The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 14-15

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Chapter 14: What Did You Do Last Night?

On Mu Chen's chest, there was a black lotus with nine petals. It looked like a tattoo that was etched onto Mu Chen's fair skin. Gu Yunjue immediately recognized the symbol. There were nine stages in the Spirit Devil Cultivation. One lotus petal was formed for each of the nine stages once they were completed.

Gu Yunjue placed his hand over the lotus flower on Mu Chen's chest. He sensed the devil qi surging from within. A gratified smile made its way onto Gu Yunjue's face. Gu Yunjue thought that he had failed. He thought that even if he had passed his skill onto Mu Chen's body, his Master's spirit soul would still eventually disappear. He did not expect that his skill would protect his Master's spirit soul and bring Mu Chen along with him a hundred years into the past.

When the devil qi sensed the approach of Gu Yunjue, its silky strands began to flow out. Gu Yunjue's eyes darkened as he absorbed all of the leaking devil qi. He had the leaking devil qi meld into his body and cycle through the meridians of his body. The devil qi that came from within Mu Chen's body acted as if it had just returned home and it all started to surge into Gu Yunjue's body.

Gu Yunjue went into meditation and started to absorb and refine the devil qi. It was originally his devil qi in the first place so the process was very smooth and there was no obstruction of any kind. Gu Yunjue was able to refine the devil cultivation to the ninth layer of the Qi Condensation Stage in less than a full nighttime. He was already on the verge of Foundation Establishment.

Gu Yunjue was unsure if the cause was that it was affected by the pure immortal qi from Mu Chen's body but the devil qi seemed to bring some kind of fire spiritual power along with it when it flowed into his body. His fire spirit root also obtained some refinement, thus helping him cultivate to the second stage of Qi Condensation. The speed of this process shocked Gu Yunjue.

Gu Yunjue lowered his head to look at Mu Chen sleeping next to him. The expression in Gu Yunjue's eyes turned gentle and he softly tidied up Mu Chen's clothes before he smoothed out Mu Chen's hair. He then held onto Mu Chen's hand as he watched Mu Chen sleep in fascination. The sleeping Mu Chen no longer looked like his usual cold self. Instead, his delicate features were brought out more. Gu Yunjue stayed by his side and looked at the curtains that were made of cotton until the sky started to brighten. Even then, Gu Yunjue still did not want to let go of the warmth that was in his hand.


Mu Chen opened his eyes and looked at the curtain in shock. What happened yesterday? He fell asleep? He actually fell asleep? Mu Chen felt something warm cuddling next to him. Mu Chen, who had been single for a long time, raised his leg and kicked without any hesitation. With a bang, Gu Yunjue, who was still sleeping, was kicked towards the door. His forehead slammed into the door. Gu Yunjue was awake in that instant.

Mu Chen was suddenly awake….

Mu Chen didn't have the time to feel guilty when he immediately appeared by Gu Yunjue's side. He picked up his thin and weak disciple and looked at his disciple's forehead. There was already a large purple bump forming.

Mu Chen opened his mouth, not knowing what to say. He had some lingering fears within him. It was fortunate that he did not use any spiritual power. Otherwise, how could his disciple still be alive?

Jing Ting and Jing Ming both rushed in when they heard the sound. They were followed by eight maids and eight child cultivators. They all stared in shock at the crouching Master and Disciple. They did not understand what had happened.

"Master, you…." Gu Yunjue held onto his head, not knowing what to say. If it weren't for the fact that his devil cultivation was protecting his body, then one kick from Mu Chen would have made him vomit blood.

Mu Chen picked Gu Yunjue up with a cold expression on his face before placing him onto the bed. He took out an ointment to dispel internal clots from his drawer. He lightly applied that ointment onto Gu Yunjue's forehead. The feeling of fear finally set in a bit more as Mu Chen watched that large purple bump disappear. It would have been a great tragedy if this cute and clever disciple had been kicked to death by him.

"Eh?" His eyes looked at Gu Yunjue for a while before he finally noticed that something was off about him. "What did you do last night?"

Gu Yunjue blinked with a blank expression in his eyes.

Mu Chen grasped Gu Yunjue's wrist. Mu Chen was amazed as he said, "The second layer of Qi Condensation and the peak as well?"

"That was so fast!" Jing Ming bounced into the room. He put his sword back into its scabbard and walked around Gu Yunjue as he praised him. "You're worthy of being Palace Master's disciple! It's only been a couple of days but you've already cultivated to the second layer. The genius of the lightning spirit root was also from your generation but he only just entered Qi Condensation. He was also praised by Palace Master and rewarded with many things."

Mu Chen raised an eyebrow when Jing Ming had said the word rewarded. He also knew about the genius of the lightning spirit root. That genius acted a bit haughty. When compared with his own disciple, he was an entire spirit mine away from reaching Gu Yunjue's level. "Jing Ting, go bring me the Seven Jeweled Golden Pagoda."

