The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Who Had Been Reborn Earned A Lot Of Money

Chapter 591

Chapter 591: Chapter 591: Gu Qing appeared


“Yes, I know. Where is father? ”

“Master is at the company and hasn’t returned yet. ”

“Yes, I know. I’ll go look for him now. ” It was just the right time to take a look at the company’s recent situation.

Not long after father recovered, he hurriedly returned to the company and imagined all the things that he did not know when the company was unconscious.

The driver, Qi Shifu, was not around, so Lu Yuxi could only take a taxi to the company.

Seeing that the company was now stronger than before, Lu Yuxi was very happy. Perhaps, without the obstruction of others, without Wang Maihe and Lin Yiwen’s tricks, the company would not easily give up.

It was also because after the last bankruptcy, the company underwent a major overhaul. Those parasites that were originally in the Lu Corporation, Lu Yuxi cleaned them up one by one.

And those shareholders who left when the LU corporation was in trouble back then wanted to take back the shares they should have, but they were coldly rejected by Lu Yuxi.

Although they rejected, how could such a person let go so easily? They immediately appealed. However, what was the use of appealing? The former Lu Corporation had already gone bankrupt, and now the Lu Corporation was a new corporation, and it was Lu Yuxi who fought hard to get it Naturally, they would not get any benefits.

It was also because of this ‘general cleaning’ that Lu Yuxi had many opportunities to recruit talents.

In order to recruit more talents, Lu yuxi spread her net across the talent market, the news, and even the major networks.

It was also because of this that countless applicants were attracted. It was also because of this that the threshold of the Lu Corporation was pushed very high.

Lu Yuxi had just reached the entrance of the company when she heard the noise.

“Let me in. I will really work very hard. Why are you only looking at your academic qualifications? Don’t you want to look at other things? ” The man said angrily.

The security guard blocked him outside. “Don’t make things difficult for us. You can look at the people in the queue. Which one of them doesn’t have a high academic qualification? With your high school education, it’s already good enough for you to be shortlisted. Don’t make trouble here. ”

Gu Qing said angrily, “why? Why do you have to look at academic qualifications? Do all the companies and systems nowadays have to be so mechanized? Can’t you be more humane? ”

The security guard said calmly, “the Lu Corporation is already very humane. I am also a junior high school student, but I still entered this place. You have to know that our security manager also graduated from junior high school. We can only say that some things really need to be weighed. ”

Gu Qing said unwillingly, “just let me in. I was sent out before I even had an interview. What right do you have to chase me out just because of my education? ”

“enough, chase him out. As a loser, what right do you have to want to enter the upper class of society? If you want something high-end, bring out your education. ” A woman walked out arrogantly.

Lu Yuxi’s eyes narrowed. She did not know this woman. Although it was true that the company was handed over to her father to manage, she would often come over when she had nothing to do. She had indeed never seen this woman before.

Gu Qing lowered his head because of the woman’s words. Yes, after he was expelled from university, he was destined to be a loser. He was not qualified enough to be accepted by others.

“wait. ” Lu Yuxi stopped Gu Qing who was about to leave.

“Sir, please wait a moment. ” This man, Lu Yuxi must be her subordinate and must be accepted into the LU corporation.

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