The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Do You Need Me to Help You Remember?

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Bao Junyan woke up at the same time as she did.

When Mu Huan sat up and looked at him, he was coincidentally turning to look at her. There was a spark between them when their eyes locked.

Every scene and every part of last night continuously flooded back into Mu Huan’s mind.

She was momentarily dumbstruck, unsure of what to do.

What the f*ck! Alcohol is truly poison to the organs! It is lethal! Lethal!

What do I do? What do I do?

After thinking about it for a while and not coming up with an answer, she decided to just lie back down on the bed with a plop. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep, as if what she did earlier was just her sleepwalking.

Bao Junyan: “…”

Mu Huan turned around, hoping to go back to sleep and to not wake up until Bao Junyan had left the room.

However, her stomach couldn’t take it any longer; it began to growl in hunger.

She hated it! She hated her disappointing stomach so much!

In the silent room, the rumbles of her stomach were louder than ever.

“If you’re hungry, get up and eat.” Bao Junyan let out a laugh.

Mu Huan pretended she couldn’t hear him and that she didn’t exist.

However, she was instantly picked up by Bao Junyan. “Do you need me to help you put on your clothes?”

Mu Huan: “…”

She knew that there was no way she could escape.

“Hubby… Last night, what happened?…. I don’t remember… I think I was blackout drunk…”

Bao Junyan thought that his little wife was terrible at lying. She was obviously revealing what she had wanted to hide. “Do you need me to help you remember?”

Mu Huan: “…!!!”

Men! Why would you make things difficult for your obedient and beloved wife!

“Wake up and have breakfast.” Bao Junyan released her and got out of bed.

Mu Huan raised her head in astonishment. Was he letting her off just like that?

Why was he suddenly being so nice?

Bao Junyan stared at her stunned face before caressing her head. “Get up soon.”

With that, he left for the bathroom.

Mu Huan looked at his back in shock.

Last night, she…

When she thought about what she said last night, she lay back down and hid under the blankets. She should just suffocate herself to death!

At the entrance of the bathroom, Bao Junyan turned around at the sound, only to see her hiding. “Next time, you are not allowed to drink so much.”

Since it was her first time making such a mistake, he would let her off this time.

Hearing this, Mu Huan instantly replied, “I swear! I promise! I won’t do this again anymore!”

Next time, she would never drink so much again even if she was beaten to death!

In the dining room.

Mu Huan could see the love in Butler Lee’s eyes when he looked at her.

She couldn’t really handle it.

When she thought about what she had done last night when she was drunk, she couldn’t help but want to cover her face and find a place to hide.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Bao Junyan asked as he saw how she wasn’t eating.

“Hungry… Hungry…” Mu Huan hurriedly lowered her head and ate.

Bao Junyan had an important meeting this morning. Therefore, he left for the company without waiting for Mu Huan to finish breakfast.

When Mu Huan was done, she realized that something seemed off. She thought for a while before realizing what was odd. “Butler Lee, why didn’t I see my little sister coming down for breakfast?”

Mu Kexin wanted to butter up to Bao Junyan so much and was such a shameless figure. She wouldn’t have given a sh*t and missed this chance of eating with Bao Junyan after what Mu Huan had drunkenly said last night!

“Young Master sent her back.”

“Sent her back? When was this?!” Mu Huan stood up in shock.

“Last night, when you were sleeping on Young Master’s shoulder, Young Master had asked us to send her back,” Butler Lee replied in a detailed manner.

Mu Huan: “…”

D*mn it! D*mn it!

Next time, she would chop her hand off if she was to ever drink again!

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