The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 10 – What An Awesome Big Brother!

Chapter 10 – What An Awesome Big Brother!

Su Xi really wanted to jump over there and loudly announce that it wasn’t her, wasn’t her…. but under these circumstances, she had no other choice but to remain hidden behind the lotus flowers.

But she still had an awesome big brother.

Seeing that his most precious little sister had been misunderstood, he hurriedly laughed and explained: “Crown prince your highness, the one there a moment ago wasn’t my fifth younger sister. My fifth younger sister is gentle and ladylike with an extraordinary innate talent. She doesn’t even have enough time to cultivate so how could she be mischievous enough to cause trouble.”

A peculiar light flashed through the crown prince’s eyes: “Oh? Then who that was the one earlier?”

Su Jingyu was at a loss. He secretly scolded himself for being a dumbass, why did he say that it was one of his family’s sisters and not just randomly blame one of the servant girls? Now that the crown prince is looking into the matter, how was he going to respond?

Father always regarded Third Sister highly. Not only that, Third Sister was always close with his mother and sister. If it was possible to not sacrifice her, he mustn’t offer her up to be slaughtered.

All of a sudden, a bright light sparked in Su Jingyu mind as he realized a way in which he could get the best of both worlds. Due to his emotional excitement, he slightly raised his voice: “Actually…. I won’t keep Your Highness in the dark, that girl is in fact…. actually….”

“You talk and break off again as if you’re unwilling to speak the truth. Don’t tell me that girl is actually….” The crown prince’s deep abyssal eyes flickered as his voice lowered and appeared to carry some sort of suggestion.

“Yes, Your Highness is brilliant. That girl is in fact my good-for-nothing Fourth Sister!” After Su Jingyu said those words, he immediately relaxed and felt as if the sky had brightened. Even the gently blowing wind had a fresh and clean smell to it.

Fourth Sister?

The Su Luo who sat atop the forking branch seriously wanted to explode and burst into obscene language.

Her rigid elder brother, who was suppose to be a person of high morals, was actually this shameless! To actually blame this on an innocent, dragged her into it, and made her a scapegoat! And even said that the scandalous person was actually her!

Now she finally understood where her notorious reputation came from. As long as any one of the sisters made an error, they would tell outsiders that it was her fault and fasten the culprit hat on top of her head.

Su Luo’s eyes glittered with frost and snow. They were infused with a deep cold radiance. Good, very good. Su Jingyu you have been put into memory by this lady. This lady here is extremely petty. As for this vengance, just you wait.

Nangong Liuyun looked at the girl’s flickering complexion in amusement as his rosy-red lips perked up into a smile. His abnormally enchanting low voice carried a hint of sensuality: “Girl, you’re not going out there to clear up the misunderstanding?”

“If I go out now, that big brother of mine would certainly be startled, then dismiss me as if I was a servant girl. Would you believe that?” Su Luo’s smile was as beautiful as a flower while her white teeth glinted with a cold radiance.

“But if you don’t go out, this crown princess position of yours would never be considered. Would you believe that? Nangong Liuyun’s red lips were the color of blood; it was a bright dazzling color. His eyes clear and deep eyes could directly penetrate one’s heart.

Crown princess? Su Luo went deep into thought and finally discovered the truth from the memory of the former owner of this body.

It was actually real. Because it had been said that the original Su Luo was the reincarnation of a bird god, as a result, the empress engaged her to the crown prince. After all these years, even if her reputation was so poor that the wedding contract was so shaky that it was about to collapse, it still had not yet been officially terminated

So Su Jingyu’s lie, which framed her in front of the crown prince, first brushed away any suspicions about Su Xi and Su Wan’s involvement on one hand, second, settled the difficult problem the crown prince raised, and third, naturally helped his precious sister in opening a path to her future.

Because only when she, Su Luo, made way on that road, would Su Xi have the chance to become crown princess.

Su Jingyu ah, Su Jingyu…. Tell me, what am I going to do with you?

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