The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 10

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☆、第10章 "我娶他还不如娶你,你嫁吗?"

Chapter 10: If I Marry Him, I'm Better Off Marrying You. Want To Marry?


Gu Yunjue asked Jing Ming, "This Uncle Li, just who is he?"


Jing Ming tilted his head and thought a bit, "Five years ago, he came to ask Palace Master to heal his injuries. After his injuries healed, he wanted to payback Palace Master then leave. So from then on, he had always been here and helped Palace Master plant medical plants, we also don't know where he comes from, just that he is a good person."


Gu Yunjue looked at the branch of Cold Fragrant Flowers in his hands, the pure wood spiritual power on it was not something an ordinary person possess. This is a natural gift, not something you could learn. Gu Yunjue caressed the branch in his hand, pressing down the doubt in his heart and suddenly smiled. His little Master, really was someone that stirs strange people.



Mu Chen ate an Essence Returning Pill and meditated for an hour before finally healing his injured body and organs. Luckily that devil qi didn't have the intention to attack him and avoided his purple dantain and spirit terrace. Otherwise, his cultivation would drop and he would need to go into seclusion to heal.


Opening his eyes, Mu Chen's eyes were clear and calm, a white flame suddenly appeared by his side. Mu Chen extended a finger and the flame immediate turned into a lightly dancing butterfly, landing on top of his beautiful and slender finger. His clear eyes along with the flames movement became brighter and gloomy. He made a resolution, after his disciple reaches adulthood, he would go out to find those medical herbs and rid himself of the fire poison on his body.


It was at this moment that a familiar breath was transmitted in from outside, after he determined who it was, the flame on his finger disappeared. His figure flashed and he was already at the bamboo forest.


Soon after, Yue Mingze's silhouette walked out.


When he catch sight of Mu Chen, Yue Mingze subconsciously stood straight, even his skin was taut. No matter when, when he sees this Martial Uncle of his that had firmly left a clear mental shadow from his childhood, Sect Master Yue would immediately be terrified like a quail. Knowing that Mu Chen doesn't like things to be long-winded, he directly explained why he was here. "On the matter of you being attacked by a devil cultivator, I think there are a lot of odd points. I want to know what happened then, and if Martial Uncle has time?" Yue Mingze quietly observed Mu Chen's expression while he spoke, only to find his expression was mild, so his mood must not be bad and he felt a bit more at ease.


He watched Mu Chen walk to the stone table within the bamboo forest. He sat down and his chin nodded at the other side, hinting him to sit. Yue Mingze hurriedly organized his clothes and obediently sat down, his waist and back perfectly straight.


Mu Chen was puzzled, "You're afraid of me?"


Yue Mingze shook his head like a rattle, his face full of cold respect, "I'm not afraid, such a gentle man like Martial Uncle, how can I be afraid!"


These words made a few maids unable to restrain their smiles, there were plenty of people that said their Palace Master was a cold-faced nobleman, but gentle? They have not heard that before.


Mu Chen was also very flabbergasted, he tilted his head and thought hard on just what he had done before to make Yue Mingze scared of him like this. His believed his memory was very good, so he was able to remember a lot of things clearly, but no matter how much he thought he couldn't remember the cause. This Martial Nephew was picked up by his Senior Martial Brother. At that time, he was injured so he was sent to him to give him treatment. At that time, the child had a white and tender appearance, very full of life. He was even very good to him, taking especially good care of him.


Since Mu Chen could not think of the cause, he gave up on it. He had the maids make him some tea and thought about the matters in the back mountain. His face suddenly turned blank and he looked at Yue Mingze in the eyes, solemnly speaking, "The one that attacked me was an old man in black, his face was covered."


A man that usually does not lie repeated what the five year old child said before, so Yue Mingze did not doubt him and nodded his head. He was prepared to listen to the whole story only to see Mu Chen gasp a breath, his voice not being affected at all, "He's gone."


His voice was like a cup of sake, pleasant enough to make people intoxicated, but way too short. Short enough to make people feel stuffy.


"Gone…" Yue Mingze widen his eyes, "You say even less than your disciple, at least your disciple said which direction he ran."


Mu Chen nodded, a face of pride, "That is only natural, my disciple is smarter."


