The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Chapter 955 - Bamboozling Dad

Chapter 955: Bamboozling Dad

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Previously, Father Chen had taken Super Chen to have his head shaved to cut off his fantasy of pursuing the art of language through “perming”… but it was no use. Four-year-old Super Chen was fluent in Beijing-accented guankou 1; who knew what crosstalk masterpiece he had secretly learned from.

Young children were quick learners, especially when it came to things that they were particularly interested in.

This time, Father Chen felt like he had been thoroughly bamboozled by Super Chen. There was a saying: “bamboozling dad is what a youngster does 2 “… Actually, Father Chen also felt he was at fault since he didn’t explain the definition of “outsider” to Super Chen last night.

Apart from heaven and earth, and you and I, everyone else were outsiders.

The dojo disciples were very close to Super Chen, and he obviously didn’t treat this group of brothers as outsiders…

It was just that Father Chen had barely stepped into the dojo before he heard Super Chen shouting that he had been split in two, which was a slightly odd feeling.

The secret that Xiaoling was a genius couldn’t be hidden anymore, at least not in the dojo.

Father Chen dropped his forehead into his hand.

Hence, at the end of the morning lesson, Father Chen called over the disciples who knew about it one by one for a heart-to-heart, and had to stress that they keep the matter secret. But whether or not it would remain a secret, he had no idea… These disciples might be old clients of the dojo, but they also took classes at Balance Magic Center; their studies didn’t intersect at all.

Father Chen couldn’t guarantee that these disciples would keep their mouths shut. Who knew, they might turn “traitor” one day and spill the beans.

If Liang Heng found out about this, it would be a huge problem…

Father Chen was a little absent-minded as he pondered this while he taught his classes that day. Some of the disciples who didn’t know what was going on thought that the author of the novel Father Chen was following was on hiatus again, so he was in a bad mood.

“Did that writer of Let Go of that Wet Nurse stop updating again?” asked a disciple.

“No idea…”

A few of the disciples whispered among themselves as they left the dojo.

The only three in the know who had come early that morning felt so stifled it was uncomfortable.

Father Chen had specially looked for them at noon to enjoin them not to expose Wang Xiaoling’s situation, but there were times when hiding a secret was so unbearable that you wanted to cut someone…

It was thus in this sort of situation that the wise saying which everyone had probably heard before was born: I’ll tell you a secret! But you can’t tell anyone else!

And so, Wang Xiaoling’s secret was leaked, just like that…

Although Wang Ling was inside Wang Xiaoling’s body, he saw and heard everything clearly with his King’s Eye godly perspective…

That night, a depressed Father Chen went to read a novel to destress. Each person faced pressure, and also had their own way to destress. Father Chen’s way was very simple, and that was to read a book.

Here, Wang Ling learned another secret of Father Chen’s – it turned out that Father Chen was also a fan of Father Wang! That evening, the book Father Chen was reading was that Let Go of That Wet Nurse which Father Wang started writing twelve years earlier and had just finished at ten million words.

But back then, Father Wang’s book hadn’t been serialized for long and he had yet to sign a guru contract. His overall number of fans certainly couldn’t compare with what it would be like twelve years in the future. No one could have imagined how this book would seal his status as a guru and make him rich twelve years later, with even the head of state becoming his fan.

Wang Ling never thought that he would be the source of “concern” for two fathers at the same time…

Father Chen was reading a book now because he was fretting over Wang Xiaoling’s secret being leaked.

While the reason Father Wang wrote novels was in fact because he had been fretting over Wang Ling…

Mother Wang officially stopped writing when Wang Ling was three or four years old.

Before Wang Ling came up with the Dao talisman seal to restrict his own strength, he would occasionally break the furniture which the family owned. Mother Wang’s author fees and Father Wang’s work income weren’t enough to support the family at all.

Father Wang thus furtively came up with the idea of writing novels to supplement the family income.

Who would have known that after banging out 26,000 words for the debut of Let Go of That Wet Nurse , it would directly became a top-ten bestseller…

It was after that that Father Wang came clean.

He told Mother Wang the truth, then quit his job to write novels fulltime to support the family. Not long after that, Mother Wang stopped writing and devoted herself to taking care of, guiding and educating Wang Ling.

Husband and wife had gone to great pains for Wang Ling.

That evening, Wang Xiaoling was playing with plasticine which Super Chen had given to her when she had just arrived yesterday. Super Chen was playing a video game on the side. Halfway through his game, Super Chen’s wristwatch alarm suddenly rang. He tossed the game console aside casually and then took out an e-book reader from a drawer.

Wang Xiaoling was clearly confused.

Super Chen smiled at Wang Xiaoling. “It’s time to study the art of language!”

Wang Ling was stunned. It turned out Super Chen was actually learning it from novels…

He saw Super Chen open the e-book page. Sure enough, Super Chen ultimately opened that Let Go of That Wet Nurse on the e-shelf… Actually, Super Chen didn’t know what he should read, so he added all the books on his father’s e-shelf to his own.

There was a novel called Baijie 3 which he couldn’t find, but that was fine…

Super Chen now had more than ten books for his summer break, and the first one was Let Go of That Wet Nurse . After reading these ten or so books, it was enough for him to tentatively touch “the gateway to the art of language”!

He was only four years old, and there were many words he didn’t recognize, but the e-book reader had an audio reading function!

And so, the online novel written by Father Wang was read out in a very jerky, electronic voice.

Wang Ling’s comment was: dry and very chuuni…

After all, this was an online novel. There were some expressions for which, if you read it quietly on your own, you could imagine the protagonist’s emotions and the scene in which he would utter the words. However, when they were read out loud, it might give you goosebumps.

Halfway through the chapter, the electronic voice stuttered. Super Chen thought it was something wrong with the app, but then he saw a string of streamers floating across the top of the page as a sticky…

“Wow, so much money! Someone rich has come!” exclaimed four-year-old Super Chen. Although he hadn’t been reading online novels for very long, he had clearly done some homework and knew what the gifts meant.

However, Super Chen soon realized that this massive sum wasn’t for Father Wang.

Twelve years ago, in Father Wang’s debut as a newbie, his sales, subscriptions and monthly votes all skyrocketed. As the year drew to a close, he was naturally a contender for Newcomer of the Year.

A sole gift of more than ten thousand yuan would be displayed directly at the top of the app as a sticky.

In terms of book currency, that was one million.

But that string of one million in book currency which had just appeared was a gift to another guru.

This was an advertisement as well as a show of strength against Father Wang by the gurus who were competing for the title as the new Best Author.

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