The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Who Had Been Reborn Earned A Lot Of Money

Chapter 803

Chapter 803: Chapter 803 life and death


“sister-in-law, be good and have a good baby. Don’t worry about it now. ” Even though she said so, tears still fell from the corner of Hei Qingqing’s eyes.

“Qingqing, don’t hide it from me. Tell me quickly, how is your brother? ” Lu Yuxi raised her head in excitement.

“sister-in-law, brother, brother, he… ”

“Tell me. ” Lu Yuxi roared angrily.

In the end, Hei Qingqing could not lie to her. Tears fell down, “brother, he was shot twice and is now in emergency treatment. The doctor said that he could leave at any time. He told us to be mentally prepared. ”

Lu Yuxi heard that and did not speak or struggle anymore. It was so quiet that it was scary.

“sister-in-law, don’t be like this. Brother is lucky. He will definitely be fine. You will give birth to the baby. I believe that he will be fine. ”

? ? The Moment Lu Yuxi was pushed into another operating room and the door was closed, Hei Qingqing saw despair in her eyes. She stared at the ceiling and tears fell from the corners of her eyes. There was no emotion. It was as if she had died.

“Doctor, what is my sister-in-law’s condition now? ” Hei Qingqing was a little flustered.

The doctor shook his head helplessly. “Sigh, according to the report, it was already very dangerous. Now that it has dragged on for so long, I’m afraid that both adults and children will be in danger. At that time, I’m afraid we can only choose one. ”

“How is this possible? This is absolutely impossible. Doctor, you have to save her. ” Although Hei Qingqing was a doctor herself, she could only ask this.

It was already amazing that this mother was able to hold on until now. Hopefully, the heavens will open their eyes and a miracle will happen.

Hei Qingqing collapsed on the ground. sister-in-law, you must do your best. Right now, my life and death are still unknown. You can’t let anything happen to you again. If anything happens again, my mother and I really don’t know what to do.

“Miss Lu, after resting for so long, your physical strength should have recovered quite a bit, right? Now, you have to do as I say. ”

Lu Yuxi could no longer hear what the doctor was saying. He only knew that she was really in pain. He did not know if it was the pain in her heart or her abdomen. It was so painful that she was suffocating.

Although that shot had hit her, it had saved her life because of the safety lock that her grandmother had given her. However, she was in so much pain. She was really in so much pain.

“Scissors, gauze, ” the doctor and nurse cooperated with each other.

“Okay, Miss Lu, listen to me. Harder, harder. You must not pass out, or the baby will be in danger. ” The doctor was sweating, afraid that something might go wrong. She had delivered many babies, but this was indeed troublesome.

“Ah… ” ? Lu Yuxi shouted out loud, her hand holding the gauze tightly …

“Miss Lu, don’t stop. Harder, harder. I can already see the baby’s head. Harder. ” Lu Yuxi looked very weak. Her forehead was full of cold sweat, as if she was going to pass out at any moment.

“Doctor, the patient’s vital signs are starting to drop. ”

The doctor was also a little flustered. “quick, go and invite the professor over. ”

“Miss Lu, you don’t have to faint. Hurry up and push. The baby’s head is outside. ”

Tears rolled down from the corner of Lu Yuxi’s eyes. Hei Bu, are you okay Let’s persevere together, okay? You promised to take care of me and the baby. Don’t misspeak, okay?

“Ah… ” ? This time, Lu Yuxi used all her strength to shout this. No one knew whether it was because of her heartache or the baby’s pain …

This cry made people feel a little sad, but it was more desolate, making people feel a little sad when they heard it.

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