The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 110: It is said that it will drive people crazy.

Mu Dong blubbered loudly.

His cry spread throughout the whole Ronggu Mountain. It was obviously different with the former one as he just intended to make trouble for Mu Chen which wasn't sad at all. But now he cried so sincerely. The extremely grieved voice attracted all people's attention around the Ronggu Mountain and they felt so surprised for what they heard.

Why did her cry so sorrowfully when his brother got married?

Mu Dong looked so helpless. He squatted in the corner of the iron cage, holding his knees with arms. His forehead knitted into a perplexed frown and his face was covered with dirty marks of tears, which made him look like a cat.

Jing Ming covered his ears and hided in another corner questioning surprisingly, "Why do you cry? Did you wet yourself?"

"I lose the game! I'm the loser..." Mu Dong cried as he wiped the tears. "I want to go home! I want my mom!"

Jing Ming rubbed his ears and tried to comfort him. "Stop crying, okay? If my brother comes back and hears your voice, he will bury you as burying a radish."

"What's the point of having a brother? Brothers are all bullies!" Mu Dong got pretty angry and kicked the cage. "I want go home!"

Jing Ming kept covering his ears and felt so reluctant. Mu Dong was really a little kid. He was as childish as he even wanted to go back home for his mom when he just faced such a small problem! He couldn't be so weak as Mu Dong when he was small. That was why he was so strong now.

Jing Ting, sitting the the bamboo forest drinking alone, was irritated by the crying. He knitted his eyebrows and stood up. Then he swayed and appeared in front of the cage. "Shut up! I will keep you locked in this cage if you don't stop, and you will have no chance to go back home!"

Mu Dong was scared and closed his mouth in a sudden.

"Wow, how could it be so easy to stop him?" Jing Ming got so surprised.

Jing Ting scorned and said coldly, "Just do what I did to you when you wanted to look for mom before. Frightening is always the best way. You two stupid guys!"

Jing Ming separated his hands to show that he didn't believe Jing Ting's words at all. As his elder brother, he always make up some stories to shame him. However, as a brilliant person, he would never believe his words!

As his twin brother, Jing Ting looked at Jing Ming and sighed contemplatively. It was his first time that he had felt a bit tired in his heart for having such a brother.

Mu Chen didn't know how long he had been asleep. When he woke up, he could only found that the outside world was so blurry.

It took a long time for him to recall what happened yesterday because of the pain all over his body. As he averted his eyes to his hands and feet which were tied tightly, Mu Chen suddenly felt a bit powerless.

They did it so fiercely last night, so Mu Chen felt pretty uncomfortable now. He knew clearly that his body must be covered with red marks now. Gu Yunjue was so possessive. He acted like he was declaring his ownership towards Mu Chen, giving Mu Chen no way to refuse him.

Gu Yunjue was still sleeping beside him, closing his eyes. The expression on his face looked so satisfied as if he was a pure kid who just got a precious present. Mu Chen stared at him and his eyes got softer and softer. Then he slightly titled his head and pressed his face against Gu Yunjue's ear. Finally, he closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

It was almost noon when he woke up again. The moment Mu Chen opened his eyes, he saw Gu Yunjue lying prone on the bed at his side. He kept staring at him, holding his chin with his hand. His passionate eyes were filled with satisfaction and affection, and Mu Chen felt so warm for that.

"What time is it now?" As soon as Mu Chen questioned, Gu Yunjue sat up and pulled open the bed curtain. Staying on the bed, Mu Chen happened to see the bright sunshine passing through the window lattice, making beautiful shadows on the ground. The Canterburybells were decorated with a series of white flowers. They were so pure and elegant.

"It's noon now. Master, you have been sleeping for more than ten hours."

"So you just kept staying by my side?"


Mu Chen burst out laughing. Gu Yunjue spent most of his time being with him as if he had nothing else to care about.

Mu Chen stood up and his underwear had already been replaced. Beside his pillow was a set of light blue exquisite robe and Mu Chen knew clear that it was Gu Yunjue who made that. Since he had learned how to made appliances. His stupid apprentice acted like a tailor and make him so many new clothes.

As for medicine, it seemed that he had only made some medicine which they could use in the bed. Mu Chen had never seen that he had ever worked some decent things out. To be honest, Gu Yunjue seemed to have nothing to do but having fun, which made him look like a playboy.

"Where is Mu Dong now?" Mu Chen asked as soon as he put on his clothes. He cared Mu Dong so much as he was a really naughty kid.

Meanwhile, Gu Yunjue held his feet and pinched them deliberately. Then he picked up Mu Chen's shoes for him.

"Well, I will definitely kicked you out if you do that again." Mu Chen raised his foot and stamped on Gu Yunjue's chest.

Gu Yunjue finally settled down. He smiled and said, "He kept crying and wanted to go back home. He was really sad this time."

Mu Chen's face darkened and asked seriously, "You have noticed that he was abnormal, right?"

After putting on his shoes for Mu Chen, Gu Yunjue stood up and walked to the table. He took the refreshing fruit tea, touched it and found that its temperature was suitable to drink. Then he gave it to Mu Chen. Seeing that Mu Chen finished drinking it, he paused for a moment and then slowly said, "Of course."

Mu Chen finished the tea and gave the cup back to Gu Yunjue. He felt he was cheered up again. He patted the bed to let Gu Yunjue sit beside him. Then he waited the following words of Gu Yunjue.

