The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 15 – The good-for-nothing is actually a super genius! (1)

Chapter 15 – The good-for-nothing is actually a super genius! (1)

His jet-black hair poured down his back in silken threads in an indescribably stunning way. His tall, well-defined stature was elegant, and his slender body carried such noble bearing. Dressed in loose robes that gracefully danced in the air while the jade belt around his waist fluttered along with the wind, it was as if he was floating like an immortal.

His eyes filled with confidence and arrogance, as he emitted the noble and domineering air of a towering aloof god while his entire body exuded a brilliant light that dazzles the eyes.

It seems as if just by standing there, he could control the entire world, with its majestic mountains and endless rivers, in the palm of his hand.

“Why are you taking me there?” Su Luo mumbled. She always believed that the motive behind the seemingly innocent courting behavior was used to either rob or rape. She was always wary of such behavior.

“Didn’t you always want to go?” Prince Jin sucked on his crimson lips as his charming nefarious eyes drew her in. “This king has already collected his bet, you don’t want to collect yours?”

At this moment, Su Luo recalled that she could still suggest a condition.

So she may as well participate in this game of words, since it’s not as if she was the one who put forth that condition out loud, right?

“Lets go!” Before Nangong Liuyun finished speaking, he had already hugged Su Luo to his chest. His body seem to grow wings as he rapidly flited through the air, almost as if his foot never touched the ground. He was like a dragonfly skimming the water’s surface that only left a reflection.

The wind rushed by her ears. Su Luo became curious and decided to open her eyes. She saw the passing scenery while flying through the air. Looking downwards, it seemed as if she could see the entire capital.

“Not afraid?” While effortlessly carrying her in the sky, Nangong Liuyun could actually talk smoothly without gasping for breath. Evidently, the level of his martial arts was high, high enough to be at an unfathomable peak, and unfathomable enough to be bottomless.

“I like it.” Su Luo truly enjoyed this kind of soaring across the horizon type of feeling. It was as if she could see every living thing in her vision as she looked down. She took a deep breath as her hand balled into a tight fist.

Unfortunately, she was a natural good-for-nothing, doomed to be unable to achieve the same height as Nangong Liuyun.

It seemed as if Nangong Liuyun could understood her silent wishful thoughts when he charmingly smiled and spoke with his enchantingly deep voice, “Once the test results are out, who says there wouldn’t be a reversal in the outcome?”

“If only!” Su Luo secretly encouraged herself in her heart.

In the distance, the outline of the temple could finally be spotted.

The temple was established at the very core of the imperial capital and its location was even more orderly than the imperial palace. From top to bottom, one could only see sharp pointed roofs, a wide plaza with a fountain at the center, and in front of the fountain were rows of master ranked sculpted statues.

Tiger, leopard, jackal, wolf…. Even the continent’s magic beast sculptures could also be found here.

“We’re here.” Nangong Liuyun gently floated down with Su Luo and the two directly landed in front of the temple’s entrance.

Nangong Liuyun didn’t even need to show his title plate because the elderly gate-keeper had already respectfully saluted him before concentrating on opening the temple gates.

In accordance to what Nangong Liuyun had said, his face was the best name plate.

He led Su Luo into the hall on the third floor.

The first floor was where commoners were assessed.

The second floor was where military officials were tested.

And those who could enter the third floor were extremely few, for only members of the imperial family were entitled to enter there.

The third floor’s lights shone with a mysteriousness feeling. It was rich and luxurious, exquisite and beautiful, with a huge jade table in the center of the wide hall. And atop of the table, was a crystal ball merely the size of a grapefruit.

The crystal ball flickered with sparkling fluorescence. It was clear, translucent, and its brightness was similar to an eye’s, as if it was able to reflect the deepest part of a person’s heart.

Innate spiritual strength was separated into seven different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. Red was the weakest, and purple was the strongest. Since the beginning of the continent’s history, it was so rare to possess purple colored innate talent that you could count them using your fingers and it probably only happened once every several hundred years.

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