The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Who Had Been Reborn Earned A Lot Of Money

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chapter 17, the dog looks down on people


Lu Yuxi walked to the exclusive mobile phone section of her shopping mall. She looked around, but she did not see anything.

Most of the mobile phones nowadays had very few functions, only sending messages and making calls. At this moment, Lu Yuxi saw a pink, relatively small and exquisite phone. Just as she was about to pick it up, another hand grabbed it first.

Lu Yuxi followed the line of sight of the owner of the hand. So it was her!

“Miss Zhou, it’s not good for you to snatch your love like this! ” Lu Yuxi said patiently.

“HMPH, I’ll snatch your love like this. What? Do you have a problem with that? ” Zhou Mi said arrogantly.

Zhou Mi was the daughter of the Zhou family. The Zhou family made their fortune in real estate and their business was very big. Their father, Zhou Wu, only had this one precious daughter. He was extremely indulgent.

Zhou Mi and Lu Yuxi were also in the same school. They often relied on the fact that they were the daughter of the Zhou family. No one dared to do anything to her. Others were afraid, but she, Lu Yuxi, did not care at all.

Lu Yuxi sneered. “others are afraid of you, but I’m not afraid of you. So don’t be arrogant in front of me. It’s useless. ”

Zhou Mi raised her Chin and glared fiercely at Lu Yuxi. She hated Lu Yuxi the most. So many people did not dare to disobey her. Only she and Yang ran always opposed her.

Indeed, although the Zhou family was rich and powerful, the Lu Corporation was not inferior to it. However, Zhou Mi was not convinced.

“wrap this up immediately. ” Zhou Mi had the front desk wrap it up. She looked at Lu Yuxi mockingly, as if to say, “I will snatch anything that Lu Yuxi likes. “.

Lu Yuxi pointed at another phone with a sly smile. “show me this one. “.

Zhou Mi snatched it over again. “wrap this up for me too. “.

Lu Yuxi did not care about her. She pointed at the other three phones, and Zhou Mi snatched them all up for the front desk to wrap up.

“Zhou Mi, don’t go too far. Why do you have to snatch other people’s phones? Give it to me, ” Lu Yuxi looked at her coldly and said.

Zhou Mi took out her bank card from her bag with a sneer and swiped all the money from the five phones.

Lu Yuxi suddenly laughed when she saw Zhou Mi Swipe the card and put it in her bag.

“Haha, Zhou Mi, Oh Zhou Mi, have you forgotten who owns this mall? I’m really grateful to you for buying so much! ”

Zhou Mi was so angry that she almost vomited blood when she heard this. She had actually forgotten that this was the Lu shopping mall. She did not expect that she would actually fall for Lu Yuxi’s trick.

“Lu Yuxi, just you wait and see. I’ll make you cry, ” Zhou Mi angrily warned Lu yuxi before she took her phone and left!

“Miss Zhou, please take care, ” Lu Yuxi laughed wildly as she watched Zhou Mi walk away. Where did such a stupid person come from?

Didn’t she know that there were many phones with the same model Lu Yuxi asked the salesperson to take out the phone that she had taken a fancy to previously. After getting the card, she immediately used it.

At noon, Lu Yuxi did not want to go home either. She just strolled around, hoping to see something suitable for her to stop.

“Brothers and sisters, quickly come and take a look. The new property is definitely worth the money, ” a small speaker’s voice attracted Lu Yuxi!

A house seller Anyway, there were still a few hours before the afternoon exam, so why not go in and take a look.

When she entered the sales office, she saw that many salespeople were desperately talking to the customers about how good the house was and how good the surrounding environment was.

There were also many people who did not manage to get any customers. She might as well sit down and rest. Not One of them took the initiative to pay attention to Lu Yuxi!

Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, Lu Yuxi could only take the initiative to ask the salesperson who was resting, “excuse me, where is this house located? ”

When the salespeople saw Lu Yuxi, they rolled their eyes. Those who were playing with their phones were playing with their phones and chatting with each other. They did not pay any attention to her at all.

It was another bunch of people who looked down on others. They looked down on others just by carrying a backpack, right Lu Yuxi angrily lifted her leg and walked away, but she was stopped by a sweet girl.

“Hello, Miss. May I help you with something? ” The salesperson, Xiao Qiao asked.

Lu Yuxi glanced at the black business suit in front of her. Her hair was all combed up, making her look refreshing and generous.

“Well, where is your real estate located? Why are there so few people looking at it? ” Lu Yuxi asked.

The salesperson, Xiao Qiao, smiled and said, “Hehe, our real estate is located in the southern area of Hukou. There is only a sea there, stinky and dirty. It is far away from the city. Although the price is low, many people are unwilling to buy it. This is the reason why there are fewer people. ”

When Lu Yuxi heard about the seaside in Hukou, she tried her best to remember. Hukou, the seaside.. Hukou, the seaside…

She suddenly thought of something. The sea in Hukou had not been purified yet. After a while, the state registered a portion of the funds and changed the sea in Hukou to be beautiful and clean. That was it.. It attracted many tourists to visit, and some even bought houses.

That was it. The originally cheap houses had been turned over dozens of times in an instant. One would be a fool not to earn money.

Lu Yuxi smiled helplessly at the girl in front of her. She seemed to be in her early twenties. “If you tell others the truth like this, they will be even more afraid to buy it. ”

Xiaoqiao let out a breath and said, “I’m telling you so that you can be mentally prepared. It’s not easy for everyone to earn money. I don’t want to cheat others of their money, so I can only tell you the truth. ”

Lu Yuxi looked at the honest girl and asked, “then how much is a set? ”

Xiao Qiao said, “about 150,000 yuan per set. Because few people buy it, the price has been lowered again and again! ”

Lu Yuxi continued to ask, “then how much commission will you get if you sell a house? ”

Xiao Qiao was very curious why Lu Yuxi would ask this question, but she still told her, “if I sell a house, I can get a commission of 25% of my salary. ”

Lu Yuxi understood and said, “Oh. “.

Xiao Qiao said, “why don’t you not come to a conclusion so early? I will take you to see a house first, then you can make a decision! ”

Xiao Qiao had asked her to consider it three or two times, which made Lu yuxi feel that this was a girl who was extremely kind.

She could have gotten a huge commission without saying so much, but she said it out loud to make her think twice. This was a good girl.

Lu Yuxi thought about it. She only had the three million reward from her father now. Three million, 150,000 for a set, which meant that she could buy 20 sets?

Lu Yuxi took out her bank card from her bag and deliberately said loudly to those people who looked down on her, “give me 20 sets. “.

Sure enough, when they heard Lu yuxi say that she wanted to buy 20 sets, the salespeople who had no strength at all rushed over and said that they wanted to introduce the house to Lu Yuxi. They were talking about the house like it was a heavenly flower!

“Miss, our house feels first-class. It looks like it faces the Sea and flowers bloom in spring. ”

“Yes, yes. Are you interested in going to see the House with me? It’s definitely worth the money, ” the salesperson explained one sentence after another.

However, Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes. As expected, she was looking down on others. When she entered, no one paid any attention to her. Now, she was saying that she wanted to buy 20 houses. She was desperate to introduce the house to her.

This person’s heart was indeed unpredictable!

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