The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2284: Result (3)

Chapter 2284: Result (3)

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"You think that this medicinal pill will overstimulate me, and I’ll die on the spot?" Li Luoming tensely eyed Su Luo.

Su Luo blinked her clear eyes, as if to ask if that wasn't the case.

Who would have thought that in the next moment--

"Hahahahaha!!!" Li Luoming laughed wildly with his hands on his hips; he was laughing so hard he was nearly pounding the floor in laughter!

The people behind him followed along and also roared with laughter!

"With just this failed, half-baked product, you said I would be overstimulated?" Li Luoming was laughing to tears—he was really laughing like mad. How could this girl be such a jokester?

"That's what I said, how could a little miss compare to Li Luoming?"

"That's right, at the start I was really scared into thinking she was extremely capable, but who would've thought……tsk, tsk."

Li Manman was angered half to death, and she clenched her fist: "All you old bastards with lousy judgement, Luo Luo here is very capable!"

Li Manman wholly and blindly believed in Su Luo.

Li Luoming proudly took out his medicinal pill, and waved it in front of Su Luo: "Look, look, this is a real Elite Spirit Absorbing Pill. What you have there is just a complete joke!"

Su Luo slowly swept her gaze over them, and then she waved them off with her hand.

These people only gave her unnecessary anxiety.

"Let's go." Su Luo pulled on Li Manman and left.

Right now, resting was her priority.

Su Luo had left calmly, but the remaining people weren't—like Li Luoming.

Seeing Su Luo leave, his heart swelled with pride, and he spat with a sneer: "Hehe, daring to challenge I, Li Luoming, you sure have some guts!"

After saying his piece, Li Luoming left while basking in the abundantly envious stares everyone gave him.

Although both people involved, Su Luo and Li Luoming, had left, the commotion didn't die down. The crowd of onlookers didn't disperse. Instead, they were all discussing what had happened.

Some said that Su Luo being so pretentious at such a young age. While her first impression was not bad, her gold and jade exterior soon collapsed to reveal a rotting interior.

Others said that Li Luoming was a leader of the younger generation, so bullying a little miss from the outside was like the strong bullying the weak; hence, it didn’t count as his victory.

While they were discussing this spiritedly, the door to the medicinal pill room opened.

"Sixth Elder!"

Seeing the lean, white-haired old man, a few people greeted him respectfully.

The Fifth Elder was the real authority of the Pill Refining Tower, so they would see him around occasionally. But the Sixth Elder had single-mindedly immersed himself in medicinal research, secluding himself, and he was something of an elusive figure. Rarely would one even have a chance to see him

Furthermore, the Sixth Elder was also a reserved person, always keeping a stoic face; he was also stiff and severe. All of the Apothecaries held him in great awe.

Seeing this group of people gossiping, the Sixth Elder was about to raise his voice, but just then, his nose twitched.

"Hm?" It was too late to scold these people anyway, and the scent in the air caused a hint of amazement to flash across the Sixth Elder's eyes.

“There were people refining pills here earlier?" The Sixth Elder icily asked.

"Indeed, indeed." Someone rattled, "Just now Li Luoming and a little miss from the outside were refining medicine here. The two were competing."

"Li Luoming, you said?" The Sixth Elder was shocked, his gaze dead fixed on the person speaking just now.

As for the little miss from outside, she was immediately neglected.

"Y-Yeah……" The person whom the Sixth Elder was gazing at almost didn't even dare to breath and hurriedly asked everyone else, "Right? Right? It was Li Luoming just now, right?"

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