The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 1336 - Unforgettable Sin (3)

Chapter 1336: Unforgettable Sin (3)

“I’m so happy to see him in so much pain.” She still remembered that when she was in so much pain that she was about to go crazy, he had been by her side, eating delicacies and teasing the cat while twisting the knife in her.


Bo Junyan: “…”

“By the way, speaking of my senior brother, how long will this powerlessness last?”

“One day. He should recover by this time tomorrow,” Bo Junyan said.

Mu Huan looked at Ouyang Xiaoxiao, who was sitting there playing the piano, and her heart ached even more for her senior brother.

She hadn’t even known about her senior brother’s weakness, so it could be seen that very few people knew about it. They were all people closer to him than she was. If he had only treated Ouyang Xiaoxiao as the daughter of his enemy and had only been with her for revenge, he wouldn’t have let her know about his fatal weakness.

Based on his current performance, coupled with what had happened before, her senior brother must have been more deeply in love than she had expected.

Aiyo… that indescribable pain! It hurt!


Yu Hansheng crushed the glass on the table.

All the glass shards had pierced into his palm and blood was flowing out, but he did not feel any pain.

The bodyguards standing by the side: “…”

He could not bear to see her like this, but he refused to move away. He refused to leave.

This… wasn’t this him asking for torture?

Having been by his master’s side for so many years, this was the first time he had seen him being a masochist.

Yu Hansheng’s seat was very hidden and very few people could discover him.

However, his gaze was too intense, so intense that Ouyang Xiaoxiao easily knew where he was. However, she ignored his existence.

The best revenge she could give him now was to ignore him.

She had let go of the love in her heart, but she could not let go of the hatred in it!

Back then, he was so heartless as to take their lives!

Today was only the beginning!

The summer sky was bright and full of stars. As they sat under the starry sky, the cool wind blew, making one feel comfortable.

“Here, have some.” Mu Huan handed Yu Hansheng a bottle of wine.

Yu Hansheng glanced at her coldly, but he reached out to take it.

“Oh, I forgot. Can you drink now?” Mu Huan’s expression said, “I just remembered that you were drugged.”

Yu Hansheng snorted and did not speak.

“Tell me, why didn’t you tell me earlier that you have this problem? If you had told me earlier, I would have treated you long ago. You wouldn’t have been in such a sorry state today.” It’s true that Mu Huan wanted to see Yu Hansheng make a fool of himself and kick him when he was down.

However, the two of them had been in the same sect for three years. It was only after their relationship had reached a certain level that they began to scam each other and add insult to injury.

Hence, she was a little displeased that even someone “not close” like her husband knew about his weakness, but he did not tell her about it!

Yu Hansheng was in a bad mood and did not speak as he drank.

Mu Huan did not provoke him further. She picked up the wine glass and was about to drink when she suddenly recalled that she had plans to have a baby in the near future. Hence, she put down the glass in her hand.

“Why aren’t you drinking?” Yu Hansheng looked at her.

“I’m someone who needs to prepare for pregnancy. I have to change some of my bad habits.” As a medical worker, Mu Huan had a strong mindset for optimal birth.

“Are you still planning to give birth to a child for Bo Junyan?”

“What do you mean am I still planning to give birth to a child for Bo Junyan? We’re husband and wife, and I like children so much. We’ll definitely have a child!” Mu Huan had always liked children. She had never had thoughts of becoming a DINK[1]. If she wanted to have a child and did not have use for the term.

[1] Acronym for “double income, no kids” describing childless couples

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