The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 23: The Two Stuck So Closely Together That Not Even the Slightest Gap Was Left in Between Them

Gu Yunjue had to stand on tiptoe due to Mu Chen's height to take off his belt.

This body had to undress Master on tiptoe.

Tightly pursing his lips, Gu Yunjue frowned on his tiny body for the first time. Having gotten used to have everything under control, he couldn't bear to stand the sense of powerlessness, which rendered him a bit restless. Out of impatience and anxiety, he quickened his actions. As a result, he was not loosening Mu Chen's tie, but actually tearing off his clothes.

Seeing his doings, Mu Chen thought, "Did I overdo it? He is so obedient and filial at such a young age. How could I tease a five-year-old boy?" Thinking of that, a hint of guilt drifted up on his heart.

Grasping two hands of Gu Yunjue to refuse his 'tender' service, Mu Chen removed his robe with a flash of thought, leaving only his white underpants. It was a subconscious thing for Gu Yunjue to turn around. And to refrain from overstepping, Gu Yunjue had to repeatedly tell himself, "The man before me is my master and the only one who treats me wholeheartedly whether in the previous life or this life. I respect him with a pious heart. It is already a disrespect to relax master's vigilance with a child appearance, let alone see him half-naked."

But the strong desire to possess master was heating up at the moment. The longing to know everything about master and to contaminate master with his own smells, had been planted deep down inside his heart from the very moment Gu Yunjue met Mu Chen again. Once stirred, the desire came out of control, burst and encroached on him.

Rationality was fighting against avarice in his mind.

Unaware of all the struggles his little disciple was going through, Mu Chen stepped into the water and lifted up some wisps of wet hair in front of his chest back behind. Looking at the absent-minded Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen reached out his hand with the corner of his mouth curled, saying gently: "Relax, come down here."

His jade-like skin looked even more delicate and smooth in the mists of water, the upper body had beautiful contours in spite of being a little bit thin. With his head up, Mu Chen's neck stretched into a beautiful curve, and that brought some ripples across the water. This moment, his usual cold expression was replaced by a hint of smile upon the corner of his lips, his eyes shining and clear like the bright moon.

Watching his own look reflected into Mu Chen's eyes, Gu Yunjue finally realized what he really desired and why he desired.

At the moment, Gu Yunjue caught on the reason why he wanted to get everything best under the sun in front of Mu Chen just for locking Mu Chen's eyes on him and smiling at him. He eventually understood that feeling of being out of control.

It was love. He fell in love with his master.

He was captivated of his soul at first sight of those clear and bright eyes. His little master would never know how seductive and enchanting his eyes were, especially for someone like him whose hands were stained with blood.

How funny he was. He lost his heart to master, but he didn't even realize that. If Gu Yunjue had realized this in his previous life, he would have tied master back to Demon World. He would have showed his great love for master and not let him out of his sight. Then all the rest would never happen.

The ethic between master and disciple?

The disruption of Yin and Yang? (Under this context, Yin means woman while Yang man. So two men fall in love with each other is against the balance of Yin and Yang.)

It was not what Gu Yunjue would take into account. God was unkind, taking everything as his tributes. Now that he had chosen this path, Gu Yunjue would kill gods or demons getting in his way. Turing back the time with an undying soul was not allowed by God's will. Since he had already come this far, he didn't care to make the universe perish and destroy all realms. Nothing could terrify him as long as little master was on his side.

Now, with his mind stuffed with the man in the water, Gu Yunjue was considering how to have him.

"Master," Looking at the hand reaching toward him, Gu Yunjue burst out smiling and clung to it, endurance and determination to win this man over hidden deep in his eyes. Gu Yunjue said sincerely: "Master, I like you."

Hearing that, Mu Chen stood in amazement and then smiled, "Me too." Such a lovely kid was sure to be adored by all. He would never let him out of sight.

Gu Yunjue licked the corners of his mouth, putting on a smiling face which everyone would love, "So, master, will you stay with me forever?"

A light flashing in his eyes, Mu Chen promised in a soft voice: "Yes, I will." The slightest negligence and this boy would throw all the world into an abyss of misery. Let this cute boy follow the same old path in his previous life and fall into the trap of devil cultivators? No way. He would never let the child get a step away from him.

With his guarantee, Gu Yunjue slightly narrowed his eyes with a smile on his face and jumped onto Mu Chen, who hurried to catch and embrace him tightly, acting angry, "You mischievous kid!"

"Wherever you are, even it is the bottomless abyss or the hell, I will jump into it without hesitation, Master."


"Master, undress me, please."

"Do it yourself."

"I can't. Help me, Master."



Such a child. Mu Chen's temper disappeared in front of him, his cute and adorable disciple who loved acting spoiled. Then Mu Chen took off his clothes and held him tight in his arms.

It had been half a year since he took Gu Yunjue as disciple. Gu Yunjue grew quite a lot with wounds healed and now became quite chubby. Mu Chen couldn't help kneading his body, from tiny arms to his bottom, even his little feet. And then, he seemed in high spirits with light shining in his eyes.

