The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 1895 - Murder to prevent divulgence of one's Secrets 1

Chapter 1895 - Murder to prevent divulgence of one's Secrets 1

"Hurry up, senior brother, kill the ten-winged angel. Let's take the points and run quickly. Otherwise, when the owner arrives, we will suffer!" Leng Siyu a pulled the sleeve of Quan Ziqing, urging him to hurry.

The other teammates were all urging him.

You know, all their team fighting together wouldn't be able to beat an ordinary ten-winged angel, let alone a violent variant ten-winged angel? Take advantage and run quickly!

Quan Ziqing also nodded in silence. Then, he held up the Cheng Ying sword and stabbed the dying variant ten-winged angel with a sword.

The ten-winged angel didn't even groaned, but she just died like this, it was like the saying, if the tiger went down to level land, he would be insulted by dogs.

"Senior brother, hurry up, points!!!"

At they thought about the points, the whole team's eyes were red with excitement!

Senior brother's silver token could double points, doubled!

60 points, how difficult was it to earn?

With everyone urging him, Quan Ziqing was in a good mood. He slowly took out the silver token that he was immensely proud of from his sleeve, displayed it ostentatiously, and then smiled at the crystal core of the ten-winged angel.

Then at this moment, a cold and taunting voice sounded behind them: "Hold it!"

This voice, like a thunder on a sunny day, was so loud that it lingered in everyone's minds and scared them.


Quan Ziqing turned around subconsciously.

Su Luo's mouth slowly evoked a careless smile, folded her arms, walked slowly, and finally stood in front of Quan Ziqing.

At the moment of seeing Su Luo, the whole team was utterly quiet. It was so quiet all around, as if they could hear each other's thunderous heartbeat.

Is there such a beautiful girl in the world

This time it was an eye-opener.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth was still smiling as before, but her eyes were getting colder and colder. She slowly spreads out her right palm: "Bring it."

"What?" Faced with a breathtakingly beautiful face

In the face of the breathtaking beauty of the face, Quan Ziqian stared blankly and subconsciously asked a sentence.

"Cheng, Ying, sword." Although Su Luo was still laughing, her attitude was not very good, and she even made a lot of sarcasm.

She worked hard for quite a while, but these people not only want take the fruits of her labor for themselves, but also want to take away her Cheng Ying sword. It was fine if they were strong enough, but in fact, all of them were not her opponents. Therefore, this matter was simply intolerable.

Su Luo looked at this group of people with a sneer and had a condescending attitude.

Quan Ziqing furrowed his brows. As the leader of this team, Quan Ziqing felt that he was despised, but before he could respond, Leng Siyu on the side had long been unable to hold back, and she walked forward with a sneer, she walked toward Quan Ziqing, and confronted Su Luo

Leng Siyu raised her chin and sneered coldly: "Why should I give you the sword? We found that sword!"

"Found?" Su Luo raised her eyebrows lightly. "You found my Cheng Ying sword? "

Everyone's heart felt tight. I didn't expect that the peerless sword was really this girl's sword, was it really going to be returned? Quan Ziqing was very reluctant, Leng Siyu was even more reluctant.

Besides, what about even yours? We don't steal or rob, but we picked it up. Why should we give it back to you? If you have the ability, you can take it yourself! "

"You say it's yours, then it's yours? What evidence do you have?" Her voice suddenly raised, her expression looked imposing, "Besides, even if it's yours, what about it? We don't steal or rob, but we found it, why should I give it back to you? If you have the ability, you can take it yourself! "

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