The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 876 - Speak If You Have Something to Say (7)

Chapter 876: Speak If You Have Something to Say (7)

“Go away,” Mu Huan said as she pushed his hand away and took a few steps back from him.

“Aren’t you no longer angry…?” Wasn’t she no longer angry with him?

“What do you take me for? A three-year-old child? You think you can placate me with just a few nice words?” Mu Huan sneered. “Look at these marks on me. Those who don’t know better might think that I’ve been abused!

“Actually, no, this is also a form of domestic violence!”

Bo Junyan: “…”

“I’m only telling you the truth today. I haven’t forgiven you! Think of this current situation as you having to stay in school for observation. If I think that it’s enough, I’ll forgive you and accept you. If I feel that it’s no longer possible, you’ll be KO-ed!”

Bo Junyan’s handsome face darkened instantly.

“Why? Are you threatening me again?” Mu Huan raised an eyebrow.

Bo Junyan: “…”

“Alright, I won’t KO you. Since I think you can’t control yourself yet, then you can continue to work hard for now. You can go back to a separate room to sleep and stop when I think you can manage it.” If she insisted on KOing him, he would probably explode again. She really didn’t want to threaten him anymore.

Bo Junyan: “…”

“You can take this opportunity to calm down and think about it. Do you like my youth or me? Do you want someone with my current personality? Let’s start with our real personalities and date first. We’ll talk about other things after we get familiar with each other.”

They had crossed too many boundaries during the time they were together. This resulted in them creating such a huge commotion when they encountered a problem and almost falling apart because of it.

All he wanted was a hug and a kiss. He only wanted her to obediently hang in his arms.

But she wasn’t his kitten who only had to stay obediently in his embrace.

Bo Junyan instinctively wanted to say no, but when he thought about how angry she was right now, he decided to go along with her and talk about it later.

“Then what should I do?”

“Who asks for forgiveness by asking the other party what he has to do to be forgiven!” Men always had to ask you to tell them what to do before they would do it. If you told him how to please you, it would mean that you were pleasing yourself. What else could he do? She might as well just date herself.


Mu Huan: “…”

“What you need to do now is to sleep in the guest room.”

Bo Junyan’s expression darkened instantly.

Mu Huan didn’t care if he was black-faced or not. He had really gone overboard these past few days. If she didn’t let him know, she wouldn’t be able to do this. He would still be like this in the future.

She didn’t know how strong he was. She was so strong, but when she fought against him, she couldn’t even f*cking fight back. Every time, she was successfully bullied by him.

He really made her angry.

“I’m going back to my room to read. Don’t follow me, or I’ll be very angry!” Mu Huan said as she walked upstairs.

Bo Junyan: “…”

He could still be tough with her, but he knew that she was angry. If he continued to be tough with her, she would only get angrier.

He didn’t want her to be cold to him. He wanted her to return to that little cutie who used to smile.

Hence, he could only watch her return to her room.

She refused to let him hug her.

After some thought, he went to the study to work.

Imperial Capital…

“Grandfather, we can’t proceed with the plan,” Ling Wei said.

“I’m already in this state, and you want to retreat?” Old Master Meng frowned.

“It’s not that I want to retreat. It’s just that I don’t feel any hope. Junyan doesn’t like me. If I continue to pester him, I’m afraid it won’t be easy for us to get along.”

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