The Cursed Prince

Chapter 748 - Join Me

Chapter 748 - Join Me

The princess then eyed him skeptically. "For a human who found himself stranded in another realm, you actually have a lot of information about details that only someone who's been in the Demon King's court would know."

Julian laughed and shrugged. "It comes with the trade, darling. You don't stay stuck in another realm and not learn anything at all, would you? You won't be able to survive if you don't learn fast."

Harlow pursed her lips at this new nickname he used on her. She wanted to pinch the man for calling her 'darling' just now, but she chose to pretend she didn't hear it.

At this moment, she was so intrigued and really wanted to know more. So, she decided not to take offense to every little thing. It was obvious that Julian would probably call her with whatever he felt like despite her telling him not to.

Fine. She had stopped trying to pry into his life because this shameless man seemed to always turn things into… a joke.

"So… what about you? Why are you going to the demons realm? Are you looking for the demon king as well?" Julian asked her after he finished cleaning up and got ready to continue their journey. "If you told me, I might be able to help you. Maybe, we can even work together to sneak into the demon king's lair."

Harlow thought about it for a moment and realized Julian was right. He seemed to know a lot from his experience going from around the different realms.

He even knew about the protection spell cast by the elves, something which the elven princes failed to mention despite their offer to be her valiant companions. Tsk.

Harlow cleared her throat. "I'm traveling to the demon realm to look for a man called Raphael. He is a presumptuous man that I wish to slap and make him understand that it is completely my choice to marry who I wish to marry."

Julian whistled aloud. "Wow, I've never met the guy but that man sounds so presumptuous indeed… but I can't blame him if he wanted to marry you."

"What?" Harlow narrowed her eyes. "You can't blame him?"

"I mean you're beautiful, smart, and have a sharp tongue." Julian grinned at her and shrugged carefreely. "What's not to like?"

Harlow turned away from him and went over to Icecube to hide her face. She couldn't look him in the eye after he showered her with such compliments without even batting an eye. She grumbled underneath her breath.

"All of you men say the exact same things."

"Well, it's probably because we're all looking at the same person?" Julian replied. "We're not all that great with words. Do you want me to compare you to a flower? Or something like a jewel?"

Harlow spun around and pointed a finger at his chest. "I hate men who haven't actually met me or just met me and yet decide that I'm perfect for them or something. It's ridiculous and now you're sounding like them."

Julian blinked and then slowly nodded. "I suppose I may have said it too fast, but honestly, my first impression of you and as far as I know you from today seems to remain the same. Perhaps it was too forward and if so, then I apologize."

Harlow's expression faltered at his words. "Apologize?"

She didn't expect that the adventurer would say such a thing and it caught her off guard. Most of the men she encountered tended to become arrogant or hurt when she rejected them or showed any sort of anger but Julian only listened and then apologized.

"Yes, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable around me and that I have said words that offend you, Harlow," Julian said and smiled apologetically. "I really do wish that we could become friends."

Harlow let out a deep breath and then looked him in the eye. "I accept your apology… and I also apologize for being too annoyed when you're just being honest. At least you're not lying about your intentions as far as I can tell."

Julian coughed into his fist. "Actually, now that I revealed my goal of coming to the demon realm, there's now something on my mind."

"Which is?" Harlow frowned.

"Join me." Julian grinned.


"The two of us could both head to the demon king's court and it will be the heist of a lifetime!" Julian extended his hand to the princess as his eyes twinkled mischievously.

Harlow stared blankly at him. "I'm not interested."

Julian laughed and still kept his hand out. "Fine. I'll help you search for this Raphael guy, but we should work together in obtaining countless treasures from the Demon King and then grab for the Closet to the Otherworlds. I'm sure that we'll achieve more together!"

Harlow pursed her lips and looked at him. Julian was no god, mage, or anyone special really. He was an ordinary human who simply got caught up across the elven realm and was dead set on finding a way home.

If his repertoire of knowledge or his large expanse of skillset was a way to convince the princess though, Harlow was actually sold. More than that, she couldn't actually blame Julian for wanting to get allies.

The princess had no idea how the man made it here so far, and… Harlow actually wanted him to succeed. Compared to her simply wanting to teach the Ice Prince a lesson about messing up her life, Julian's dream was a desire that kept him pushing forward.

She couldn't blame him for it.

"I suppose I could use a cook to make me food." Harlow shrugged as if it wasn't such a big deal and clasped his hand.

Julian's expression lit up in mirth and he nodded as he squeezed her hand happily. "Then it's a deal. I'm a very great cook and can actually make a killer feast with just bark and insects if we're low on food supplies."

Harlow winced. "Uh, please no."

"And this is why I call you a princess," Julian chuckled and then he gestured to the dark mountain only a few more miles away from them. "Let's head up to Mount Niflheim and then delve down into the underworld, shall we?"

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