Yue Mingze: "……" Can we not properly talk, my Uncle!


It looks like this subject is impossible to continue, he hesitated for a moment then took out that red visit card. He carefully looked at Mu Chen's face, pushing it bit by bit to him. There was a feeling of he would immediately pull it back, "This is the visit card from Ten Thousand Sword Sect, they want to ask for Martial Uncle to look at Daoist Xing Xuan's injuries."


Yue Mingze had just taken the tea from the maid, wanting to drink a mouthful to bump up his courage. He was aware that the matter after that may offend Mu Chen.


He didn't expect that just hearing Ten Thousand Sword Sect would cause Mu Chen's whole face to turn cold like frost. He murderously picked up the visit card, looked at it then slap the table. He said through his gritted teeth, "Not going!" That old Xing Xuan had used quite a bit of effort to force him to death, every sentence he spoke was trying to put him to death. Why did he never say anything about him saving his life before?


"Pfft!" Being frightened by Mu Chen, the tea in Yue Mingze's mouth directly sprayed out. His whole body felt fearful, "Martial, Martial Uncle?"


The murderous intent in Mu Chen's eyes did not lower, "There's another matter?"






"Yes! Actually, they had wanted to ask for a connection by marriage, Ten Thousand Sword Sect's Sect Master Yu Tianyi wants to meet you. I wanted to refuse at first, but I can't stand in for Martial Uncle and make a decision for you…" Yue Mingze's voice became smaller and smaller, the Sect Master face he had before was directly sent flying from fright, his little face was very red from nervousness.


Mu Chen coldly looked at Yue Mingze, looking at him so much the other felt as if he was being ridiculed all over. Just sitting there he felt as like his butt was hurting. Only then did Mu Chen take away the chill and wore a fake smile saying a line, "I I marry him, I'm better off marrying you. Want to marry?"


The current Mu Chen was dressed in a simple but elegant blue magic gown. A gold crest bound his hair, his black hair flowed and hanged at his waist, lightly fluttering with the wind. His immortal beauty was faintly discernable, his face was also a bit pale, bringing out his bright star-like eyes. Plus, he normally did not wear any expression, but right now, even if it was a cold smile, his delicate features really made one to lose their senses and become dazzled.


Although Yue Mingze did not have special feelings for Mu Chen, this moment also made him unable to look away. His mind thought that it was a good thing Mu Chen did not like to smile, otherwise, he wouldn't know just how many people would be obsessed with him.


"Hehe, Master, who are you going to marry?"


Yue Mingze had still been able to react when a crisp children's voice broke the awkward atmosphere. Gu Yunjue holding a bundle of "branch that isn't blooming sent to Master by a Big ugly man that has feelings" smiled childishly. His delicate eyes and brows all bent, even the tear birthmark catered to his "good mood" with his rosy cheeks.


So great, he had only left for a short moment and his little Master wanted to find a dao companion. It's even a man, a weak and cowardly oaf[1]! He had even smiled at him!


Didn't he agree that after he raised him big he would then raise him? Don't tell him that this disciple wasn't even more important than this oaf that would break with one jab?


He really needed to hide this person who doesn't listen, so that besides himself, he can't see any other!


Seeing how brightly his little disciple was smiling, Mu Chen also stopped scaring Yue Mingze and beckon to Gu Yunjue, indicating him to come over.


Gu Yunjue climbed into Mu Chen's embrace and moved his sight to Yue Mingze across from him. Yue Mingze suddenly felt his scalp go numb, an extremely dangerous feeling surrounded his body, especially at his spirit soul. Nothing happened, but he frowned, suddenly feeling this child was not quite the same as when he met him before. That second of grave unpleasant feeling, and that sweet smile seems to carry a bit of evilness.


Yue Mingze had just want to speak when Mu Chen already picked up his teacup, carefully testing the temperature with his hand. He moved to Gu Yunjue's mouth and the child obedient drank it. The cute expression on his face made him doubt if his eyes were blurring. A trace of content also flashed through Mu Chen's eyes. Ever since Gu Yunjue returned, he placed all his thoughts on his little disciple and did not give Yue Mingze another glance. Yue Mingze watched this scene and didn't know if he should chase after what he had felt before, he awkwardly said, "Little Junior Brother really has changed, it's like a whole other person after being raised by Martial Uncle, he's become much more sturdy."


