The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 8

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side: Chapter Eight

Mu Chen asked Zhu Qianshuang “Just now you said that there is news, what is it?”

“Ah, on my way here I heard that the Dongzhu you burned yesterday is dead. Isn’t it exciting?” Zhu Qianshuang was very lively, jumping around and pulling Jing Ting who was provoked, drew his sword and started fighting him. The two looked almost the same age. They began flying around and the swords clashed, throwing out sparks. Mu Chen raised a magical barrier even as he saw that Gu Yunjue was very interested in the fight.

The two sparred for a while, until they finally landed on the ground at the same time, Jing Ting settling down behind Mu Chen, silent. His face is cold and frosty.

Zhu Qianshuang is pinching his waist, ahem, sees that Jing Ting’s face is cold, like his master when he wants to beat him. Unfortunately they were just about the same skill level. So, clap, clap he runs to sit down opposite Mu Chen. He is impolite and asks the maid for a pair of chopsticks before sitting down and eating.

Jing Ming saw that he was as famished as though he had not eaten in several days and ridiculed him: “Does your Shizun not give you food?”

Zhu Qianshuang quickly put a piece of meat in his mouth and vaguely said: “Master said I should be fasting, eat less and move my body more. If I eat more then I will get more fat, it’s certainly not good for flexibility.”

Looking at the person opposite him taking care of Gu Yunjue, Zhu Qianshuang saw that in the expressionless face of Mu Chen, his two eyes are brighter than usual.

Gu Yunjue lifted the corners of his mouth, smiling at Mu Chen, who pretended not to understand his meaning. He didn’t have to eat like a pig, master or not.

Like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds, Zhu Qianshuang finished a plate of meat, continued: “I haven’t finished saying the news. I’ve said the exciting part, the shocking part I haven’t said yet.”

Mu Chen was not interested in gossip at all, he was only interested in his disciple’s appetite.

“What’s shocking is the way the elder died. Last night he reshaped the flesh then favored two maidservants. The elder died on the spot. Now everyone inside and outside Lofty Cloud sect knows about this, his reputation cannot be protected.”

Mu Chen hurriedly covers Gu Yunjue’s ears, glaring at Zhu Qianshuang. Mu Chen doesn’t know how Liu Han is teaching Zhu Qianshuang, how can he understand something like that at his age?

But Gu Yunjue’s expression is full of curiosity and ignorance, asked: “Master, what did he mean? How did that person die?”

Mu Chen: “…died like a dog.” In order to not let his disciple learn bad things, Mu Chen took Gu Yunjue by the hand, setting out for a walk.

Gu Yunjue laughed in his heart. The glossary that his teacher uses has very few words, the mouth is still so stupid, when he lies he will just stare at people in the eyes quite seriously, it’s really too cute.

Zhu Qianshuang quickly shouted: “Grand Martial Uncle, please don’t bother to see me off. My teacher asked me to deliver this first meeting gift.”

Forcing the last meatball into his mouth, Zhu Qianshuang wiped his mouth and pulled out a long sword from his interspatial bracelet. On its black scabbard are nine petal blue lotuses and it is giving off a murderous aura, no matter what, everyone can see that it is a fearsome weapon.

“My teacher said that this sword’s attribute just happens to suit Martial Uncle and he should cultivate the sword, alchemy would be a waste…” His mouth just wouldn’t stop.

Mu Chen was discontented and tightly hugged Gu Yunjue. That person from the Hanyang (Cold Sun) Palace has peeked at his disciple and even sent someone to send a sword to him. Does he think the child is well-behaved and cute and wants to steal him? Dream on!

Gu Yunjue tightly hugged Mu Chen’s neck, his face gloomy. The one who dares to master the Sword of the demon world is aiming for the heart of his small master? (TN: Can’t figure out 那个为了师尊敢独闯妖界的剑修难道心悦小师尊?) If not, why did he send such precious things? To flatter Shizun in a roundabout way? Dream on!

