The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Who Had Been Reborn Earned A Lot Of Money

Chapter 559

Chapter 559: Chapter 559 children’s toys


“Lili, turn off the lights. ” The two of them walked towards Lu Yuxi while the other ran to Lu Yuxi’s back to turn off the lights.

When the sound of the lights being turned off rang out, Lu yuxi slowly revealed a smile that no one could guess.

“sisters, beat them up. ” The leader gave the order and the three of them were ready to attack.

Unfortunately, they had forgotten whose territory this was and how they were allowed to behave atrociously.

“Lili, don’t move yet. Turn on the lights. ” The leader of the women said with cold sweat and stood on the spot, not daring to move at all.

“What’s wrong, big sister? Are you okay? ” Lili felt a little puzzled. They hadn’t even started playing, so why was the lights turned on?

“Yes, big sister. I haven’t even started. How did it end? ” The other woman asked in confusion.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Turn on the lights first, ” the woman in the lead ordered, not daring to move.

For some reason, Lili could only turn on the lights again with the help of the weak moonlight.

“PA! ” When the lights were turned on again, Lili and the other woman broke out in cold sweat.

Lu Yuxi stretched out her hand and aimed the golden-silver gun straight at Liu Mang’s head. Her expression was cold, so no one could see what she was thinking.

“Lu Yuxi, what are you doing? Let go of my big sister, ” Li Li said in fear, afraid that Lu Yuxi would make a move.

Liu Mang looked ahead in a daze. The muzzle of the gun was pressed against his head, making him unable to move. “Lu Yuxi, are you trying to scare me with a toy gun? You’re really scaring me. ”

The cold muzzle of the gun was aimed at her. Liu Mang was stunned. Although she, Liu Mang, had never held a real gun before, she had been with those old men from the gang for a long time, so she could still feel the real gun.

However, she was still not very sure. She could only use an experimental method, but she still did not dare to move it.

“Toy, do you want to try it first? ”LuuYuxii said as she held the gun even tighter in her hand.

The gun was given to her by the Hei Bu after she was kidnapped by Nuo Xiaoju. Although he had given one to her before, it was also a lady’s gun, but he still chose to keep it because it was a little big.

However, the pistol in her hand was entirely gold and silver. It had been made for her by someone from the Hei bu a long time ago. Although it was small, it was very powerful and convenient to carry. The Hei Bu was afraid that she would carelessly forget to bring it Therefore, they got someone to make a custom-made strap to tie around her stomach. It could protect the fetus and also put the pistol.

“Yes, yes. Lu Yuxi, who are you trying to scare with a toy pistol? Do you think we are afraid of you? ” Lili stuttered. Although she said that on the surface, she was extremely nervous in her heart.

Lu Yuxi’s eyes flashed. “You, do you want to try? ”

“Lu Yuxi, let me tell you, don’t do anything reckless. This is a society ruled by law. It is illegal to kill people. If you kill me, you won’t be able to escape. ” Liu Mang was so scared that his words were trembling.

“Kill you? I don’t have the guts to think about it. Today is Yang Ran’s wedding. Not only is it bad luck to kill you, but it will also dirty this place. ”

Lu Yuxi suddenly became furious. She pointed at Liu Mang’s head and said, “tell me, your names aren’t on Yang Ran’s wedding list. How did you get in? ”

“We came in by ourselves. We saw that there was no one at the back door, so we came in through the back door, ” Liu Mang argued.

Lu Yuxi’s hand moved slightly. She smiled sarcastically. “Tell me, if the bullet from this gun hits your head, what will you do? ”

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