"From now on, you shall bathe with me." Mu Chen directly decided.

Gu Yunjue put his arms around Mu Chen's neck with no space between them, and replied sweetly: "Okay."

The corner of his mouth hanging up, Mu Chen threw a more tender sight upon his disciple just the moment he noticed the same white robe on them: a father-son pair of clothes. Then why not pair all our clothes this way in future?

Standing on the rocks, Gu Yunjue dried Mu Chen's hair using his spiritual power and nimbly smoothened Mu Chen's clothes, which gratified Mu Chen a lot and Mu Chen couldn't hold back his hands to pinch Gu Yunjue's face. He then sighed in heart: "So obedient and filial since young. This good boy will never go astray."

Jing Ting had come back from Hanyang Palace when Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue returned to the front hall hand in hand. Seeing Mu Chen, as Gu Yunjue had said, Jing Ting was avoiding his eyes Mu Chen felt embarrassed and thought to himself: "It's inappropriate to treat a teenager as a child. Some distance must be maintained so that others won't get me wrong."

Raising his eyes and glancing at Mu Chen's look, Gu Yunjue was all smiles, his enchanting eyes beaming, tinting even a touch of flirtatiousness to his tear-shaped mole by the corner of the eye.

Black Egg perching on the windowsill cautiously looked the two up and down, its bloodshot eyes then fell to Gu Yunjue's stronger soul. Gu Yunjue set his sights on Black Egg in a sudden of turning, not concealing his contempt for it when a hint of greed was just flashing across its eyes.

Black Egg was scared and immediately stretched out a pair of featherless wings to cover its face, involuntarily shrinking back out of fright. Pity was that its two fleshy wings could barely reach its head after it became smaller. Realizing that, this demon of abyss shrank more to the point of looking like a quail shivering in the vast snow.

Following a click of the tongue and saying goodbye to master, Gu Yunjue then came to pick up Black Egg and went back to his own room.

Black Egg squatted on the table with its mouth covered by its poor wings because the child had warned it not to disturb master with its ugly voice, or he would cut its wings.

Tapping rhythmically on the table with his index finger of one hand and resting his chin on the other, Gu Yunjue looked at this black hair ball and lost in his thoughts. In his sense, Ji Qingyuan had already gone astray to the devil cultivation, whose spiritual soul on the demigod realm was powerful enough to help Black Egg advance. Even though it became a little duck in a cage, Black Egg still should play a role and demonstrate its usefulness when the time came.

Its neck shrunk, Black Egg clung to the last hope to Gu Yunjue's decision on its fate, a pair of its scarlet eyes darting anxiously around under the lamp. Not until it had no strength to turn its eyes did Gu Yunjue finally say in a casual way: "There are only a few of your race left, I presume? Extinction is highly possible with any tiny little mistake." His voice was clear, soft but full of ill wills.

Three pieces of golden hair on the top of its head withering, Black Egg immediately raised wings up to show its loyalty, flattering with all its might, "I guarantee I will do everything for you as a loyal follower. Doing all the filthy deeds and slaughtering whoever stands in your way. Please show me mercy so that I can keep my humble life to bring home a phoenix and have a nest of children…"

"Such a little duck!" Gu Yunjue chuckled.

Black Egg grumbled in a low voice: "I'm not a duck."

Gu Yunjue raised his eyebrow.

"You're right. I am a duck." No matter what, even being called a worm, this poor thing had to take it, everything was for survival.

Hearing that, Gu Yunjue was pleased to stroke its three golden hairs, smilingly and satisfactorily, but his following words carried such strong killing intent that it shocked Black Egg, making the soul of an abyss demon trembling with fear, "Do you have the ability to assimilate a spiritual soul on the demigod realm?"

Of course, yes! The more the merrier.

Black Egg almost rushed to give him a big hug, shouting shamelessly as if pleading to its ancestors, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Please! I can eat whatever and however much you can offer. I'm open to everything!"

Gu Yunjue threw it a faint smile that somehow carried somewhat sincerity. Master's spiritual soul would be grilled and suffer when his fire toxin relapsed; if the memory served him right, the first break-out would be ten years later. The soul swallowed by the Golden Crow with three feet would be refined into pure white, which was extremely similar to master's clean and pure spiritual soul. By then this duck could come in handy as the soul it refined could help to provide nourishment for little Master's soul.

It was worthwhile to raise this little thing.

Being taken as a refining machine but without any awareness of it, Black Egg happily jumped down to the ground, tightly held Gu Yunjue's leg with its little and featherless wings, and rubbed its head against the upper surface of his feet, looking extremely content and expectant for the promising future with exuberant souls to eat.

At this point, Gu Yunjue heard a knock from the door and saw Mu Chen standing at the door and looking at them with an unfathomable look. No one knew how much he had heard.

Black Egg was frightened to shrink back again.

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