Mu Chen accepted the other's praise, his cold face saying, "I raised him well."


Gu Yunjue's two hands clasp around the tea cup he had just drank from and cleverly handed it over, "Master, drink some tea."


Mu Chen's originally unhappy face had eased in a moment, he did not mind that Gu Yunjue had drank it and softly drank a mouthful, his eyes gentle.


The two Master-disciple before them were getting along greatly, the current Gu Yunjue being waited on was no different from any other child. Yue Mingze pressed down the doubt in his heart and did not mention it again. He rose and did the proper courtesy, then spoke, "I will leave now and come see Martial Uncle another day." In brief, he had came and said so much, but it was all nonsense in the end. Since nothing was done, staying any longer would not make a difference.


"Wait a moment," Mu Chen called to Yue Mingze, his irritated mood had already been calmed by Gu Yunjue, "There must be a reason Yu Tianyi wants to become a dao companion with me, even without any feelings. I will write him a letter, so this matter would not be mentioned again. As for Xing Xuan's injury, hmph, see how you can refuse it."


Yu Tianyi's reputation in the Immortal Realm wasn't small, the Ten Thousand Sword Sect he was in charge of, within the four sects, it was ahead of Lofty Cloudy Sect. Yu Tianyi's aptitude was also one in ten thousand, he was just a step away from the next stage. Perhaps in just a few years, he could be able to ascend into the God Realm. Offending the other really isn't a good idea, so how will he tactfully refuse?


Mu Chen seeing Yue Mingze's suffering face, wanting to ask but not daring to ask, he gave him an annoyed glance and coldly said, "Yu Tianyi has a Junior Brother, a lot of junk within his sect is being supervised by him right now. Just say I find him unpleasing. Use this reason"


"Ji Qingyuan?!" Yue Mingze looked at Mu Chen in doubt, "Martial Uncle, Ji Qingyuan is a famous noble gentleman."


Mu Chen coldly hmph. "A noble gentleman? Hmph! Just a hypocrite, so narrow minded he might as well be a court eunuch." He would immediately tear off his fake mask and let people know how dirty he is inside! He really was blind in his past life, becoming friends with that person until even his disciple's life was paid.


Mu Chen rubbed Gu Yunjue's head, his gaze passing into the bamboo forest, into the depths of the mountain as suspicions piled up within his heart. Why did Yu Tianyi want to become dao companions with him? He had not heard of this matter mentioned before in his past lifetime, the other's cultivation was so much higher than his and was even the Sect Master, it was simply impossible for him to have thoughts like this for him after one meeting.


Mu Chen had never believed in imaginary emotions, he felt that that thing was completely superfluous for cultivators. Mu Chen suddenly remembered that before his rebirth, it seems that in a few years, Yu Tuanyi would pass the Sect Master position onto Ji Qingyang and go into seclusion, never coming out. Perhaps there was also something wrong with Yu Tianyi's body?


The Nine Yang Dark Fire within his body was born with the Nine Serene Cold Ice, he had obtained it ten years ago at a secret boundary narrowly surviving. It also allowed his cultivation to rise from Mid Nascent Soul Stage directly into the Early Demigod Stage. But fortune and disaster came together, it was at that time he had also got fire poisoning, besides eating pills to control it, he could only become dao companions with the one that obtains the Nine Serene Cold Ice, letting their spirit souls intersect so they could counteract. The one that obtained the Nine Serene Cold Ice, was Yu Tianyi.


The other could not be like him, saving himself with pills. He could only use his Nine Yang Dark Fire to dispel him, this made sense on why he wanted the marriage.


Seeing Mu Chen falling into his thoughts, Yue Mingze wanted to bid goodbye. But at this time, Gu Yunjue suddenly asked with a face of childishness, "Senior Brother Sect Master no need to leave yet, I have one more thing I don't understand."

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Gu Yunjue: "You dare to make Master carry me to go meet so many people, I cannot forgive you!"


Black Meow: "That is only natural, when your Master was born, you weren't even an embryo." ╮(╯▽╰)╭


[1]It's also pumpkin in another dialect

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