The Seven Jeweled Golden Pagoda, also known as the Seven Jeweled Golden King Pagoda, had seven layers and eight sides. It was made with gold, silver, ceramic, glass, coral, carnelian, and pearl which led to it becoming seven jewels, thus turning it into a "miniature pagoda." It was once used as a relic for Buddhist Cultivation. It was hard to come by as a middle rank spirit tool. Once it recognizes a master, then that person would not come across a heart devil further into their cultivation. If this treasure was taken outside, then it would cause everyone in the Immortal Realm to fight over it. Mu Chen did not remember who it was that exchanged this relic with him for pills, or perhaps they exchanged it for his Master Dan Yangzhi's pills. Even just leaving the pagoda as a display would be very nice. There was even a lot of small doors on the pagoda which led to spaces for his disciple to hide things. Mu Chen felt as if this thing was perfect as a plaything for children the same age as his little disciple.

"Palace Master…." Jing Ting wanted to advise Mu Chen that giving such a good item to a child wasn't a smart thing to do. It could attract envy and hatred from others. It was common for people to kill others and take their treasure. A lot of geniuses met this type of misfortune. If he wanted Gu Yunjue to grow up safely and soundly, then raising him poorly with less material wealth, would also be good. However, once Jing Ting noticed the gaze that Mu Chen was looking at Gu Yunjue with, he felt as if anything he said would all be for naught. This kind of thing….it was impossible for Mu Chen not to understand. Maybe this was all just for now. He'll probably think over all of this in the future.

After waving his hand to have the attendants leave, Jing Ting went to get the item with a cold expression on his face. In his heart, he felt deeply tired. He kept having this nagging feeling that there would be endless troubles in the future.

Mu Chen contentedly rubbed Gu Yunjue's head while still sighing. As expected, his little disciple was still a genius even while he was on the righteous path.

Jing Ming looked around and noticed that there was nothing for him to do, so he turned his head and started to leave. He wanted to find a friend that he could show off to. He wanted to brag about how his Palace Master's sight was so great that he was able to find a disciple that was an absolute genius.

When Mu Chen noticed him, he raised a finger and pressed down in the air, causing Jing Ming to be pressed straight down to the ground. Even though he gave him a pill to hide his devil qi and the entire Lofty Cloudy Sect knew that he was among Mu Chen's people, there could still be other people that could sense him.

Jing Ming felt wronged by this and turned to look at Mu Chen. That was so mean!

Mu Chen felt helpless and pushed Gu Yunjue over to Jing Ming. "Take him with you in a moment. You are only allowed to go to Hanyang Palace. Don't stop anywhere else."

Gu Yunjue once again looked at Mu Chen with a blank expression in his eyes.

Mu Chen gently rubbed Gu Yunjue's head. Children should be allowed to have a couple of friends. Mu Chen couldn't be selfish and keep him by his side all the time. Jing Ming was a lively and active person and Chu Qianshuang was also simple minded. They also happened to be a few years older than Gu Yunjue so they could take care of him well. Gu Yunjue held onto Seven Jeweled Golden Pagoda as he was dragged away by Jing Ming. Mu Chen was still not assured by this and told Jing Ting to take a look at them later so that any accidents could be prevented.

Reality proved that Mu Chen had a right to be worried.

Author's Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Black Meow: "What thoughts do you have about being a top that was almost kicked to death by the bottom?"

After taking a deep breath, Gu Yunjue responded back: "Go Die!"

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Chapter 15: He Needs To Throw His Master Onto The Bed A Few Times, Giving Him A Taste Of How It Feels

Jing Ming and Chu Qianshuang both acted childish. The two of them met up. They then went to the competition area for disciples in Lofty Cloudy Sect while leading Gu Yunjue along with them. They still did not feel satisfied after fighting with some people, so they led Gu Yunjue to the peak where spirit beasts were specifically kept. They planned to take a couple of the spirit beasts home so that they could raise them.

They didn't understand what had happened, but many of the obedient spirit beasts suddenly rebelled. Those that did not sign a treaty contract did their best to run away. Gu Yunjue also did not know how he was so unfortunate as to be slapped by the wing of a very fierce snow eagle. Although he was protected by Jing Ming, he still obtained some injuries.

When Mu Chen saw Gu Yunjue's injured shoulder, he held onto him in distress and did not let go. He watched as Gu Yunjue grabbed a strand of his hair and leaned against his bosom like a spoiled child. Mu Chen felt a bit worried. His little disciple liked acting spoiled, and he did not appear to have a tough personality. Would this lead to him being bullied in the future?

"Master." Gu Yunjue called out to him.

Mu Chen rested his chin on top of his little disciple's head. He made a faint sound ofacknowledgmentt. Gu Yunjue smiled before he said, "Really, something always happens to me the moment I leave Master's sight."