"I have been wondering about it before. The law of the nature seemed to have thoughts as it kept following us. But since then it became quiet and our life was in peaceful again. I just thought that my guess was right. The Reincarnation Pearl was not his only purpose. The existence of Mu Family maybe another important problem as it influenced the order of the world, especially when Mu Qing came to the human beings' word. The Mu family was really powerful, which made god felt pretty unsatisfied. If it wanted to take back the power, it must be hiding in Mu family now." Gu Yunjue slowly expression his opinion, a smile curved his lips. If he was right, their life would be much easier.

Mu Chen nodded and thought about what happened before. And then said in a firm tone, "That's why we could met Mu Dong at that time. After all, even Mu Qing felt so surprised for his appearance. I have ever searched his mental faculty. Thought it's not so obvious, I'm sure that my feeling is right. There's a small but powerful sense which was integrating with his."

Gu Yunjue meditated for a while and suddenly narrowed his eyes. As coldness appeared in his eyes for a moment, Gu Yunjue smiled and said, "It hasn't finished, has it? Just took it out."

After crying for a long time, Mu Dong began eating. Suddenly, he trembled and looked around nervously. Seeing that no one paid any attention to him, he cautiously got close to Jing Ming and asked in a small tone, "When will your brother set us free?"

Jing Ming's mouth was covered with oil. He then put his dirty hands on his chest and cleaned them with his clothes. Titling his head, Jing Ming said, "Isn't it good to live here? Someone will bring food to us every day and we don't need to do housework."

Mu Dong opened his eyes widely in surprise and said, "Are you a fool?"

"You are the stupid one!" Jing Ming scorned, picked up a leg bone and kept eating. They had plenty to eat and drink now and didn't have to experience bloody spot or massacre. Wasn't it pretty pleasant to keep this kind life going on? His master had ever told him that he was the smartest kind of people because he knew how to enjoy his life. These guys who created troubles for his own desire or sighed mournfully for pursuing unavailable things were indeed the fool.

Mu Dong rolled his eyes and tried to make a way to escape. Then he saw the lower hem of a blue gown past in a flash. His attention was attracted unconsciously. Mu Dong looked up from the hem and found that Mu Chen was staring at him. His eyes were complex and it was hard for Mu Chen to understand them.

"Brother!" Mu Dong seemed to find a saver. He picked himself up and pounced on Mu Chen, saying in a pitiable tone, "I won't be naughty again. Please don't lock me up here."

Mu Chen felt a bit uncomfortable in his heart too. Mu Dong was so small. How could he be put into the cage? Though Jing Ming was at his side, he was still a kid. It was really proper that Gu Yunjue and Jing Ting treated him like this. But the cage could isolate spirit, preventing the hidden trouble of his running away.

Jing Ting opened the cage and let Mu Dong out. Mu Chen bent to pick the person up. Looking at the greasy little mouth, Mu Chen slightly smiled. It seemed that this little guy didn't have a hard time at all.

Gu Yunjue nodded to Jing Ting and took Mu Dong from Mu Chen on his initiative. He smiled and said, "Let's go back to have a discussion about the time to take you back."

Pinching the little guy in his arms. Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes. If they didn't go back to the time of fifty years ago, his littlw would be destined to use his body to recover the sky because the three realms had been totally messy at that time.

The massacre was too severe and so many people died. The number of reincarnation increased and the six paths were not stable. There was reincarnation pearl in Mu Chen's body. No matter it was found or not, Mu Chen would use his body to fulfil his destiny. It looked like he was utilized to do so many things. The initiator disturbed the word on purpose to find the place where the reincarnation was.

Fortunately, the soul refining sent them back to the period of fifty years ago. He first thought that so many things would change this generation but everything still went according to the law of the nature. So many things happened again as someone replaced him to do the same thing. The Demon Surrendering Pillar was still damaged and there still was someone who wanted to cause the three divisions unrest.

Luckily, the ending of two generations are totally different.

Gu Yunjue took Mu Dong back to Mu Chen's house, pinching his cheek with a smile on his face. Then he said, "You are such a small boy but I'm really confused how many things are in your mind. How about opening it to have a look?"

"Brother!" Mu Dong turned his face to beg Mu Dong for help.

Gu Yunjue held his collar and directly took him to the space of Soul Protection Ring.

Beautiful flowers could be seen and nice songs sung by these birds could be heard in the space. Spirit Spring flowed here slowly. Those trees that Gu Yunjue planted before had born fruits. Mu Chen also planted many herbs here and all of them were growing quickly with the watering of the spirit spring. The water of the spirit spring was so powerful that it could even make plants get ripe in a day. The whole space was filled with the fragrance of the herbs.

Mu Dong went to the space and felt that his spirit was suppressed and he even couldn't sense the outside world now. He looked around the space with astonished eyes and then fixed his eyes on Mu Chen, "What's this place? How could there be a place like this?"

Mu Chen crouched down and patted Mu Dong's head and gently said, "Do you want to go home?"

"Yes!" Mu Dong answered without hesitation.

"You close your eyes and have a sweet sleep. I will take you back home when you wake up, okay?" Mu Chen coaxed.

Mu Dong got surprised for the change of Mu Chen's attitude. Meanwhile, Gu Yunjue, who was standing beside them, had took out a fluffy round animal in his hand. The animal curiously stared at Mu Dong with big round eyes. It looked so silly as if there was the sentence "I'm a fool" on his forehead.

Gu Yunjue smiled, extending his forefinger and slightly hit Mu Dong on his forehead to knock him out. Then he said to himself, "Well, it has been a long time since I did this last time. I'm really not familiar with it now."

"If there is anything thing wrong, I will get divorce with you!"

Gu Yunjue got speechless. He then realized how important it was.

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