The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Chapter 969 - The Origin Of Super Chen’s Blessed Mouth

Chapter 969: The Origin Of Super Chen’s Blessed Mouth

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After that day, Super Chen fell seriously ill, which started with a fever.

Super Chen had always been very healthy as he had been training since young. The onset of this sudden fever which they had no way of guarding against flustered Father and Mother Chen.

The children’s hospital was very crowded as it was the flu season. At this point, neither Father Chen nor Mother Chen thought much about it. No parent would link their child’s fever to a “curse”…

On the way to the hospital, Xiaoling replaced the cooling plasters for Super Chen and tended to him carefully.

Initially, Father Chen wasn’t going to have Xiaoling come with them, but the relationship between the two children was really too close. And in the time that he had been taking care of Xiaoling, Father Chen also realized that she might be mute, but she was stubborn: once she made up her mind, it was very hard to get her to change it.

But Mother Chen was worried that Xiaoling would also be infected, and so had taught Xiaoling to take ample precautions. In these two days, everything the Chen family ate revolved around indigowoad root.

Indigowoad root noodle soup, stewed egg with indigowoad root, indigowoad root black tea and so on…

“We don’t need so many people to go in. All of you wait outside.” After their number was called, Father Chen carried the weak Super Chen into the clinic on his back. A lot of the parents gave them sidelong glances and made way for them.

“This boy is so pitiful…”

“It might be flu season, but for this boy to have a fever bad enough to make him faint… he’s in such bad shape.”

Many people had sympathetic expressions on their faces when they saw Super Chen’s miserable appearance.

Most of the people here were parents, so they knew how anxious a parent would be in this situation.

Father Chen had contacted a specialist. From the profile hanging on the door, this specialist was a famous doctor called Liu Min. She specialized in hard-to-treat children’s cases, and was the chief internal medicine specialist in this hospital.

Seeing Father Chen come in with Super Chen on his back, the doctor couldn’t help the anxious expression on her face. Liu Min had seen many children today, but this was the first one to have fainted from fever.

“Have you taken his temperature? How high is it?”

“42 degrees… And he seems to be getting hotter…”

“Mm, it’s pretty serious. But it’s alright, I can cure him.” Dr Liu Min was very confident.

“Thank you, doctor.” Father Chen sighed with relief.

“It’s a minor case; I had one before with a fever of over 70 degrees.”

“70 degrees…”

“That’s right. Plus, the kid’s parents were so broadminded, and even fried eggs on his forehead.”


“I’ll cool him down first.”

Dr Liu cleaned both her hands and then touched Super Chen’s forehead. Her palms shone with a bright blue light. This was the “Cooling Art,” which was just a basic spell that a lot of cultivators could in fact cast themselves. However, it took a long time to cultivate the fundamentals of this spell. Unless you were a medical specialist, most people could only use this spell as a temporary stopgap measure.

But doctors like Dr Liu were different; when they cast this sort of spell, they could thoroughly push down the temperature.

As she cast the spell, Dr Liu also observed the gauge on the hospital bed. The hospital bed was a scientific cultivation magic treasurer jointly developed by the Magic Treasure Research Institute and the Academy of Science. It could monitor all the vitals of a patient lying on it and save them from the pain of running around the different departments in the hospital.

After Dr Liu cast the spell, Super Chen’s temperature dropped from 42 degrees to 39 degrees.

But this still wasn’t the normal temperature of a human body.

“It’s not working; his temperature isn’t going down.” Dr Liu shook his head.

“Is it a viral cold?”

“Based on my experience, absolutely not,” Dr Liu said. “Is your child practicing some special art?”

“Special art?”

“Yes.” Dr Liu nodded and said, “Some parents nowadays are too strict with their children’s cultivation before the Foundation Establishment stage. They get their children to pursue advanced arts, but forget to consider whether their children are suited for it. If there is a mismatch, it can cause an abnormal fever like this one.”

Father Chen immediately denied it. “My child has always been very healthy. We run a body techniques dojo and I’ve gotten him to practice the most basic physical exercises all this time rather than pursue some advanced art.”

After ruling out the possibility of Super Chen practicing a special art, Dr Liu frowned. “When did your child’s fever start?”

“It was probably in the early hours of this morning, but it was already six o’clock when I found him. That’s when he normally starts training. It was only when I went to this room for a look that I realized he had a fever…” Father Chen sighed as he clutched Super Chen’s hand. “Dr Liu, please tell me if you know something.”

“Actually, your child is in good health. From my examination of him, we can rule out internal causes for this abnormal fever. But as for external causes… that’s out of my hands.” Dr Liu Min said seriously, “I wonder, do you have any enemies?”

“Enemies?” Father Chen was stupefied.

At that moment, he suddenly thought of Liang Heng.

Nevertheless, Father Chen couldn’t believe that Liang Heng would do such a thing to his child…

What was more, this was just speculation for now. Even if it was Liang Heng behind it, Father Chen currently had no proof.

“Dr Liu, are you saying this is caused by a curse?”

“That’s right… Judging from the various symptoms, I suspect that your child’s abnormal fever might have been caused by a curse. Our hospital also has a curse-dispelling department, but the curse on your child is a little complicated. Given that we don’t know what type of curse it is, it would take at least two days for us to undo it, but these two days would prolong your child’s illness.”

“Then, then what should I do?” Father Chen was worried.

“An unusual situation has to be handled with unusual means.” Dr Liu grit her teeth.

She straightaway wrote a series of words which Father Chen couldn’t read on the medical case file, and then stamped it with her own metal seal. “Take this medical record and go to the western part of the city to find my shifu . He might have a way! Please believe me! Your child’s illness can’t go on like this! Super Chen’s temperature is holding at 39 degrees for now, but this won’t last. You must hurry over right now.”

“Dr Liu’s shifu ? Understood! Thank you, Dr Liu!”

Father Chen was shaken by the conviction in Dr Liu’s gaze. Now that things had come to this point, he could only believe her.

About two hours later, Father Chen found the place with the address Dr Liu gave him.

This was a Buddhist monastery that had an air of vicissitude about it. Relying on the words Dr Liu had written and the metal seal on the medical record, Father Chen found Dr Liu’s shifu .

This was an amiable-looking monk whose hair and beard were already grizzly. His Buddhist robe fell open as he picked up Super Chen with a soft “Amitabha.”

“Amitabha. What devil would put a curse on such a young child… How cruel…”

“Master! Please help my child!”

“Mm, have no fear, benefactor.” The Zen master nodded.

Then, Father Chen saw him use the Flower Pinching Finger 1 as he flicked Super Chen’s forehead.

A golden aura poured forth and swept away the black qi inside Super Chen’s body.

After that, the Zen master wiped at his sweat. “Don’t worry! Your child is fine now.”

Father Chen was a little dubious. “Really?”

Zen master: “Mm, it’s fine now, benefactor. Your child has already been enlightened.”

Father Chen: “…”

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