Mu Chen patted Gu Yunjue's back and comforted him. "Nothing will happen to you."

Gu Yunjue smiled and lifted his head upwards. He looked at Mu Chen's cheek and used a finger to jab at his Master's chin. His little Master really wasn't cute. Shouldn't his Master have told him to stick close to him and not separate from him? It looked as if his Master wouldn't understand if it only happened once.

Mu Chen felt a bit helpless as he held onto Gu Yunjue's hand. His little disciple was cowardly, dependent, and super naughty. What good could come from this? ?

Mu Chen did not dare to let Gu Yunjue venture outwards the following days where there was good weather. Their lives started to follow a habitual pattern. He would wake his disciple up in the morning to practice. He would then feed his little disciple and have him learn about medicinal herbs afterwards. Around noontime, he would feed his little disciple again before letting him follow Jing Ting in order to learn about sword fighting in the afternoon. Or he would follow Jing Ming to Hanyang Palace to practice sword fighting with Chu Qianshuang. In the evening, he would personally feed his little disciple, and then have him practice calligraphy. It was after his disciple fell asleep at night that he would start meditating.

It was probably because of that one kick Mu Chen had given his disciple earlier, but his disciple never said that he was scared and wanted to sleep with him from then onwards. Mu Chen felt a bit disappointed by that.

His little disciple's complexion started to look a little rosier and his body was much sturdier than before. He had also grown taller. His hair started to become smoother and smoother. It was much more pleasant to touch. However, why didn't his disciple jump into his embrace like before?

Gu Yunjue was also very tangled. The devil cultivation that he had absorbed last time was almost completely gone and it had worked smoothly. As long as he could absorb it once more, he could also hit Foundation Establishment. However, how was he able to get into his Master's bed? If his Master fell asleep once more, he would probably start to become suspicious of him.

That evening, Mu Chen laid on his side on top of the soft sofa inside Gu Yunjue's room. He used his hand to prop up his head as he watched Gu Yunjue read. Mu Chen had taken off his gorgeous magical gown and was now in nothing but his white inner clothes. He had also taken his hair crest off which took away his normal cold and strict vibe. He allowed his waist long black hair to scatter all over the white cloud embroidered cloth. His beautiful face carried a laziness that nobody has ever seen before. Next to him, there was a couple of brightly lit black moon lamps. The gentle light from the lamps shrouded his body and added to his casual look.

As Gu Yunjue read the book, his eyes would occasionally sneak over to the side. He was sure that he was the only person to have seen this side of his Master. That feeling that felt foreign to Gu Yunjue once again sprouted inside his heart. Gu Yunjue placed the book down and stared silently at his Master. It was like he was trying to engrave it all into his soul. He felt hesitant to look away.

"What's the matter? What don't you understand?" Mu Chen lifted himself up and leaned against the couch. He waved at Gu Yunjue to come over to him.

Gu Yunjue's lips curled into a faint smile. He carried the book and went over to Mu Chen's embrace. Gu Yunjue sniffed at the pure fragrance of his Master's body and leaned against him some more. "Here, your disciple doesn't understand this."

Mu Chen skimmed the page. On the page, there was a long barb with three little fruits drawn on it. Mu Chen said, "This is Cold Wood Grass. What part don't you understand?"

"How is it possible that we can use its root but the leaves are poisonous?"

"All living things have biochemicals in it. Many of the poisonous ones have spiritual herbs around them that can restrain their poison from acting up. Some can even fight poison with poison. Similar to this Cold Wood Grass, the root and stalk can be used for medicinal purposes. It can relieve coughing, improve blood circulation, and relax muscles. However, picking it is the most annoying part. It's very simple to deal with the poison of the leaves. You just need to squeeze the juice of the yellow fruit onto your hand and you don't have to worry about being poisoned. On top of that, if you cook the leaves and the fruit together, it becomes a high class detoxifying tonic." It was probably because Mu Chen was in a good mood, but he said more than he usually did and explained very clearly. Gu Yunjue decided to directly lie in Mu Chen's embrace and place his head on top his chest. He continued to ask, "What about this one?"

"That is called Ninth Month Red. Once it becomes ten years old, it can clear poison. When it becomes twenty years old, it is poison. After thirty years, its red flowers turn a purple color and it becomes the Blood Sealer."

"What about this one?"

"This is…."


In the Master and Disciple pair, one asked and the other answered. The warm and comfortable atmosphere spread out. It made others unwilling to disturb them. Once Gu Yunjue finished asking all his questions, Mu Chen tested him. He found out that his disciple remembered all of it. It was only then that he got up, satisfied. He allowed Gu Yunjue to wash up and then take a good rest.

Mu Chen started to leave when he felt his sleeve being grabbed. Mu Chen looked down to see his little disciple look at him "shyly with some timidness." He "cautiously" asked his Master, "Master, can I sleep with you?"