Mu Chen waved his sleeves, easily throwing a medicine bottle to Zhu Qianshuang, the same type as the one in Gu Yunjue’s hands, and quickly sent him away, for fear that his pure disciple might be taught some bad things.

After he left Gu Yunjue smiled and asked: “Shizun, that person is…”

“He is a disciple of Hanyang Palace, you should call him the sixth. He loves to eat. When he is hungry he even dares to bite his own master.”

At the time when he was imprisoned, the little pig came to secretly comfort him every day and tried to save him. If he is right then that little pig was Zhu Qianshuang. He doesn’t know if Liu Han knew about it. Still not knowing what to think of it, Mu Chen’s facial expression becomes somewhat eccentric. Then he shook his head, feeling that he should think about it more.

“Your disciple would like to ask, since that teacher sent the sword, does Shizun know him well?” The thought of Mu Chen and Liu Han’s “complex” relationship made Gu Yunjue very uncomfortable.

Mu Chen, holding his small disciple’s hand tight, is very unhappy. In the last life his disciple really did practice swordsmanship. His swordsmanship was better than his alchemy therefore his talent is really more suited for cultivating sword techniques. Mu Chen felt uncertain. His own selfish wish to raise the child, is it really good for him? If Gu Yunjue were to move to Hanyang Palace then Gu Yunjue might be better off compared to closed door training in pill concocting.

Since he asked about Liu Han, Mu Chen became silent. Gu Yunjue pursed his lips, smiling coldly. What kind of secretive ambiguous relationship do Shizun and Liu Han have?

“Teacher,” Gu Yunjue shook Mu Chen, asking him: “What type of person is Brother Liu?” He deliberately emphasized the word “brother” to remind Mu Chen not to forget his identity. Falling in love with a nephew would be contrary to ethics. As long as he (Gu Yunjue) is in the master’s mind then he should be enough, and his master should give up the ambiguous relationship with the other as soon as possible.

Mu Chen thought that he and Liu Han can count two hundred years of acquaintance between them, and with emotion said: “Once he was my companion, when we were young we entered the sect together with another person.”

Mu Chen, holding Gu Yunjue in his arms continued their walk. Jing Ming titled his head and looked at Mu Chen as he is walking away. Poking Jing Ting with his elbow, Jing Ming says, “I had not thought that the Lord and Liu Han had such a relationship, he has never mentioned it to others.”

Jing Ting did not answer so Jing Ming continued to ask: “Do you think that the Lord has become more talkative ever since Gu Yunjue came?”

Jing Ting made a humming sound. It’s more than just becoming more talkative, before Gu Yunjue came the Lord only thought about refining pills. Never before has the Lord spent so much thought on a person!

“Who is the other person?” Jing Ming was clearly curious.

Jing Ting just stared at him and scolded: “Stupid!” Naturally, it is that person that left behind the unfinished game of chess with the Lord.

Gu Yunjue smelled an elegant fragrance on Mu Chen’s body and bit by bit his mood rose. Now that relationship had been explained, he is satisfied. Since they grew up together then their relationship is a little good. Gu Yunjue can accept that but he must put a halt to this. The nephew’s relationship should certainly not be closer than Gu Yunjue’s.

Because of his nearness, Gu Yunjue can feel that on Mu Chen is a force that is attracting him. The feeling is very familiar, like… the Alchemy of the Soul! (TN: Literally “refining the soul devil work”)

Thinking of this, Gu Yunjue quietly hugged Mu Chen’s neck tightly, moving closer to his chest. In order to distract Mu Chen, Gu Yunjue began to talk to him: “Where is master taking his disciple?”

“To explore the Lofty Cloud Sect, otherwise you will get lost.” Reluctant to let his little disciple down to run on their own Mu Chen continued to him in his arms, watching the other’s bright eyes, like a beautiful painting. His heart is gradually enriched, his eyes become more and more soft, the embrace of a child, defenseless.

