The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Who Had Been Reborn Earned A Lot Of Money

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Chapter 19: From now on, you will be called pudding


The small water droplets were very beautiful under the sunlight. However, there was someone who was angry under such a beautiful water droplet.

“What are you doing? I’m giving you a bath and you’re throwing water all over me. I won’t help YOU WASH NEXT TIME! ” Lu Yuxi looked at the water droplets on her body and said angrily.

When the puppy heard someone scolding it loudly, it whimpered a few times and wagged its tail vigorously to show its friendliness to Lu Yuxi.

Only then did Lu Yuxi take a closer look at the puppy she had brought back. Its entire body was furry, and its white fur made Lu Yuxi appreciate its appearance. Its beautiful and cute expression made people want to kiss it.

This was a cute ancient shepherd dog. Who in their right mind would throw it away Lu Yuxi wiped its furry head and remembered its name.

She couldn’t keep calling it a puppy, right? She didn’t know how to look at a dog’s male and female, so she could only choose a male and a female.

Lu Yuxi looked at the puppy that kept wagging its tail at her and remembered that she was the worst at picking names. Now, it was a bit difficult for her to pick a name for it.

Wangcai No, it was a bit vulgar. Da Bai No, no, it didn’t sound good. She liked it so much, why not call it pudding Okay, just call it that.

“Pudding, from now on, you’ll be called pudding. Do you like this name? ” Lu Yuxi rubbed its head and smiled. Maybe it would be a good partner for her in the future.

“There’s no food for you at home. Let’s go, I’ll buy you some dog food. ” The man and dog hopped out of the house!

Lu Yuxi took out her new phone and dialed Yang ran’s number. “Hello, Xiao ran? Have you finished your exams? Come out for a while, I’ll wait for you in the new district city. ”

Before Yang ran could speak, Lu Yuxi hung up the phone and sat leisurely on the stairs. However, within a few minutes, Yang ran ran to Lu Yuxi, panting.

“Xiao, Xiao Xi, you… you’re in such a hurry, why did you call me? ”

“Why are you so fast? Didn’t I just hang up? ” Lu Yuxi was surprised to see Yang ran’s speed.

Yang ran broke out in cold sweat. “I was nearby. I came over as soon as I received the call. Weren’t you in a hurry to find me? ”

“Was I? No! When have I ever been in a hurry? ” Lu Yuxi pursed her lips and recalled as if she was no longer in a hurry.

Yang ran resisted the urge to strangle Lu Yuxi. “Tell me, what’s the matter? If there’s nothing important, call me out. I WON’T FORGIVE YOU! ”

Lu Yuxi Chuckled. “Pudding, come here. ”

Upon hearing Lu Yuxi’s cry, pudding, who was still playing, happily ran to Lu Yuxi’s feet and wagged its tail.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful, so cute! ” Yang ran excitedly picked up pudding and rubbed its fur with its face.

Lu Yuxi quickly stopped it, afraid that this little ancestor would accidentally wipe it away.

“Xiao Ran, stop rubbing it. You’ll lose your fur later. You were called here to accompany me to give pudding a vaccination! ”

Yang ran let go of pudding and said, “okay, let’s go. ”

Lu Yuxi followed behind helplessly. Yang ran was actually like her. She especially liked puppies, but because she often came into contact with her, she was afraid that the fur on the puppy would make Lin Yiwen uncomfortable, so she did not keep it.

At the pet shop

“Doctor, please give it a vaccination for me! ” Lu Yuxi said.

“Okay, then you wait here for a moment. I’ll carry it in to get ready, ” the doctor took pudding and said.

After the doctor carried pudding into the quarantine zone, Yang ran asked, “when did you get such a cute dog? ”

Lu Yuxi told Yang ran about the whole process of adopting pudding. Yang Ran said excitedly, “wow, this dog knows how to repay kindness. Humans can’t even reach its level. ”

Lu Yuxi said, “that’s right. I don’t know who was so stupid to throw it away and let it be bullied for so long. ”

The door to the quarantine zone opened and the doctor carried pudding out.

The doctor said, “I checked its whole body just now and found that there were many bruises on its body, but they were also superficial wounds. It’s okay! ”

Lu Yuxi took the pudding with some heartache. “It was originally a stray dog, but I saw that it was quite spiritual, so I took it home! ”

“A stray dog? This is the most noble and spiritual shepherd dog in ancient times. Look at its white fur and its extraordinary posture. How could it be a stray dog! ” The doctor did not believe it at all.

The Noblest Shepherd dog She only knew that it was a shepherd dog.

Lu Yuxi did not explain anything. She gave pudding some ointment for external injuries and bought two months’worth of dog food before leaving with Yang Ran.

“Xiao Ran, you’re not in a hurry to go home, are you? Come to my house for dinner. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you at my house, ” Lu Yuxi asked

Yang ran agreed without thinking. “okay, I’ll go to your house for dinner today and see how your fake sister pretends to be! ”

Lu Yuxi and Yang ran had just entered the house when they heard a noise. They followed the noise and saw Wang Yun scolding a maid. The maid lowered her head and sobbed, but she did not dare to cry out loud…

“Madam Wang, I really didn’t do it on purpose. Please don’t fire me. I still have younger brothers and sisters to study. I need this salary, ” the maid pleaded.

Wang Yun, on the other hand, cursed even harder This wretched girl actually said behind her back that she could not compare to Lu Yuxi’s dead mother at all. How could she be inferior to that damned B * Tch, Ye Keyi? If she did not teach these servants a lesson, how could she be the mistress of this house in the future!

Lu Yuxi frowned and asked, “what’s going on? “?

Wang Yun did not expect Lu Yuxi, who had just left, to return so soon, so she was at a loss.

“Xiao Xi, you’re back. I’m teaching the DISOBEDIENT SERVANTS A LESSON! ”

Lu Yuxi continued to ask, “what’s going on? Can someone tell me? ”

The maid who was scolded said submissively, “Miss, I just accidentally broke a cup just now. I didn’t expect… ”

As she said that, she looked at Wang Yun. “I didn’t expect Madam Wang to scold me so severely. ”

When she heard the servant call her Madam Wang Yun, Lu Yuxi was very displeased. “Can she not scold you like that? Aunt Wang is so young, yet you call her madam like that. If you call her old, how can she not be angry? In the future, all of you will call her aunt Wang, and she will not be angry anymore. ”

After hearing Lu Yuxi’s words, Wang Yun’s face turned slightly pale. Lu Yuxi said that she did not want the servant to call her old, but she was actually telling her that in the Lu family, she, Wang Yun, was nothing.

Lu Yuxi looked at the Pale Wang Yun and asked with a sneer, “Aunt Wang, don’t you agree? ”

Wang Yun could only nod and say yes.

Lu Yuxi said to the servant, “Wang Yun was just joking with you just now. How could she fire you in my house? Therefore, the death penalty can be waived, but the punishment can not be escaped. Today’s salary will be deducted. ”

The Servant gladly accepted this condition and went to work, but Wang Yun’s face turned even paler.

Wang Yun knew that Lu Yuxi’s words were meant for her to hear.

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