The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 3

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side: Chapter 3

Mu Chen’s Sunshine Palace, located in the north of Cloud Gate, is one of the places with the most abundant spirit energy in the five peaks. At the top of flattened Sunshine peak is the bright red Sunshine Palace. From a distance it looks misty, grand, magnificent, with jade railings all around.

After landing, a strong smell of fragrant incense medicine makes every inch of the skin feel comfortable. In the main hall where Mu Chen lives there is a large golden bamboo. The bamboo was swaying in the wind, and the mottled sunlight fell on the ground through the bamboo leaves, and turning the ground golden. Countless priceless treasures that are hard to find in the outside world are as common as weeds sticking to the sole of your foot here.

On the left is a spirit spring, the water weaving around the immortal palace, and a waterfall plunging down. On the right are several hundred miles of medical gardens, while at the back of the mountain the cry of a crane can be heard.

It is said that Sunshine Palace is the richest place in Cloud Gate, only the people who have seen it can understand.

Mu Chen put down Gu Yunjue, saying: “Here is our place, you can live wherever you want to.”

The Sunshine Palace has been decorated very simply, in accordance with Mu Chen’s personality. Now that there is a five-year-old child who needs to restore his health, Mu Chen wondered whether he ought to build a house and have some fun.

Gu Yunjue looked at around him, eyes flashing with nostalgia, here is the most comfortable place that he has ever lived in.

Surveying the place, Gu Yunjue’s eyes fall on a white stone table in the bamboo grove. The table holds a pot of wine, two glasses, and an unfinished game of chess. Thinking of someone who Mu Chen treats this way… Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes, stretched out his hand to hold Mu Chen’s thigh, and smiled exceptionally sweetly, “This disciple wants to live with the master.”

Mu Chen frowned, looked down at the child holding on to his thigh tightly, worriedly asked him: “You … still wet the bed? ”

The corners of Gu Yunjue’s mouth twitched, both hands trembled, bed wetting … The little master is so cute.

Mu Chen looked down at him, the look is especially serious. He really wants to know if the child still wets the bed, if so then they cannot sleep together. Feeling the disciple holding on to his thigh trembling guiltily, Mu Chen frowns and concludes that, sure enough the child is still in the bed wetting age so it’s better for them to sleep separately.

Two thirteen-year-old children saw that Mu Chen was back and jumped in front of him, saying in chorus: “Palace Lord.”

The two are twins, very handsome and dressed in identical white robes. One has a grim look, behind him is a sword, and he stands upright, looking sharp and spirited. The other one is holding a strange long black flute and is wearing a bone pendant. He is smiling, his face has a lively look, and he looks a bit naughty.

Mu Chen introduced them: “The unsmiling one is Jing Ting, the smiling one is Jing Ming.”

The child is still holding on to his thighs shyly so Mu Chen had to push him forward to introduce him. “This is my personal succeeding disciple, from now on take good care of him.”

“These disciples understand.” Although the two claim to be his disciples, in fact they don’t have a mentor-disciple relationship. They are not human. Mu Chen picked up two doglike monsters in a secret place. Out of habit, he had cured their injury ten years ago. Ever since then they had stayed here.

Mu Chen commanded: “Jing Ming, clean up the attic next door to my room for the boy to live in.”

Jing Ming was stunned for a moment then nodded: “Yes, this disciple will arrange it immediately.”

Looking at the two mirror-like twins running, Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes. He had not expected that these two tough little things had been following the master so early.

Mu Chen touched Gu Yunjue’s head, interrupting his thoughts, and said: “Go and wash yourself first, take off your clothes, and never wear black clothes in the future.

The thought of Gu Yunzhe growing up then wearing black, with a peerless handsome face, killing without batting an eye, puts Mu Chen in a bad mood. In this life, the well-behaved little disciple will never become that way.

Mu Chen wanted to leave but his thigh was held. Gu Yunzhe tackled his master, making the attendants gasp. They looked at Gu Yunzhe with admiration. The last time someone touched the Palace Lord’s sleeve, he directly kicked that person away. Yet this boy dares to grab Mu Chen’s thigh…

A hero! He is so brave!

Mu Chen did not hit the boy, he just tried to pull away but he was held tightly. Gu Yunjue made a pitiful face at him, sticking like glue to his leg. "Shizun, don’t go!”

The fact that the other’s body is somehow attracting his spiritual power is something he hasn’t figured out yet. If they were to take a bath together he can investigate.

Mu Chen thought he was frightened. Helpless, he held Gu Yunjue while the attendants bring hot water, intending to wash the child himself. Several attendants look at Gu Yunjue with worshipful eyes because the Lord has unexpectedly gave in. It seems he is not an ordinary pet and they must serve the young lord with great care.