Gu Yunjue could not help but bow his head, at this moment it felt like his heart was being burned by Mu Chen’s eyes. Clutching Mu Chen, his hand gradually tightened Gu Yunjue put his chin on Mu Chen’s shoulder, for fear of revealing his emotions.

In this life, no matter how many curses the body has to suffer, no matter how many he must kill, he must protect his teacher and keep him safe, happy, and peaceful.

The dormant soul energy felt Gu Yunjue’s determination and suddenly surged.

The soul force erupted when Mu Chen was defenseless, his internal organs were wounded by it but his first reaction is to throw Gu Yunjue to safety.

“Master!” Gu Yunjue fell down. Mu Chen sat up, suppressing the soul energy.

In just a few breaths, Gu Yunjue detected the presence of a few figures rushing towards them. Yue Ming Ze and several elders see Mu Chen injured by a magical attack. To wound someone like Mu Chen a person would have to be in the Synthesis stage at least. The people are stern-faced. Since when has the sect been infiltrated by a cultivator of such a high level?

Gu Yunjue doesn’t want these people to investigate the matter so he points to the West. His small face is pale: “The old man in black clothes who injured my teacher went that way!”

The people saw that Gu Yunjue was pointing in the direction of the restricted area and did not dare to stay longer. They went off in to find the culprit.

After they left, Gu Yunjue examined Mu Chen’s chest. That soul power burst from the chest a moment ago and when Mu Chen suppressed it, it went back there.

Unable to restrain himself, Gu Yunjue waits for Mu Chen’s complexion to improve then grabbed his collar, planning to tear it up so he can have a look.

When Mu Chen opened his eyes the first thing he saw was his disciple fiercely tearing at his clothes.

Mu Chen’s face was cold and he remained silent.

“Shizun where is it uncomfortable? Where are you injured? Where does it hurt?” The young disciple really was really worried. Mu Chen grabbed Gu Yunjue and saw that there was deception in his eyes. So even such a little thing can lie? This child is smart, should he spank him in order to inspire more respect for his teacher?

“Teacher, do you want to hit me?”

The child he carried did not struggle, as if it had accepted its fate. Mu Chen felt that his chest was tight. That fiery mark on his chest was reminding him all the time of the reason why he was raising Gu Yunjue.

After his rebirth, he discovered that there were many black marks on his chest. Although, of course, he thought it was related to his rebirth, he had not imagined that it actually contained such a strong soul power. The power that Gu Yunjue had passed onto Mu Chen’s body didn’t disappear when he died.

Why did Gu Yunjue do such a thing? Why not just avoid the righteous cultivators? Why did he fight with the whole righteous faction? Did he really betray the sect or was he forced to do it? Unfortunately, Mu Chen did not know anything about that in his past life. His disciple did not tell him anything. Outwardly his disciple had a mild-mannered and modest appearance, refined and cultured. It was not until the accident that he realized that he had not paid enough attention to his disciple. He knew too little about him. This teacher is really not competent.

Hugging the young disciple to his bosom, Mu Chen sighed. His face was still cold but this child was frightened. How can he be willing to beat him? Mu Chen looked towards the West, deep in thought: “Today’s event, do not tell anyone about it, remember that.”

“Your disciple will remember.” Gu Yunjue’s face was dark but now he became more lively and mischievous, with a fun-loving appearance. His voice was clear and loud: “Shizun who were you remembering just now?”

Translator’s Notes:

I omitted some idioms/slang but I believe they are not significant. The way the elder died was described in a metaphor or euphemism (something like “green meters on all cylinders”) since it would not be polite to actually say he died while having sex with his two maids.

Looks like Liu Han and Mu Chen were childhood friends so they should be roughly the same age but Mu Chen is a higher “generation” than Liu, probably because Mu’s master was an older generation than Liu’s.

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