisterly relationships are deep. Eldest Sister treated us so well, of course she’s fit for you to watch her coffin! It’s actually Second Sister whose mouth is this stinky!” Yao Mo Wan glared at Yao Su Luan and mumbled.

“What does a fool like you know! Get lost!” Yao Su Luan had no intention of socializing with a fool. Now that she knew this was all planned by her own Father, in the future she’ll take more care. As for Yao Mo Wan, she has enough reasons to believe that His Majesty was just treating her as a bed-warming tool. To say Mo Wan could compete for favor against her, that’s practically an unbelievable joke.

Seeing Yao Su Luan turn and leave, a streak of absolute chill flashed through Yao Mo Wan’s innocent eyes. Her lips slightly curled, almost imperceptibly.

It was just that Yao Su Luan hadn’t even left Guan Osprey Palace when she heard An Bing Shan’s voice come from outside.

“The Emperor has arrived!” Hearing this, Yao Su Luan was stunned and immediately turned around to walk to Yao Mo Wan’s side. Not caring whether Yao Mo Wan was willing or not, she pulled Yao Mo Wan’s hand and acted as if they were close and intimate.

“Mo Wan ah, you’ve just come to the palace. In the future if there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to come to Pure Flowers Palace to find Second Sister. If anyone dares to bully you, Second Sister will definitely get justice for you!” The speed at which Yao Su Luan changes her face really makes Yao Mo Wan gasp in amazement. Back then, it was precisely this pure and sincere smile that deceived her eyes, causing her to keep a ravenous wolf at her side and raise it, cherish it, care for it. That’s why they say, if people don’t start their lives afresh, they wouldn’t even know where they had lacked.

“Then Second Sister admits her wrongs?” Yao Mo Wan lifted her brows as she looked towards Yao Su Luan, asking with a pout. Yao Su Luan originally wanted to get angry, but seeing Ye Hong Yi enter the palace doors, fiercely nodded instead.

“There’s Mo Wan’s good Second Sister ah!” Yao Mo Wan pulled at Yao Su Luan with both hands, her eyes curving into crescent moons.

“What happened, for you to smile so happily?” Ye Hong Yi still didn’t dare to believe that he would actually yearn for Yao Mo Wan’s body so much. Just then in the throne room, the lingering scene of being with Yao Mo Wan was actually still on his mind. Especially those simple, quiet and exquisite cheeks, white without blemish. Perhaps it was because the temperament Yao Mo Wan exudes was his, Ye Hong Yi’s greatest desire. That’s why from the first time he saw Yao Mo Wan, he had made up his mind to confine this woman into his territory to raise and look after until he gets tired of her.

“This qie kowtows in greeting to the Emperor.” See Ye Hong Yi walk in, Yao Su Luan immediately folded both hands at her waist and bowed in greeting. At the side, Yao Mo Wan actually stood straight and didn’t express the slightest intention of paying her respects.

“Mo Wan, you must salute the Emperor when you see him. Like how Second Sister did, hurry up!” Yao Su Luan acted anxious as she urged, but in reality she was eager for Yao Mo Wan to offend the dragon countenance so she would end up sharing the same fate as Yao Mo Xin.

“Oh!” Yao Mo Wan vigorously nodded, then copied Yao Su Luan. It was just that the moment her body bent, she completely fell over. As she expected, Ye Hong Yi’s large hands predicted it and supported her waist. On that face appeared indescribable warmth. If not for that painful experience, Yao Mo Wan probably would have been like other women and felt overwhelmed by this favor from superior. But right now, she only felt disgust.

“Mo Wan, how could you be……How could you be so careless!” Seeing Ye Hong Yi’s expression, Yao Su Luan swallowed back the word ‘stupid’ that was originally in her mouth.

“Forget it. Since yao fei doesn’t know how to learn, then she doesn’t need to learn!” Ye Hong Yi gently helped Yao Mo Wan up, then his hands moved away from her slender waistline almost as if they were reluctant to part, a faint fire started heating in his body.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

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