Only Jing Ting looks at Gu Yunjue eyes and thinks it’s unnatural.

Mu Chen took out a bottle of medicine and put a drop in the bath water which turned green, churning with spiritual power. He picked up Gu Yunjue, who was looking at the door, and wanted to throw him into the bath.

“Shizun!” said Gu Yunzhu clinging to Mu Chen’s arm. “I can go in by myself.”

Mu Chen put Gu Yun down. That little disciple is really sensible, wants to do things on his own, a really good, self-reliant child.

Seeing that Mu Chen has no intention of changing his clothes, Gu Yunjue temporarily closed off his mind, he always remembers that he is a child, born in that kind of environment, if he did not act then he would have been killed long ago, so he can act the role of a five-year-old child vividly.

He was not sentimental, and took off his coat and climbed into the barrel. However, now the body is too short, the movement of the climb is a bit ugly.

The short limbs are struggling to climb the barrel, like a little mouse but in Mu Chen’s eyes it’s not ugly.

The face finally having a hint of a smile, Mu Chen reached out to hold the child’s butt, tore off the robes and even the pants, throwing Gu Yunjue in the water with a big splash.

Gu Yunjue helplessly spit out a mouthful of water, Shizun is so… direct!

When Gu Yunjue’s flesh was exposed, in that moment Mu Chen was stunned. On the child’s thin back were innumerable scars… not only the back but also the chest and limbs have numerous scars, including a bit wound which, by the look of the teeth, was made by a woman.

The most serious is a chest wound. It’s new and not yet completely cured. It seems like the chest was stabbed by a hairpin and, if the puncture had been any deeper, would have reached the heart and killed Gu Yunjue!

Mu Chen’s face was instantly cold, his voice angry: “Who wants to kill you?”

The child grew up to be a twisted killer, the childhood experiences and relationships surely were partly to blame! Just a five year old boy, who laid such a ruthless hand on him?

The medicine in the water is funneling spirit power into his body. It’s slightly painful. He rested on the barrel and reached out a hand to touch Mu Chen’s face, smiling, and said: “My mother thought that giving birth to me was a disgrace.”

Gu Yunjue sees Mu Chen’s expression become colder, does not hold back his fingers from stroking that face. He knew how beautiful that laughing face is but, unfortunately, it’s really rare to see.

Gu Yunjue has a soul magic power. He is at the stage when he can clearly see the color of the spirit of people. Good people’s spirits are white, black is evil, while red is for killers. He has seen that many people’s souls are a mixed color. Only Mu Chen, even when he has killed, is pure white.

Part of him wants to wipe him black, contaminate him with his own darkness but at the same time he wants to silently protect his purity.

Looking at the cold man in front of him who was angry for him… Gu Yunjue excitedly licked his lips, eyes narrowed, this feeling is a good memory.

Mu Chen discontentedly swatted away Gu Yunjue’s hands, coldly glaring at the spoiled little bastard who even dared to touch his face. Does he understand what it is to honor the teacher and respect his teachings?

Seeing the little disciple is behaving, Mu Chen tied up his messy hair then stirred the water up to produce more bubbles, saying: “Soak for another half hour, I will be going out.”

“Where is Shifu going?”

Mu Chen’s personality is such that when he thinks of doing something, he does it immediately. Gu Yunjue is not sure what is happening now.

“I’m going to the main peak.” As he answered Mu Chen was talking to the door. He orders Jing Ting: “In a moment, go and have a look at him.”

He feared that his young disciple might fall into the water and drown to death in the water.

Jing Ting hurried to comply. “This disciple will remember.”

“After he changes his clothes, introduce him to the palace servants to make sure they serve him well and don’t bully him.”

Seeing Gu Yunjue’s injury, Mu Chen is distressed at imagining what the child had suffered. Thinking of Gu Yunjue’s abusive childhood, Mu Chen’s face becomes even colder. He will not let his disciple suffer any injustice again, he will have only the best things…parents…huh.

After Mu Chen left, Gu Yunjue’s lips turn up, his smiling face is bloodthirsty and crazy. It’s really good that he returned to this place to love together with his teacher. Back then, no one thought that Gu Yunjue had used the magic of the final layer to reverse time, they thought they had killed him but they did not know they just sent him back in time hundreds of years ago. (TN: Yes, it said hundreds of years.)

What are the hypocrites doing at this time?

Are they pursuing the righteous path to cultivation?

Are they murdering and stealing treasures?

Are they standing aloof, pretending to be superior and benevolent?

Or are they painstakingly pondering how they could win the favor of his master, and pursue a pill cultivator with both great talents and outstanding good looks as their dao-companion?

Gu Yunjue looked at his hand and smiled. A red flame in the fingertips gently beat, dancing like a succubus, full of temptation and deadly hidden dangers.

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