Mu Chen blinked his eyes and agreed in flash. "Alright." That mental shadow that his disciple had from being kicked was now gone. That was great!

Gu Yunjue's dark eyes heated up with a hard to conceal desire as he watched Mu Chen's disappearing figure. Mu Chen seemed to have suddenly felt something and he looked back. His little disciple was smiling at him just as innocently as he was before. He subconsciously smiled back at his little disciple. He saw that his little disciple turned dumbfounded by this.

Mu Chen thought that it was funny how this little thing turned so stupid just from seeing him smile. If he were to smile more in the future, would this child become more open with him? Mu Chen smiled again at the thought and his smile became more noticeable.

Gu Yunjue held onto his chest. He suddenly felt that everything in his body was compressed.. Even his breathing turned unstable.

Mu Chen laughed in spite of himself when he noticed Gu Yunjue's reaction. He put on his outer robe before walking out.

When Gu Yunjue came to find him, Mu Chen was perusing through a medical recipe. He waved his hand at Gu Yunjue and indicated at him to sleep inside so that he wouldn't be kicked away.

Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes and quickly climbed onto the bed. He was just about to hug Mu Chen's waist when he heard the sound of knocking coming from the door. "Palace Master, the Sect Master sent someone here to pass on a message."

Mu Chen knitted his brows together. A message at night? Was it something important?

Gu Yunjue had already tried out Mu Chen's patience. His Master has spoken a lot tonight so he clearly did not want to say anything more. Gu Yunjue did not wait for his Master and spoke up for him, "What message does Senior Brother Sect Master want to pass on?"

The child cultivator paused a bit from his voice. However, he then continued, "The Sect Master's messenger said that Ten Thousand Sword Sect's Daoist Xing Xuan has already arrived in Qiyang City. The visiting card has already been delivered. He will be here tomorrow morning to seek your treatment. He wishes upon the other's sincerity that Palace Master would not refuse him."

Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes. He seemed to have thought of something. He asked the other, "Who is Daoist Xing Xuan coming with?"

"I heard that it's Sect Master Yu's junior brother, Ji Qingyuan.

"Ji Qingyuan!" The expression on Mu Chen's face turned cold. He hated that he was unable to chew the name to pieces. He picked up a magical robe from the screen and quickly put it on. The white magical robe was created from first class Willow Leaf Silk Bamboo. Once it was made, the texture of the robe had become even softer. There was even crackling sounds that came with it and white flames moved on it.

Gu Yunjue became aware of his Master's thoughts and threw himself at him. However, before he could even reach out his hands, he was grabbed by his lapel and thrown onto the bed. In a flash, Mu Chen was already out of Yanyang Palace.

Jing Ting and Jing Ming, who were meditating, opened their eyes at pretty much the same time. Their figures became a white line as they closely followed behind Mu Chen. They unexpectedly did not lag behind.

Gu Yunjue looked at the curtain above him and the expression on his face turned darker. He felt that the way Mu Chen had thrown him onto the bed was like the way you threw a sandbag. The kind of feeling that Gu Yunjue felt was a bad one. He secretly marked this down against Mu Chen. When an opportunity in the future arose, he would throw his Master onto the bed a few times and give him a taste of how it feels.

He silently set up a boundary in his passing. He then took out a jade talisman from his space ring. He pinched it to pieces and the image of an old man appeared before him in a short amount of time. The old man observed the gloomy face of Gu Yunjue and respectfully bowed his waist despite the other having an appearance of a five year old. The old man then said to him, "Greetings to Young Master."

Gu Yunjue's affectionate smile was long gone. It was especially his eyes that turned darker and deeper the moment that Mu Chen's line of sight was no longer upon him. When he looked at others, those eyes held no type of feeling in them. Although he was young, there was an intimidating kind of power that came from him. He indifferently asked, "Where are the people from Ten Thousand Sword Sect staying?"

The old man hurriedly replied, "Replying to Young Master, they are staying in the Sinking Immortal Tavern that belongs to Lofty Cloudy Sect."

Gu Yunjue picked up his robe and leisurely put the robe on. His tone was struggling to hide its viciousness. "Send a couple of people to watch over him. If anyone dares to harm even a single hair on his head, then kill them no matter what happens."

Gu Yunjue waited until the other's figure disappeared. A trace of annoyance flitted through Gu Yunjue's eyes. This body was still too young and his cultivation was also at a low level. He needed to build up his power. It was only then that he would be able to protect his Master. He would also be able to contend against his Lord Father and break away from his fate.

Author's Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Gu Yunjue: "I need to throw Master onto the bed a few times and show him how it feels."

Gu Yunjue, a dozen years later: "The first time!", "The second time!", "The third time!", "The fourth time!", and "….The countless time!"

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