The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 1262 - The King (5)

Chapter 1262: The King (5)

He had spent so much effort to get to this point. He couldn’t let go just like that!

Uncle Yu was about to say something.

“Uncle Yu, I just can’t do anything to Xiao Huan, who’s still in a coma. When she wakes up, she’ll love me. Once we’re in love and she’s awake, I’ll definitely do it!” Gu Chenyi vowed.

He told Uncle Yu this and told himself that he could definitely do it!

He really could not do such a thing because Mu Huan was still in a coma.

He was really like that!

When Uncle Yu heard this, he didn’t continue this topic. “Let’s have another drink.”

He asked for the glass of wine from Gu Chenyi and poured some more wine for him.

Other than the fact that Gu Chenyi had saved his life, the most important factor to Uncle Yu was that Gu Chenyi was too much like how he was back then. In the past, he was also trapped in such a relationship, struggling and in pain. He did not want Gu Chenyi to end up in pain like him and wanted to help him.

He could help him do other things, but he couldn’t make a decision for him.

Gu Chenyi did not speak and reached out to hand the cup over. He had already been asked to drink some more wine earlier, but he had been unable to pass the cup over then. Now, he handed it over easily because this was not about getting drunk and boosting one’s courage. It was purely about drinking.

Uncle Yu looked at him and seemed to be able to see his final choice.

The two of them stood on the deck and slowly drank, not noticing that someone was peeping at them from the corner.

It was none other than John.

After confirming that Gu Chenyi and Uncle Yu would not be going to Mu Huan’s room for a while, he left quietly and turned around to go to Mu Huan’s ward.

He wanted to secretly inject Mu Huan with the drug.

This drug was the drug that he had told Gu Chenyi about, the one that could make Mu Huan forget everything. However, the side effects of this drug were not just a little damage to the memory center. Instead, it was to be a huge irreversible injury. It would make Mu Huan unable to be smart anymore, and she would become very ordinary. In fact, her intelligence would be a little lacking.

That day, when Gu Chenyi came looking for him to do this, his beloved goddess happened to be at his house. When she found out that he was going to hypnotize Mu Huan, she made him take the opportunity to destroy her.

Mu Huan was too smart and talented. She was only 23 years old, but she had already achieved so much. Her existence had overshadowed too many people in the pharmaceutical industry, making those who had always been considered geniuses unable to take it.

They had researched things for so many years, but they had never been able to figure it out. Mu Huan had only used three years to figure it out. This was really…

She was too unbearable to look at.

She should have died.

There shouldn’t be someone like her in this world.

Sometimes, even if you didn’t do anything and were only outstanding, to some people, that was all wrong and shouldn’t be the case. Envy could turn people into the most terrifying demons, making them capable of anything.

Although Gu Chenyi was not in the room, there were still bodyguards guarding outside Mu Huan’s door.

It took John a while to fool the bodyguards outside.

John, who had wasted a lot of time with the bodyguards, was afraid that he wouldn’t have enough time. When he arrived at Mu Huan’s room, he quickly took out a syringe and walked toward her.

Just as he reached the bed and lifted Mu Huan’s sleeve to inject the drug into her…

Suddenly, a hand grabbed his wrist that was holding the syringe.

His eyes widened in shock.

Then, he saw Mu Huan, who was lying motionless on the bed and should still be in a coma, sitting up.

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